God of War III Remastered for PlayStation 4

God of War III Remastered

Jul 14, 2015
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Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Content Rating: Mature


Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III Remastered is the critically acclaimed single-player game that allows players to take on the fearless role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he rises from the darkest depths of Hades to scale the very heights of Mount Olympus to seek his bloody revenge. Armed with double-chained blades and an array of new weapons and magic, Kratos must take on mythology’s deadliest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus.

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May 1, 2022
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Feb 9, 2021
This review contains spoilers.

Basically it’s a Revenge Driven Story Of Katos Wanting to Kill His Dad Zeus and The Gods of Olympus With The Ending of GOW2 Having Katos Fight His Dad Zeus and The Beginning of GOW3 Starts Where GOW2 Ended at.Great Boss Fights Against Hercules, Hades, Kronos, Great Graphics, Music, Great Weapons including Nemean Cestus My Personal Favorite That You Get From After Killing your Brother Hercules That Sends Enemies Flying and and It Breaks Big Blue Stones. The Magic Allows you To Do ShockWave Attacks ,Claws of Hades Magic that can let you summon souls to help in battle Nemesis Whip Does Electric ⚡️ Attacks and with Magic Does Lighting Attacks To All Enemies in a Group near each other, and The Default Blades of Exlie With Magic Shoots a lot of Arrows while being under a shield 🛡 That’s 4 Main Weapons to change from unlike the other gow games. Also There’s the Blade of Olympus which you can use after you build it up as a Special Ultimate Attack. There’s the Item Ability Called Bow of Apollo that can shoot Fire When Charged Up, Hermes Boots Called Boots of Hermes That Let’s You Run Real Fast After You Kill Hermes And Cutting His Legs off, Head of Helios which you get by ripping off Helios Head That Let’s You Use The Power of the Sun ☀️ to Blind Everyone. The Story isn’t the best but The Game as a whole is still amazing and I Also Got The Platinum Trophy 🏆 for GOW3 Remastered on the PS4

  1. GamePlay: 9
  2. Story/Characters: 9
  3. Music/Sound: 9
  4. VoiceActing: 10
  5. Graphics: 10
Aug 15, 2021
This review contains spoilers.

As a game I this that the combat is very solid, the story pretty good, the enemy werayety is good, the bosses (exsepte Hephastus) are great and very creative and all the characters are interesting in their own way.

But as a remake It slytly improved the graphics and the only new things are the costumes witch are all okey.

Just remember that I never played the original so take what I said with a pinch of solt.

Now heres everything I love and don't about it. (SPOILER ALETR!!!!!!)


  1. The gameplay is very solid becouse the square and triangl buttons are the the attack buttons and I think that goes very well with a fick camera angle. The jump button is the x button and that the best button for jumping for gaming in gnereal and the circle button is the button grabing the enemies and doing kinda glory kills. You use the L2 button to aim at enemies and shoot with the R2 button and you use a magic by pressing only the R2 button. Tochose weapons you use the arow buttons, to block you use the L1 button and you interact with the R1 button. Overall the gameplay are the solid oldshool God of war controlls.
  2. The story is an apsolute love leter to the original God of War trilogy becouse in my opinion it's the perfect way to end an old series. You finaly get to kill Zeuse and all of the other gods on Olympus and some Titans. You star the game on Gaia then escape the underworld and Star climbing on Olympus and it's city than you eascape a cloud of chaos and end the game with an ending that's emotional and pretty underrated in my opinion.
  3. This game the the 2nd best boss line up in the series right behaid 4/2018. Here's a quick review of all of them: 9. Hephastus: Just two quick time evens and it's hard to eaven call this a fight. Plus is very tragic becouse the guy just tried to save his daughters life and failed. 8. Helios: Is basicly an earlier Hephastus becouse there are also just to quick time evens. the only reason it's higher on the list is becouse of the final kill. You rip he's head of his sholders and I love every second of it. I'm a psihcopath I know. 7. Hermes: This is actually the very first unice boss becouse befoare you can eaven fight him you need to chase him down and when you do fight him it's just a faster humaniod boss with more health than the other humans. 6. The Queen Scorpion: The only bosse with with you need you use one new weapon you aquired and this fight is very simular to Pandoras guardian from the first game. You need to breack the criystals on her body to kill her and while your doing that the scropion enemies try to damege you. the only reason way she isn't anywhere higher is becouse I think that the fight would be better is you needed to use all of your weapons on one part of here body. 5. Posaidon: Probably the 2nd best opening boss in the series. he has 3 fazes, in the 1st faze you need to damege his crabe-like claws from the said of Gias head while he send some more claws and magic attacks to stop you. In the next faze you can now directly attack him and he uses his are to crosh you and trow you away and uses hes tridon for magic attacks. When you do enough damege you can destroy the protection on he's chest. The the next faze comes with is the same as the first, but this time Kratos when Gaia punches him Kratos fires himselfe like buled and rip him out of his bigger water form. The final faze is in my opinion the scaries and most intense, This next faze is all about quick time events inly this time you it's looked at from Poseidons perspective to show you how scary Kratos can truly be and it ends with Kratos riping Poseidons eyes out. 4.Hercules: I know most people would put him higher, but the main reason he's abit lower on my list is becouse he feels kinda underwhalming for such a famouse Greek hero. Don't get me wrong it's still a great fight, but we all have our own opinions. Anyway here what I like about this boss. I love coloseum like arena you fight in, he's crabe attacks that you need to beack out of, the enemies in the arena you also need to kill, the way you tear his armour apart and the final faze were you stell his ganlents and fight him 1 on 1. 3. Cronos: The most epic boss in the game. This guy is so gigantick you can't fight him dorectlay, instead you need to kill some generic enemies while climbing on him and interacting with some parts of his body and chains hes srtaped to. Eventualy he swolos you alive and you cut trow hes gut and get on his head where you kill him. 2. Hades: One of the bosses in gaming. He has anumber of attacks like sweing hes nameses claws with a light and hard attack, sumening ghost scolls, creating chains across the arena, somening his claws from the ground, sumening ghosst cerbaruses, jumping and making a waiw attack and stmping. As the fight progresses the attacks become much more comlpax and it gets more intense. In the final faze he grows in size and you need to fight him with the weapon you stolle from him. The fight ends with you stealling his soul and the souls he tortured drown him. 1. Zeuse: Easly the best boss in the game and also the hardest. In the first faze you fight in a 2D arena witch is different from all the other bosses in the series so it trows you of guard at first, but you quickly get used to it. Hes attacks enclude punching lightning at you, flaying and shooting lightning at you, sumening lightning from the flour, sprinting at you to scrape your face at the flour and teleporting. In the next faze you just need to awoid him when Gaia tries to kill you both, but you end up in here. In there you fight him in the final faze where he uses al of his attacks exsept this time hi can colne him selfe and can damege Gaias heard to gain health. this is an intense moment where you need to be prepeard for anything, but it's still very fear in it's difficulty. Then he traps you in the cloud fo chas and you when you escape you beat him untile you can't see the screane from all the blood.
  4. I love everysingle weapon you collect and their all unice in their own way witch makes them super fun to use and play with. Here's a quick review of them all: The blades of Exiel are my first true experience of the old trilogy and I love all the combos that you unlook whiel you upgrade them and it's magic abilty, army of Sparta, is also really fun and useful. The claws of Hades are simeler to the blades of exiel, but a little bit more clancier in the way you attack. The combos are still great and evey single soul you sumon with them is unice and helpful. The namieses gaunlets are the weapons that do the most damege, but they do the weackes combos and the most bland magic attacks. The namieses wip is my 2nd favourite weapon and it's the most fun to use. It's very fast-pased and the combos and the magic are all super fun.
  5. The locations are fantastic and they all stud out to me. Realm of Hades is a great beginning becouse it teaches you all the basic controlls, it has alot of lore and an amzing boss fight. The city of Olmpiya is my favourie locatin becouse it has the most to offer and it has the best bosses. Tartarus is short bust still fun and you fight Cronos in here. The Laboyrint is a really good with deacent enough puzzels.


  1. As I said, as a remake it didn't do anything other than slightly improving the graphicks and adding new skins.
  2. Lots of overwhelming moments like the cerberus fight before you kill the judges. That annoyind the shit out of me.

Overall this is a must play if you own a ps4 and i recomend thet you play the entier series.

Critic Reviews

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Dan RyckertJul 14, 2015
Those that weren’t blown away by God of War III in 2010 won’t find much in this update to change their tune, but fans and newcomers might consider giving it a shot. Frequent re-releases and the lackluster Ascension prequel may have brought on some God of War fatigue, but this remaster can be a great reminder of some of the best moments in Kratos’ saga.
Jim SterlingJul 14, 2015
God of War III Remastered is definitely one of the recent double-dips that I feel confident to recommending, even to those who have already played it. It runs beautifully – I encountered one glitch across the eight-hour experience, and nothing deal-breaking – looks fantastic, and delivers that shameless, gratuitous action without feeling aged or tired.
Ludwig KietzmannJul 22, 2015
That parade of cathartic moments still makes God of War 3 worth playing, especially given the vividness and eye-popping destruction woven into every major battle. It peaks and drags and peaks and drags, sure, but God of War at its high point was never going to be sustainable.

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