GENSOU Skydrift for PlayStation 4

GENSOU Skydrift

Mar 9, 2021
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Developer: illuCalab
Content Rating: Everyone


A Touhou Project racing game is here! In the mystical land of Gensokyo somewhere in Japan, humans and yokai live together in strange harmony. One day, some girls notice that their spirit energy is weak. Yokai specialist Reimu Hakurei and her friend Marisa Kirisame spot someone running off on a racetrack...  

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Leo FariaMar 08, 2021
In short, despite the surprisingly great controls, Gensou Skydrift is a low budget disappointment. It’s ugly, it doesn’t feature a lot of content, and it’s not exactly the most accessible game if you’re not a die hard fan of the Touhou franchise, since you won’t understand a single thing about its plot otherwise.
Richard SeagraveMar 31, 2021
Gensou Skydrift isn’t a terrible racing game, but its awkward controls and iffy drifting mechanic heavily reduce the fun that can be had from it. Add into the mix poor visuals and a dire campaign, and unless you’re happy to race online you should probably avoid it.
Nicola ArmondiMar 13, 2021
Gensou Skydrift è semplicemente un terribile gioco di kart. Graficamente è fermo a due generazioni fa e pad alla mano le sensazioni sono negative sotto ogni punto di vista. L'idea di aver un doppio personaggio da sostituire al volo durante la gara potrebbe essere interessante se inserita in un titolo che abbia qualche pregio. Se volete un gioco di kart su PS4, fatevi un favore e optate per Crash Team Racing.

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