Frantics for PlayStation 4


Mar 6, 2018
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Developer: Napnok Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Frantics is a PlayLink party-game, developed by NapNok Games in partnership with Sony XDev. The game is a mini-games collection with genres ranging from frenetic action arena brawls to equally frenetic strategic turn based games. The challenges are hosted by a scheming, manipulative and... charmingly unfair Fox. He will do anything to stir up controversy, encourage backstabbing and incite shenanigans. All players fight to most crowns throughout the game – but the Fox has introduced a secondary currency, coins, that can be used for bribery, backstabbing, sabotaging and all kind of shenanigans.

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Kyle HansonMar 06, 2018
Frantics fails to live up to its name by featuring an oddly slow pace. Beyond that it’s not a fantastic party game experience, full of the same sorts of mini-games seen in past titles within the genre. Still, it works well thanks to the PlayLink functionality that allows you to use a smartphone as a controller. If you’re dying for a party game for your PS4, it fits the bill, but there are better options out there.
Jimmy DonnellanMar 14, 2018
Even with some basic design flaws and the eventual monotony of playing the same mini-games over and over, Frantics is a fun distraction that could tide you and the family over for hours.
Judi AzmandMar 06, 2018
Frantics is a solid title in the PlayLink line of games for the PS4 that’ll surely bring laughter, competition, and rivalry to any party. The unique art style and flow of game sessions truly make it enjoyable to experience and play through. While the mini-games themselves may be rather similar and, at times, not as exciting, it truly depends on who is playing and how they are doing so that’ll spice things up.

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