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James GalizioMay 30, 2017
Overall, while REV2 certainly comes with its fair share of improvements and QOL changes, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s enough to warrant a better score than its predecessor. The game adds enough to justify its existence as both a rerelease of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- as well as an expansion of it, but that’s really all it does.
Steven HillJun 05, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- offers up a wonderfully entertaining, complex game, and the addition of stylish mode makes it the perfect starting point for those looking get into Guilty Gear. It's addictive, frenetic, and varied, not to mention absolutely stunning. If you already own Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, you may have to take a harder look at this improved package, but for everyone else, this is one of the very best fighters on the market.
Chris CarterJun 07, 2016
While it was easy to ignore the first time around, nearly two years later this non-starter of a mode stings a bit more. Sure, the core is just as strong as ever and arcade mode still exists, but even with that in mind, Revelator's new narrative isn't even compelling.
Jason BohnJun 08, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- serves as a worthy expansion/sequel to Sign in many ways. The new characters adds a ton of depth and the concessions to fighting weaklings are such that they can look flashy and have fun without taking away from the hard-earned talents the brawling grognards have acquired through practice and precision.
Jae LeeJun 13, 2016
While it was expected that Revelator would retain the fantastic visuals and incredibly deep and satisfying combat engine, Little touches like F.A.Q. bubbles popping up in the pause menu to the insanely comprehensive combo/mission modes which do much more than teach simple combos by breaking down each and every mechanic it has to offer along with potent tactics, Revelator feels like a title that’s been polished to an absolute gleam.
Tyler TreeseJun 07, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- will hopefully help usher in a new era of fighting games. One where new players are encouraged to learn what makes the genre special, and feel invited. It’s training tools raise the bar at which other fighters are measured to, and it’s a real triumph in that regard. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, there’s a lot to learn here.
T.J. DenzerJun 06, 2016
It delivers a premium fighting platform unmatched by pretty much anything else on the market and certainly leaves us chomping at the bit to see what Arc System Works has up its sleeves for future additions and entries.
Will BorgerJun 08, 2016
An excellent fighting engine, superb visuals, incredible teaching tools, and ridiculous design chops make Guilty Gear -REVELATOR- one of the best fighting games around. Those who are happy with -SIGN- may balk at the price, but everyone else, from fans to newcomers, should be more than happy with what’s on offer. If you’re ready to rock, Guilty Gear is happy to oblige.
gamesTMSep 03, 2016
As if the roster wasn’t diverse enough before, the new additions take this to the extreme. Jam’s rushdown style and chargeable, chainable special make her relatively simple to get a feel for while at the other end of the spectrum, Jack-O’s complex system of building and manipulating bases that spawn ghosts makes the game feel almost more like an RTS than a fighter.
GameCentralJun 07, 2016
The only problem with Sign was that, as a reboot, it had to start from scratch with its content, but even though this isn’t a proper sequel Revelator gives a useful boost to the amount of options and fighters, and makes itself even more suitable for new players. It could still do with more game modes, and more new ideas in general, but this remains the best kept secret in fighting games.
Dave IrwinJun 17, 2016
Guilty Gear XRD Revelator feels more like an expansion than a legitimate sequel, but this isn’t a bad thing, as the fighting is still highly engaging and the numerous teaching materials allow newer players to get up to speed nicely. No English dub after Sign’s decent dub is a bit of a black mark, but if you’re not bothered by fighters in an anime style, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator is the best of the bunch.
Tom BickmoreJul 24, 2016
As a fighting game fan, having new systems to learn has been great fun and the design of the characters and the world is instantly enjoyable if you like Japanese fighting games and/or anime. With the detailed tutorial and introduction of the Stylish control mode, it’s far more approachable for new players, but the complexity of the story and how little it does to help people jump on quickly may rub people the wrong way.
Ernesto J. Pérez-DuriasJul 02, 2016
If you want a 1v1 brawler that grabs you and allows you to invest a lot of time while improving and progressing, then you should just definitely check out Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, it's the gem your fighter collection is missing. It's close to perfect and comes highly recommended.
Brandon HowardJun 03, 2016
Full of gorgeous visuals and absolutely gushing style, all while retaining incredibly tight controls and mechanics, this latest entry is definitely one worth looking into, whether a genre vet or someone completely new to fighting games.
Garri BagdasarovJun 11, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is easily the king of fighting games released up to this point, at least in this generation. It's not only accessible for new players but keeps the hardcore players satisfied as well.
Sergio MartínJun 23, 2016
Es complicado encontrar un arcade de lucha de jugabilidad 2D más cuidado y mejor interpretado que lo que nos propone esta edición, siendo un auténtico deleite para los seguidores del género. Si ya habéis probado SIGN resulta más complicado recomendar este título por razones evidentes pero, si no es el caso, haceos un gran favor y disfrutad de uno de los juegos de referencia actuales dentro de su género.
Carlos LeivaJun 10, 2016
Si te perdiste SIGN y te gusta el género, se trata de una compra imprescindible que no puedes dejar escapar, aunque si este no es tu caso y te hiciste con su predecesor en su momento, la cantidad de novedades que introduce nos parecen muy escasas para el precio por el que se vende, por lo que nuestra recomendación es que os hagáis con él solo si sois jugadores muy competitivos y tenéis pensado luchar por internet durante los próximos meses, ya que es a quienes va dirigida esta actualización.
Laurely BirbaJun 30, 2016
Avec les nouveaux persos – et compte tenu des habitudes d’Arc System Works – les nuits promettent d’être longues. Enfin, ceux qui désirent lâcher le stick, le mode "Histoire" et ses interminables cinématiques sont faits pour eux. Ainsi, ils deviendront incollables sur la série à qui la 3D va à merveille, alors que la direction artistique, elle, risque de diviser.
Nicolas VerletJun 10, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator peut être désarmant de richesse, mais Arc System Works a mis un peu d'eau dans son vin pour initier les néophytes intimidés et les connaisseurs un peu rouillés. Ici des combos automatiques, là un mode Mission extrêmement détaillé, sans même parler de l'Everest des combos avancés, on apprécie cette attention de tous les instants qui met la concurrence en PLS.
JackBradfordJun 30, 2016
Grâce à son sens du spectacle permanent, son contenu imposant et son gameplay à la fois exigeant et accessible (en partie seulement) aux casual gamers de la baston, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator peut aisément figurer au panthéon des jeux de combats en 2D.
Jonathan BushleJun 21, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator frappe très fort : malgré son gameplay ultra complexe et technique, il propose des outils d'apprentissage à un niveau encore jamais atteint dans un jeu de combat, et repousse encore plus loin la norme que le genre se doit de proposer. Si la maîtrise de ce jeu passe par une véritable montagne à gravir, le titre d'Arc System Works vous prend par la main pour vous faire montrer les sommets.
Christian La Via ColliJun 03, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator esce in un periodo non particolarmente idilliaco per il genere dei picchiaduro, specialmente se consideriamo i polemizzati problemi di Street Fighter V. La revisione di Arc System Works riconferma l'abilità dello sviluppatore nipponico: il nuovo Guilty Gear è, se possibile, ancora più appagante del precedente, nonché ricco di contenuti, personaggi e opzioni per tutti i gusti.
Антон ТенSep 06, 2016
Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, несмотря на старания разработчиков, остается «хардкорным» файтингом, в который сложно «влиться». С другой стороны, у игры достаточно контента для одиночного прохождения, динамичный и продуманный геймплей и замечательный саундтрек. А если вам по душе и аниме-стилистика, то Revelator – игра, бесспорно заслуживающая вашего внимания.


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