GNOG for PlayStation 4


May 2, 2017

VR Content

Compatible with Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Game Info


About this game

Developer: KO_OP Mode
Content Rating: Everyone10+


GNOG is about exploring giant monsters and their inner worlds

Critic Reviews

20 Reviews
Tyler TreeseMay 02, 2017
GNOG is a sight to behold in virtual reality, but when that spectacle is taken away it becomes an incredibly charming, yet non-spectacular, puzzle game. The audiovisual experience trumps the puzzle design, and there’s not enough complexity for any real eureka moments to occur. KO_OP has made a game that’ll keep the player’s attention for the two hours it lasts, but one that fails to make any sort of lasting impact.
David JagneauxMay 02, 2017
GNOG is the video game equivalent of synesthesia. The bright colors are incredible, the simple, but disgustingly clever, puzzles are perfectly designed, and the experience inside the headset is wonderfully presented. However, it’s just such a bizarre and simple game, without anything new to really help it stand out.
Gareth HarmerMay 02, 2017
Although the puzzles are satisfyingly fun, there aren’t many brick walls to slow the pace down. And, while a few hidden trophies have been tucked away in the various levels, there’s little incentive beyond that to replay the experience. As a result, most levels can be completed in about 20 minutes, with GNOG itself being wrapped up in about 3 hours. That feels short for a puzzler but, as an E-10 rated game probably strikes the right balance.


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