Gravel for PlayStation 4


Feb 27, 2018

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About this game

Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Content Rating: Everyone


Gravel is the only title in the market that includes the most extreme mix of off-road competitions ever seen in a game!

Critic Reviews

20 Reviews
Chris WrayMar 12, 2018
While Gravel has issues like strange collisions, cars literally merging into each other and some issues with shadows, there is a lot to say about it. There's a wide variety of racing types, tracks and cars to use. Almost everything is fast paced and entertaining and simply gratifying. Simply put, Gravel is a very good arcade style racing game and Milestones best game yet.
Sam BrookeFeb 27, 2018
Milestone's latest is a fun romp through a variety of off-road locations, offering both quantity and variety in terms of tracks, cards, and modes. It's not the most ambitious racer ever, but the non-serious style of the flagship Off-Road Masters mode will be very appealing to those wanting an enjoyable arcade experience.
Garrett DrakeMar 12, 2018
I mean it with the utmost sincerity when I say that Gravel is a tremendous surprise for me. I’ve never jumped at an opportunity to review any racing game, but I’m especially glad that this one came my way. Once again, Milestone has demonstrated why they’re one of the premier racing developers. If you’re even a casual racing fan as I am, Gravel is absolutely worth your time.

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