HARDCORE MECHA for PlayStation 4


Jan 14, 2020
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HARDCORE MECHA is a side-scrolling action game, which is focused on a better handling and filled with our tribute to those classic robots and their relevant culture works. It has two major game modes. In the campaign mode, you can enjoy an immersive experience in its rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes. Beside the marvellous campaign, our game offers you another mode--the multi-player battle, in which players can manipulate all kinds of mechas introduced and available in the game, and arrange their own moves and tactics freely. It is time to start such an exciting, fast-paced, hardcore and competitive battle of steel!

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Alex EverattFeb 01, 2020
The gameplay can get pretty frantic and I often found myself fumbling with the controls and getting frustrated with the mechs limitations. With that said, there were some moments in the game that were quite cool, and overall I did enjoy most of it. It’s by no means easy, but as you progress and upgrade your mech, you’ll find it strikes a decent difficulty balance. If you’re up for a somewhat challenging game with a very anime-inspired look, then Hardcore Mecha might be just what you’re looking for.
Robert RamseyJan 27, 2020
Once you're done with the main missions (which can be replayed at any time), you unlock Simulation Mode, which pits you against a never-ending horde of enemies. Shooting them down nets you currency that you can then use to buy upgrades and new mechs for the simulation, resulting in a fiendishly addictive grind. On top of that, there are local and online multiplayer modes. The former can be quite good fun with the right opponent, but we struggled to find other players in the latter.
Chris McJan 21, 2020
Still, Hardcore Mecha is a gorgeous, robotic thrill-ride with more than enough variety to keep you hooked from beginning to end. Even if mechs leave you cold, it’s well worth strapping in for.

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