GRIP: Combat Racing for PlayStation 4

GRIP: Combat Racing

Nov 6, 2018
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GRIP is a futuristic combat racer inspired by the Rollcage games from 1999/2000. Combine furious speed with intense action to create memorable gaming moments you won't forget.

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William R. ParksNov 09, 2018
Unfortunately, Grip is not quite able to find a style that is compelling enough to elevate it. All-in-all, I have had fun with my time in Grip, and I appreciate just how much it offers. But, unless you can only find joy when ramming another vehicle at 400 miles-per-hour, it is hard to imagine it being much more than a passing distraction.
Chris WrayNov 16, 2018
GRIP is a technically sound game and can genuinely offer some exciting racing, as you try to dodge enemy weapons, track hazards and more, all at insane speeds. However, it can also be a confusing game to navigate and also has very unfair rubber-banding which can screw you over more than half the time as you'll find a well-placed rocket right up your rear-pipe just before you hit the finish line. GRIP also looks and sounds great, with some very well designed tracks, though some side modes (arena-based modes) completely miss out the best part about the game - being able to ride on any surface. I can genuinely see people enjoying their time with GRIP than I have, I just think it's missed the mark.
Christian KobzaNov 03, 2018
GRIP has great racing mechanics, but they’re marred by inconsistent implementation. As a spiritual successor to a turn of the century combat racing IP that only a select few would recognise – Rollcage – it’s best enjoyed in short bursts. Its familiar simplicity is inherently appealing, and its well-polished mechanics make racing fun for an hour or two.

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