Ghost of a Tale for PlayStation 4

Ghost of a Tale

Mar 12, 2019
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Developer: SeithCG
Content Rating: Teen


Ghost of a Tale follows a courageous minstrel Mouse named Tilo on a perilous quest to escape the dungeons of Dwindling Heights Keep and discover the fate of his true love, Merra. Set in a medieval world where Rats rule over all other creatures, Ghost of a Tale weaves an epic, yet intimate story combining elements of classic adventure, action-RPG, and exploration with a rich and highly immersive visual style. Armed with a mouse’s talent for stealth, agility, and disguise and a minstrel’s talent for music, you'll explore the decaying keep, from its expansive woodlands and lakeshore to its spider-infested catacombs, evading its many dangers and discovering its most ancient secrets.

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Leo FariaMar 19, 2019
Ghost of a Tale is a pretty decent stealth game overall and an even more impressive achievement in game developing, especially considering it was basically created by one single person with little previous experience in gaming. Sadly, it is riddled with some glaring issues such as its framerate and near nonexistent sound design, but its adorable art style, coupled with the fact there aren’t many proper stealth games out there (the faster we forget about Thief, the better), are more than enough for me to recommend the game.
Francesco De MeoMar 20, 2019
Ghost of a Tale is one of the most unique action role-playing games released in recent times. Its highlights are the charming story and characters as well as the stealth-focused gameplay. Sadly, some technical issues do get in the way on PlayStation 4, preventing the game from reaching its full potential. However, if you're looking for a game that can make you think, look no further, as Ghost of a Tale tackles a handful of very important issues in a mature and very thoughtful way.
John-Paul JonesMar 11, 2019
Developed by a hugely talented team of just five people, the end product in Ghost of a Tale is nothing less than an astounding feat. I am totally in love with Tilo, the world he and his numerous friends inhabit and his quest for his beloved Meera and I think, if you let him scurry his way into your life, you will be too.

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