Gene Rain for PlayStation 4

Gene Rain

Jul 17, 2018
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Developer: Deeli network
Content Rating: Teen


Gene Rain is a next -gen 3D third person shooter game. The story is set in a futuristic world, with a linear narrative structure, and uses shocking visual effects to present a brand new world for the players ' enjoyment.

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Cody MedellinAug 14, 2018
It's difficult to recommend Gene Rain to anyone. The story makes no sense, and the game does a good job of maintaining that sense of confusion. The gameplay has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and the presentation would be laughable even during the prior console generation. Not even Trophy hunters would be attracted to this title because the grind to obtain them is unbearable. Stay as far away as possible from Gene Rain.
Samuel GuglielmoAug 29, 2018
Gene Rain is certainly one of my new “worst of” for this console generation. The plot is nonsensical, the gameplay alters between generic and terrible, the game is way more difficult than it needs to be, nothing about it really feels like it works competently, and more issues than I could ever possibly list in a single closing paragraph. All I can really do is suggest avoiding this game. I have nothing nice to say.
ElisaDSAug 29, 2018
All in all, I’m curious about playing more of this title . Having read up on the premise, I’m interested how everything will play out. It isn’t the best made game, but to try and compete with AAA games simply using the Unity engine, it’s a good start. Hopefully Deeli Network will continue to make games and improve from here. I would recommend trying this game out if you’re interested.

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