Grand Kingdom for PlayStation 4

Grand Kingdom

Jun 21, 2016
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Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Content Rating: Teen


Travel distant lands rendered in beautiful 2D art and use your personally-trained mercenary squad to improve your military gains. Take part in an exciting single-player campaign as you unravel the mystery behind the Uldein Empire's collapse or play online and participate in continental warfare between the Four Great Nations. Pledge your loyalty and conquer the realm, or pursue your own desires. The choice is entirely up to you.

Critic Reviews

24 Reviews
CJ AndriessenJul 30, 2016
Grand Kingdom is unlike any other tactical-RPG on the market that I know of. For $40, you’re getting an adventure that can last you weeks if not months, though you may tire of it before you see everything it has to offer.
Jae LeeJul 13, 2016
Grand Kingdom features a vibrant and charming art style along with a surprisingly well implemented multiplayer mode. However, the lackluster story and repetitive combat that sits at the very core of the experience holds the game back from greatness.
Josh TorresJul 22, 2016
I feel mixed on Grand Kingdom because I want to like it, but it just seems lackluster on its feedback loop of repetitive mission design; there is nothing that significantly caught my attention outside of the intricacies of battle from constantly building parties of different classes. Its story is severely lacking, and the War mode has a few neat quirks that overstayed its welcome rapidly. Grand Kingdom is an entertaining experience that presents neat, unconventional approaches to the genre, but there are so many aspects of its infrastructure that just seem haphazardly unrealized.

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