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William MurphyFeb 13, 2019
God Eater 3 won't stoke the hearts of Monster Hunter World addicts too much, but it could prove to be a nice break for fans of that game. For God Eater faithful, 3 will undoubtedly become their favorite due to an overall better presentation and sharper combat and multiplayer.
Todd RigneyFeb 06, 2019
All in all, God Eater 3 excels at providing a tight, fast-paced monster-hunting experience that caters to people who love to think their way through encounters and those of us who might spend a little too much time mashing buttons for the win. Sure, the story doesn’t strive for excellence, and use of a silent protagonist forces his goofy companions to do the heavy lifting in terms of exposition, but the game still serves up a rewarding narrative while delivering some truly engaging combat.
Josh HawkinsFeb 26, 2019
God Eater 3 rewards you for diving deeper into its mechanics. There’s a lot to like here when it comes to customization and combat, but the story and level design leave a lot to be desired. While the graphics are pretty, they feel a bit too simple at times, especially when comparing them to similar games like those in the Monster Hunter series.
Dave AubreyFeb 06, 2019
While God Eater 3 has its share of problems, it's still an incredibly fun action RPG that I found myself playing for hours on end. While it's not quite up to the quality of Monster Hunter World, it's worth playing for fans of anime aesthetics and JRPG tropes.
David JagneauxFeb 08, 2019
In between those battles are a lot of dull and mandatory NPC interactions, load screens, menus, and the unambitious world design, and short, simple eight-player raids leave a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a relief to see this series make the mostly successful jump from handhelds to consoles and PCs where it has the opportunity to grow in those areas.
Jae LeeApr 02, 2019
Despite the lack of challenge and somewhat underwhelming story, I still found myself thoroughly enjoying the fast paced combat, and as I continued to experiment with different weapon types and skill loadouts losing countless hours, I knew the niche that God Eater has carved out for itself is most certainly well deserved.
Lucas RivarolaFeb 06, 2019
In the end, I don’t think God Eater 3 will leave much of a mark in the genre now that Monster Hunter World seems to completely dominate it, but my time with it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to its engaging and interconnected systems, it’s ever-present anime aesthetic, and its lovable although underdeveloped characters, the game ends up overcoming many of its flaws. In all honesty, I never thought eating gods would be such nice comfort food.
Robert RamseyFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3's another frenetic action RPG where the enjoyable rhythm and flow of combat is enough to outweigh most of the negatives. Whether you're up for a lengthy session or you're just stopping by to farm some materials, the game's easy to sink your teeth into, and there's plenty to chew on should you find yourself hooked thanks to the in-depth character progression.
Elton JonesFeb 06, 2019
The lackluster graphics, cumbersome bullet switching mechanic, and slight annoyance of an item pickup system all need to be improved by the next God Eater, however. These nagging issues are certainly hard to ignore, but the addictive gameplay and rewarding upgrade systems stand out that much more. God Eater 3 keeps the monster hunting sub-genre alive and thriving.
Tyler TreeseFeb 06, 2019
In a perfect world, God Eater 3 would have been a leap in quality similar to Monster Hunter World and had been the big coming out party for the series. Sadly, that isn’t the case here at all. Instead, fans got more of the same with little innovation and the extra difficulty feeling more artificial than interesting. All in all, Marvelous’ first attempt at making a new God Eater title is just fine. It won’t wow any new players, nor will it feel like such a departure from what made players fans in the first place.
Lucas WhiteFeb 06, 2019
By the time the challenge actually does ramp up, you’ve spent so much time gathering materials, learning the verbs, and getting used to your role as an AGE that it never feels unfair. Having those allies helps, as even when you’re not playing online with friends, your AI companions are surprisingly competent, so you’re never truly alone.
Jelani JamesFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3, much like Monster Hunter: World, has ditched its handheld roots and is now exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PC. However, whereas the latter fully embraced its new home, the former has shortcomings that don’t use the transition to its advantage. The zones are still lacking in depth, and it’s in desperate need of QoL features that should be a standard in the subgenre.
Josh TolentinoFeb 18, 2019
Taken on its own terms, though, with God Eater 3 we have a pretty hunting game that moves like lightning and makes its stylish combat feel like something worth mastering. Players willing to adjust their expectations will find plenty to fill up on, but those seeking a novel new taste rather than a bit of comfort food may want to keep looking.
Ginny Woo Feb 08, 2019
God Eater 3 is a solid entry in the franchise that doesn't necessarily reinvent itself, but it doesn't have to. All the core things that make God Eater so enjoyable, from the lightning-fast combat to the anime stylings, have been given a new lick of paint and propped up enticingly next to additions like the well-tuned Assault Missions and creative enemies to make one delicious package.
Andreas SalmenMay 31, 2019
Fans will certainly appreciate God Eater 3 as a solid continuation of the franchise. Newcomers, however, will probably have to force their way through a significant part of the experience to feel the same joy. There is a solid monster-slaying action-RPG buried under here; it's just a matter of how deep you're willing to dig to uncover its treasures.
Chris ShiveFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 is a good if unremarkable title in the monster hunting subgenre. This is a game that doesn’t excel in any one area, but none of its shortcomings are damning to the point of ruining an enjoyable experience. There are attempts at giving more depth to combat with the characters engaging each other and having burst attacks, but using these actions strategically doesn’t greatly alter the battle outcome from just button mashing.
Joshua DuckworthFeb 07, 2019
At the end of the day, God Eater 3 doesn’t break any molds and that’s okay. It fulfills its role as a solid action JRPG and a worthy successor to Bandai Namco‘s God Eater franchise by combining the rustic tropes of the genre with a heart-warming, if familiar, story of a developing family struggling to survive. Even through repetitive beats, the missions that run into each other, and the humdrum of the reused environmental assets, the story shines bright like a beacon in the Ashlands.
William WorrallFeb 21, 2019
God Eater 3 manages to pull of a deep and enjoyable combat experience, despite some annoyances with the camera and missions repeating themselves.
James PaleyFeb 06, 2019
This game is upfront about what’s in store, to the point that you can’t mistake this for anything but a gorgeous, grindy mess. Honestly, I’m okay with that! I’m happy to spend hours on end chewing up bizarre baddies for loot. The multiplayer is more of the same, though it feels like the drop rates are more rewarding when you team up with a few other humans.
Stephen WildsFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 is a good game, it’s just sad most will skip it. I liked the game more at first because it dives in more directly and the missions feel much easier, but it’s sad how quickly the excitement stalls out. The story escalates quicker and feels more like some of the Final Fantasy titles I enjoy—so it’s more relatable. Now though, if I wanted to play something in this genre I would head back to MHW, but this is an enjoyable alternative that just doesn’t meet that god level.
Michael RuizFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 makes for hours of fun if you can get past its repetitious environments, typical anime-style graphics, and poor storytelling. The gameplay really is fantastic but it is under a blanket of blandness that made it hard for me to enjoy God Eater 3 to its full potential. It has the foundation of a great game but just fails to reach those heights that I hoped it could.
Reuben MountFeb 25, 2019
If you love the Monster Hunter formula and want something a little faster and slicker, this is your game. It’s more enjoyable than it should be taking down these beasts, and bringing together the perfect team to defeat them, whether offline or on, is supremely satisfying. It’s fast, it’s gruesome, it’s ridiculous, and it honestly doesn’t care.
Stefan BriesenickFeb 06, 2019
The story is broken and distorted and the gameplay can get dull and repetitive, while much more can be easily missed or overlooked due to lacklustre explanations or the use of progress restrictions. Fans of the last game probably know all of this already, but nowadays there are better alternatives waiting for us to play.
GameCentralFeb 08, 2019
Ironically, we can see the main audience for the game being existing Monster Hunter fans who want something just a little bit different to act as a palette cleanser. But once they’re done, we suspect they’ll be heading straight back to where the come from, for a more filling and nutritional slice of monster-hunting pie.
Mikhail MadnaniFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 does enough to push the franchise forward with new mechanics, improved visuals, and slick animations but is held back a little by annoying camera angles and some poor environments.
Remington JosephFeb 07, 2019
For all that God Eater 3 does right, it’s held back by a few nagging flaws. By replicating the level of highspeed action found in the game’s animated intros and giving players so much control over their own character and their party members, God Eater 3 ends up removing a lot of the challenge that Aragami used to bring in the older titles. However, when God Eater 3 does decide to include an actual threat, the game is a blast to play.
Garri BagdasarovFeb 06, 2019
The same can also be said for the music, which is quite epic. The voice acting is also quite good, even though the lip syncing isn’t the best. God Eater 3 has received all the improvements that you could have asked for. For those looking for a more story driven monster killing game, you should look no further than God Eater 3.
A.J. MaciejewskiFeb 09, 2019
God Eater 3's core gameplay is spot-on for exciting combat yet its missions are too one-note for it to remain engaging for more than a few hours. As a result, its campaign can feel like a chore and even playing online multiplayer ends up being all too samey.
Matthew ZimmariFeb 13, 2019
God Eater 3 doesn’t particularly do anything new and amazing for the hack-and-slash RPG genre – but what it does, it does really well. Despite the drags of the narrative, and extreme gripes with button bindings (and sometimes forgetting which buttons to press), God Eater 3 manages to keep you wanting more through combat, weapon upgrades and different battle tactics.
Aaron RodriguezFeb 27, 2019
Con ciertas mejoras en el apartado jugable y ofreciendo un apartado gráfico mucho más ambicioso respecto de las entregas anteriores, "God Eater 3" resulta una alternativa a tener en cuenta dentro del género. A lo anteriormente mencionado hay que añadir que su historia resulta interesante y el elenco de protagonistas logran añadir interés al juego, sin olvidar también el componente multijugador, destacando la inclusión de las misiones de asalto como nuevo incentivo.
Mike ReyesFeb 11, 2019
Por otro lado y si eres fan de la serie, éste te gustará ya que sigue fielmente la fórmula de la serie, tanto así que salvo por algunas de las nuevas funciones de combate, lo sentirás prácticamente idéntico a sus predecesores. Finalmente y si eres un veterano jugador del género, puede que God Eater lo sientas un tanto simple y hasta sencillo, o al menos con lo más básico para funcionar. Se trata pues de un juego que, aunque disfrutable, podría no ser para todos los gustos.
José CabreraFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 apuesta alto, con un buen número de opciones tanto en su aspecto más rolero como en la acción. La historia no destaca especialmente pero se sostiene. Lamentablemente lo teórico no termina de convencer cuando se traslada a lo jugable, y no tardamos demasiado en darnos cuenta de las muchas carencias del juego. No solo en la tediosa repetición de unos niveles con un diseño además muy limitado, sino de un combate tosco y unas mecánicas de RPG mal implementadas
David MartínezFeb 06, 2019
Un "heredero" de Monster Hunter, que nos propone cazar criaturas monstruosas -llamadas aragami- en un mundo postapocalíptico cubierto de cenizas. Las armas y el diseño de las criaturas son muy notables, pero el desarrollo termina volviéndose repetitivo. Incluye multijugador para 8 God Eater.
Ramón VarelaFeb 06, 2019
Sería un error considerar a God Eater 3 un "hermano pobre" de Monster Hunter World porque van enfocados a un público diferente. La acción rápida de Bandai Namco gustará a aquellos que prefieran algo más similar a un slash’ em up que a la parte estratégica de los juegos de Capcom, jueguen en solitario o en compañía –que es lo preferible-.
Sergio MartínFeb 07, 2019
Eso sí, no esperéis encontraros con demasiadas sorpresas ni cambios en relación a lo establecido en la última entrega ni, menos aún, disfrutar de un acabado gráfico deslumbrante porque se trata de una producción bastante humilde en este sentido. Pero, lo dicho, divierte lo suyo si te gustan este tipo de ofertas de juego.
Jens BischoffFeb 08, 2019
In den kooperativen Online-Einsätzen können sogar bis zu acht Spieler gleichzeitig auf die Pirsch gehen. Die Handhabung ist allerdings nicht immer optimal, die grafische Präsentation angestaubt, der stumme Protagonist ein unnötiger Stimmungstöter. Endzeit-affine Jäger und Sammler sollten sich davon aber nicht abschrecken lassen.
Jonathan BushleFeb 11, 2019
God Eater 3 ouvre le bal des clones post-Monster Hunter World avec un bilan qui souffle le chaud et le froid. L'univers est assez séduisant, avec une galerie de personnages variés dont on va découvrir le destin dans ce monde, mais la narration pêche parfois et la technique ne suit pas. Aussi, la jouabilité reste plutôt gratifiante dans l'ensemble, mais montre un aspect vieillot amplifié par quelques effets de caméra complètement foirés.
MidnailahFeb 09, 2019
Sur ces points, le pari a été tenu : ce dernier opus est plaisant aussi bien pour les néophytes que pour ceux qui connaissent leur sujet. God Eater 3 n’en reste pas moins un titre exigeant, nécessitant bon nombre d’heures avant de parfaitement maîtriser les subtilités du gameplay, qui vous embarquera dans une expérience de jeu extatique, malgré les quelques longueurs dues à une intensité manquant d’équilibre.
Laurely BirbaFeb 13, 2019
Surtout, il se présente comme une alternative sympathique à Monster Hunter, grâce à une maniabilité plus souple pour des séances de chasse tout aussi dantesques. Les joueurs curieux qui étaient encore intimidés par le mastodonte de Capcom peuvent éventuellement se tourner vers le jeu de Bandai Namco pour combler leur culture. Les connaisseurs risquent en revanche de rester sceptiques face à sa réalisation dépassée, héritée de ses premiers volets pensés pour des consoles portables, ou face à son ergonomie loin d’être parfaite.
Adriano Di MedioFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 è un buon gioco di caccia. La presenza di un sistema di personalizzazione e gestione profondissimo si unisce alla soddisfazione di affrontare e abbattere mostri giganti, contornandosi di comprimari e di una trama post-apocalittica con più di un bel momento. Questo capitolo comunque non riesce a discostarsi più di tanto né dai difetti “storici” dei suoi antenati né dalle radici portatili da cui è nato.
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 06, 2019
God Eater 3 è un action survival tradizionale che arriva fuori tempo massimo, mettendo in campo una struttura particolarmente limitata e meccaniche sì riviste e più dinamiche rispetto al secondo capitolo, ma ancora legate a una concezione macchinosa e superata di questo filone. Sembra che la serie non sia ancora riuscita a mettersi alle spalle le proprie origini old-gen, ma debuttare con il primo capitolo disegnato appositamente per PC e PS4 con un prodotto di questo livello.
Theo WeberFeb 15, 2019
Waar God Eater 3 wel scoort is in het hart van de game. De gameplay is namelijk ijzersterk en geeft je genoeg mogelijkheden om helemaal in je eigen stijl te spelen. Sterker nog, je team kan aangepast worden naar jou stijl zodat het hele plaatje tijdens het spelen klopt. Als je dan een torenhoog beest met de vlakte gelijk maakt dat jou in een paar klappen kan verpletteren geeft dat precies de goede kick.
Sander NoordijkFeb 14, 2019
God Eater 3 kan niet op tegen wat Monster Hunter is geworden, maar is een goede op zichzelf staande game met zijn eigen kwaliteiten. De God Arc wapen combinatie van mêlee, vuurwapen en schild is technisch uitdagend en kent een enorme diversiteit. Actie is vloeiend en voelt uitstekend, zij het af en toe wat overweldigend met alles wat de game wil dat je onthoudt. Qua presentatie en representatie heeft de serie nog wel wat stappen te maken, al is het de herhaling en eentonigheid die de game uiteindelijk tegenhoud.
NikorinFeb 06, 2019
Jaką grą jest więc God Eater 3? Przyjemną, ale nie niezwykłą. Warstwa fabularna, która zapowiadała się na najmroczniejszą do tej pory, niestety kuleje i to mocno, a instancje są tak powtarzalne, że będziemy mieli wrażenie zataczania kół dookoła jednego miejsca. Ale wszystko to wynagradza naprawdę świetna, dynamiczna walka i TONA opcji modyfikacji postaci (bronie, ataki, efekty ataków, Engage, Acceleration Trigger, pociski i tak dalej), a także ulepszania oręża i tworzenia nowego.