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William SchwartzApr 12, 2018
It’s hard to imagine a God of War fan not enjoying this, for all the reasons that we DID mention and some that we’re holding back for the sake of spoilers. Eventhough it has seen considerable changes from previous games in the series, they almost all feel like they were for the better. 
Chris CarterApr 14, 2018
God of War is a different game for a new era of the medium. While I'm a sucker for more frantic arcadey action there are plenty of studios left carrying on that legacy. Unless something catastrophic happens to Sony Santa Monica, there’s more story to tell, and I hope the exact same team is able to tell it.
Jonathon DornbushApr 12, 2018
I expected great action from God of War, and it delivers that handily. But I didn’t expect it to be a thrilling journey in which every aspect of it complements the others to form what is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Jason PalaziniMay 10, 2018
It’s tough to say where the franchise could go next, but there is no shortage of credible theories. This first adventure with the father and son duo will certainly not be the last. Cory Barlog hasn’t revealed any details about the series’ future, but he did make it clear that we won’t have to wait another five years to see it. If you haven’t played God Of War already, you’re missing out on something special. And if you have, do it again.
Ken McKownApr 12, 2018
I wanted more, and the game delivers. After having hesitations about the direction I thought the game was going, I am thrilled to report that all of my concerns were nullified within the first hour of the game. This is the true evolution of the series, and quite possibly the best game of the year. Well at least so far.
Kai PowellApr 12, 2018
God of War is one of those rare titles that define the console generation. Kratos’ fighting has been refined to its very best and the lands of Midgard are filled with wonders of all manner to explore and defeat. It’s been nearly the entire lifespan of the PlayStation 4 console since Kratos has seen new adventure but the wait has been absolutely worth it. Santa Monica Studio’s journey is still far from over, but they’ve once again shown why Kratos is one of gaming’s greatest anti-heroes.
Mike WilliamsApr 12, 2018
This is how you do a reboot. After Kratos lost his way, Sony Santa Monica has set the God of War on a new path. A more measured, nuanced character, a great supporting cast, an excellent combat system, and some of the best graphics in a PlayStation 4 game to-date, add up to a winner.
Joe JubaApr 12, 2018
It still has superb action and plenty of jaw-dropping moments, but it supports them with a new level of depth and maturity. God of War learns from its past while clearing an exciting path for the future, and emerges as one of the best games of this generation.
Paulmichael ContrerasApr 12, 2018
God of War is an epic reboot of an epic franchise. The evolution of Kratos could have gone horribly wrong. Instead, Santa Monica Studio has given the franchise the treatment it deserves. This new narrative tone has heart, and serves to make Kratos much more relatable in his new role as protector, while remaining as brutal as past installments.
Anthony TaorminaApr 21, 2018
The best comparison to be made is that Sony Santa Monica took a blockbuster, popcorn action flick and made it an Oscar contender, without sacrificing any of the series’ central DNA. God of War is one of this generation’s crowning achievements and is up there with some of Sony’s best.
Lucas WhiteApr 12, 2018
It’s still a video game about a violent, hulking bald man, but it’s thoughtful and, most importantly, genuine.
Nick PlessasApr 12, 2018
God of War shows us how the evolution of a series, no matter how popular it is in its original state, is essential for it to improve. The end game doesn’t expand on the game’s strengths quite to the extent that it could, but such an omission is only notable due to the uncompromising quality of everything leading up to it. God of War does exactly what it sets out to do, and if it isn’t perfect, it’s damn near close.
Aaron MainApr 12, 2018
Overall, God of War is an absolutely must-play title for nearly everyone. It not only delivers a journey that feels complete and satisfying, but also offers new combat styles and locations to a familiar franchise, breathing new life into an already amazing series. I have no qualms in saying that God of War is a title that will likely be remembered for generations to come.
Patrick AndersonApr 12, 2018
God of War isn’t just a great God of War game, it’s the best so far. Sony Santa Monica has clearly put love into this latest title of the series and given both longtime fans and newcomers a monumental gaming achievement. Put your fears to rest – yes, Kratos is getting older, but even after all this time, he’s better than ever.
Richard WalkerApr 16, 2018
Colossal in every sense, God of War is a startling reinvention for the series on PS4 that really has to be seen and experienced to be believed.
Samuel GuglielmoMay 12, 2018
I originally couldn’t believe that God of War would have a soft reboot that would shoot it to the forefront of gaming. Yet here we are. By combining a smart story with brilliant characters, the narrative manages to be well worth paying attention to. Deep and rewarding combat mechanics make each encounter a joy to play. There’s so much to do in the game that you can easily lose 40+ hours exploring the world. It seems that God of War is godlike again.
Peter BrownApr 12, 2018
In many ways God of War is what the series has always been. It's a spectacular action game with epic set pieces, big-budget production values, and hard-hitting combat that grows more feverish and impressive as you progress. What may surprise you is how mature its storytelling has become. Like Kratos, God of War recalls the past while acknowledging the need to improve.
Jason FaulknerApr 12, 2018
The graphics, sound, combat, world, and plot all come together to make an exquisite package that is a prime example of why games are art and God of War is right up there with the best films and novels when it comes to storytelling. If you have a PlayStation 4, you should play God of War. If you don't have one, you should consider getting one to play this game.
Joe VargasApr 26, 2018
Alice BellApr 12, 2018
It plays easy because it was made hard, and the result is undoubtedly the coolest and most interesting God of War game to date. And yet the ending itself, while it closes one avenue for Kratos & Son, just hands you a bunch of new plot threads. It doesn't feel like an ending as much as it feels like a mid-season break. Come, son, it's time to go home; the six hour story DLC will be arriving soon.
Chris PlanteApr 12, 2018
Barlog — now older, a father — has returned to the series with a bundle of talented designers, many of whom served on the earlier games, to make good on that rich but neglected potential at its core. There’s still plenty of gore, but the now the guts have meatiness. Some die-hard fans may fear this isn’t really God of War. I suppose they’re right. It’s even better.
Dan RyckertApr 13, 2018
I’ve played through five God of War games as this character, and never saw him as much more than “the tough screamy guy that’s gonna kill all these gods in hilarious ways.” Now, I find myself just as invested in the quiet conversations Kratos has with Atreus as I do with my newest weapon upgrade. God of War grew up, and the result is the best entry in the series.
Dan HastingsJan 01, 2019
The jump to Norse mythology was a bold change that has paid off. The new gods and new setting really shake things up. The changes to the combat system are a little clunky at first, but you get the hang of them after a while. The switch of focus from Kratos mindlessly killing everything to a relationship between a man and his son is a new step for the franchise and is the most enjoyable part of the game. From start to finish, you will find more and more things that impress you about this game. Everything is built to perfection. Whether you like this kind of game or not, there no denying that God of War is a beautiful masterpiece.
Mike SplechtaApr 16, 2018
God of War, in its entirety, is Sony Santa Monica’s masterstroke. Everything from brilliantly realized characters, fascinating dialogue, fantastical world, exhilarating combat, satisfying puzzles, engrossing and meaningful side content to larger than life set pieces, has been so expertly designed.
Richard SeagraveApr 30, 2018
I know I certainly am. This is a new start for Kratos, and I can't wait to see what's next in store for him and Atreus as they deal with their Norse adversaries. The God of War series has a bright future it would seem, one that many of us didn't expect or think was possible. And I'm extraordinarily happy about that.
Jon SuttonApr 28, 2018
It's a wondrous greatest hits package of the last decade's finest games; a polishing and refining of what has come before. In that sense, God of War isn't a game that does anything inherently new, but it does do it all with a layer of polish, wonder, and jaw-dropping spectacle that is unmatched.
Giuseppe NelvaApr 12, 2018
Ultimately, God of War is the perfect example of how it’s possible to revolutionize a beloved series while improving it massively, in a way that does not feel unnatural. Mechanical improvements add up on top of a compelling story and impressively solid and likable characters.
Angry JoeApr 26, 2018
Kevin DunsmoreApr 12, 2018
Vengeance may not be what Kratos seeks anymore, but that has done little to stop the God of War franchise. Santa Monica Studios have successfully transplanted the Ghost of Sparta to a new world with a new mythology and given the formula the revamp it needed. God of War retains many similarities to its predecessors, but the gameplay feels refreshing thanks to the inclusion of Atreus, the Leviathan Axe and the integration of RPG mechanics.
Michael HuberApr 12, 2018
Christopher CokeApr 20, 2018
Yet, the overall added depth is very welcome. There is simply more to do, more to work for, and more to return for, even after the game has completed and the inevitable DLC drops. The game is deeper, richer, and better than ever before. In recreating the God of War experience, Sony Santa Monica has taken elements from different genres, as well as the series’ cannon, to breathe new life into the series.
Jonathan MooreApr 27, 2018
In almost every way, God of War is the PS4's masterwork. It is a game that will survive through the ages as an example of how the medium's moved forward. It's an enormous understatement to say this is an experience no gamer can afford to miss.
Ozzie MejiaApr 12, 2018
God of War feels like a breath of fresh air, thanks to a reimagined world and some deeper customization features. But at the root of the game is the classic God of War combat, slightly less gory but only slightly less grisly. Tearing monsters apart bare-handed is just as much of a rush as it ever was. And that's good, because even if it's time to grow up, it's okay not to change too much.
Leon HurleyApr 12, 2018
Realistically, however, I don’t think it’s possible to overstate just how good God of War is; how well realised its world, how nuanced and layered its characters and storytelling. The depth and craft of its combat, puzzles and almost every system it has sparkles and shines with an indulgence and luxury that regularly stopped me in my tracks to drink it all in.
David JenkinsApr 16, 2018
A top-to-bottom revamp of the whole God Of War franchise that matches thrilling, if slightly shallow, combat and exploration with some impressively trenchant storytelling.
Chris WhiteApr 12, 2018
This is easily up there with the best games of this generation, and it’s the easiest ten out of ten I’ve ever given. When you think you’re reaching a point where the gameplay slows down, you’re introduced to something better. This is by no means a game just for original fans of the series either. Due to the new setting, newcomers will enjoy it just as much. It’s welcoming and punishing, but ultimately satisfying, and the benchmark has been set firmly for the future of video games. A masterpiece.
Thomas HughesJun 07, 2018
God of War is a phenomenal title both in its technical and story-telling delivery. Santa Monica Studios has completely reinvigorated one of Sony’s biggest characters, bringing him into the new generation with a bang. Where most games excel in one single area, God of War manages to deliver on every front, providing players with one of the best experiences we’ve seen so far this generation.
Rex HindrichsMay 19, 2018
God of War has evolved. After years of legacy and increasing familiarity, the next chapter for a new generation has grown with its audience. With a wider, more balanced scope, loads of content, and the series’ trademark panache, it chronicles an adventure both intimate and epic. A new legend has begun.
Albert LichiApr 30, 2018
God of War is an exceptionally solid action game that delivers the epic scope the series is known for, but in a new way. While many of the plot elements are a bit forced at times, the characters themselves are well written and performed very naturally. Don't expect to feel for Kratos much, no matter how hard the game tries, because he is just too much a monster. The real star is the fluid combat, realistic visuals, and the rousing set-pieces.
Ricardo C. EstevesApr 12, 2018
It's a tremendous game that rewards exploration, and that includes one of the most satisfying combat we've come across in a long time. If you're a fan of God of War, you owe it to yourself to try out this new approach, and if you're not, it's quite possible this game will change that.
Brendan FryeApr 12, 2018
God of War has evolved and brings players a new and rewarding experience. While the setting and pantheon have changed, the core of what makes a God of War game remains ever present in all aspects of the experience. This is without a doubt the best God of War game yet, and arguably one of the best games currently on the PlayStation 4. Whether you are a newcomer to the franchise or a veteran player, you would do yourself a disservice by not playing this game. God of War is back, and better than ever!
Kyle PrahlApr 12, 2018
In God of War, story and gameplay unite for a gripping, memorable journey with unerring focus. Kratos’ new beginning is masterfully written, emotionally resonant, and a thrilling challenge.
Steve FarrellyApr 12, 2018
This is a God of War game, and it’s fucking brilliant. It has old-school game-design coupled lovingly alongside a modern storytelling tilt, and it marries the two in a contemporary and meaningful way.
Shannon GrixtiApr 12, 2018
God Of War is a cinematic masterpiece that manages to reinvent and push an already fantastic series to new heights. Barring some pacing issues in its narrative, Sony Santa Monica have breathed new life into Kratos and the God of War series, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Chris BrownApr 18, 2018
While I could literally spend another 2000 worlds espousing the game’s visual virtues, my words can never do it justice. God of War simply is the most beautiful game on PS4, and this high standard is achieved across its sound, music, and voice acting. Simply put, you need to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the artistry on display here.
Salva FernándezApr 12, 2018
La total automatización de saltos y escalada, unos puzles que tal vez no tienen la escala deseada y algunos desajustes en el sistema de equipo y mejora del mismo son detalles y elementos mejorables, como también ciertas tareas extras insulsas y de puro relleno.
Jorge CanoApr 12, 2018
Una aventura de acción que triunfa en todo lo que se propone, y que es una celebración por todo lo alto de un personaje y de una saga, y sobre todo de los grandes juegos para un jugador, un producto que muchos todavía demandamos, porque es el principal motivo por el que amamos los videojuegos.
David MartínezApr 12, 2018
God of War es una obra maestra, en que cada aspecto individual del juego se combina para completar una aventura violenta, conmovedora e inolvidable, cuya ambientación nórdica nos ha conquistado. Su único punto débil es esa sensación de que lo mejor está por llegar en próximas entregas.
chiconuclearApr 16, 2018
‬Pocos reinicios han sabido explorar nuevos caminos sin que se quede por el camino algo importante,‭ ‬pero creo que Santa Monica ha encontrado una fórmula ideal con este God of War.‭ ‬Una historia sobre reinventarse o morir contada a través de un juego que sabe reinventarse sin renunciar a su esencia‭; ‬sin morir,‭ ‬en definitiva.
Alejandro PascualApr 12, 2018
El viaje de Kratos y Atreus por la mitología nórdica es uno lleno de sorpresas, zonas amplias, abiertas e interconectadas, secretos, misiones secundarias y muchas actividades a descubrir. Uno de los juegos más impactantes y completos de lo que llevamos de año.