Headmaster for PlayStation 4


Oct 13, 2016
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Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Headmaster is a VR game where you physically head virtual footballs and other odd things. You have been banished to The Football Improvement Center for below standard performance at your club. To work your way back you'll head footballs in the many varied challenges of "Heading Re-education", and just when it can't get any weirder... it gets normal. And then weird again. Play with friends or on your own as you build your skills and solve the vast variety of challenges in this PSVR exclusive.

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Markus Malinen

Markus Malinen

Jan 16, 2020

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Jordan DevoreOct 17, 2016
For as frustrating as failure can be, though, I still greatly enjoy this game and what it's going for. I want to stick it out. Headmaster seems to be flying under the radar as a launch-window PlayStation VR title, but it's one of the most novel experiences out there and decidedly worth trying. You must meet Robert.
Jason D'AprileOct 17, 2016
Except I can fall down, so maybe don’t take the analogy too far. Either way, it’s amusing to watch and play in short doses. Headmaster is fun enough for what it is and the extra effort on providing an amusingly dark and sadistic background is a bonus. Just the same, this isn’t a game that will linger in your memory past the initial glow of acquiring a new toy. It’s a solid choice for getting newcomers to put the headset on, but that’s about it.
Ahmed MohamedNov 08, 2016
Headmaster sports a good amount of levels with increasingly harder odds but it makes the player feel like they deserve to be tested in the exams after going through so many practice drills. This slow progression of skill is aided by the game’s immaculate physics system but the same cannot be said about the bland look and poor particle effects. Headmaster runs away with the ‘gameplay is king’ mantra, and in this case, it’s enough to warrant a hearty recommendation.

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