Gundam Versus for PlayStation 4

Gundam Versus

Sep 29, 2017
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Content Rating: Teen


The world’s most famous giant robot series and notorious head to head arcade smash hit is coming to home consoles for the first time. Featuring Mobile Suits from all across the series history and brand new features exclusive to the home console release, fans finally have a chance to take 2 vs 2 combat to the next level in GUNDAM VERSUS!

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Suriel VazquezOct 04, 2017
Playing Gundam Versus is its own reward. While it may not be a great introduction to the series for those who read the names of mobile suits as gibberish, anyone with a fondness or curiosity for one of the most enduring sci-fi franchises of all time has more than enough toys to play with for a long time. The combat is a great blend of reverent, fast-paced, and precise, and while solo players may be disappointed in how unsatisfying the single-player is, those who’ve spent years building their own stories with action figures will find a lot to love.
Alexander ThomasOct 12, 2017
Gundam Versus – if you are a fan of the series – is a winning package. The gameplay is great, the graphics are a nice blend of anime and realism, with a soundtrack that sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon for an action anime that is oddly fitting, and it’s still a great feeling to win a match, however, it just doesn’t have enough for the average player to get hooked.
Robert RamseyOct 10, 2017
Easily one of the better Gundam games to ever make it West, Gundam Versus is an incredibly rewarding arena-based mech-'em-up. A wide selection of gameplay modes ensure that there's always something to hold your attention, while the tense action itself offers depth, variety, and satisfaction.

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