Forgotton Anne for PS4

Forgotton Anne (PS4)

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Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings; creatures composed of mislaid objects longing to be remembered again.
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PS Lifestyle


The superb balance of both humor and serious tones make this adventure wholly originally, despite the fact that the audio and voice acting can occasionally be below par. Some slight hiccups and decisions made with the control scheme can’t stop this quirky cinematic adventure from being charming, refreshing, and fundamentally memorable.

Matthew Forde May 11, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


In the end, popping in and out of the many alleyways and rain-soaked buildings alike (all the while conversing with a few sentient oddities along the way), Forgotton Anne is a delightful and wondrous trek to make.

Jordan Helm May 11, 2018

Push Square


Forgotton Anne has thrilled us in every possible way. Its story is packed to the rafters with charm, amazement, tension, and doubt. The gameplay satisfies in every key area with challenging puzzles and skilful platforming, and it’s these mechanics that get to accommodate a gorgeous art style which will live on long in our hearts. You need to experience Forgotton Anne for yourself, because the package as a whole is really quite special.

Liam Croft May 11, 2018



Capturing the essence of classic animated films, Forgotton Anne is a gorgeous game to look at and tells a whimsical tale of forgotten things come to life. As lovely as the style is, it also affects the substance of the game, with the low frame rate animations leading to awkward feeling platforming and some puzzles that are rough around the edges. If you can look past the flaws, there’s still a rather lovely and charming tale here to explore.

Stefan L May 11, 2018

Game Grin


But these are really only minor annoyances in an otherwise well-paced, thought provoking adventure. It really could have been a film, but there’s not really many other ways for me to put it than to say: Play this game.

James Martin Aug 07, 2018


A bizarre mix of weighty subject matter and cartoon presentation that somehow works perfectly in portraying a morally complex world and its characters.

GameCentral May 15, 2018



Forgotton Anne is a unique and strikingly cinematic experience, which makes a valiant attempt to unify the finesse of anime films with interactive gameplay. The 'Forgotton Land' is a suitably whimsical universe, brought to life not just by excellent art design, animation, music, memorable characters, and voice acting, but also a poignant non-linear narrative.

Tomas Barry Aug 04, 2018

Game Reactor


Forgotton Anne is one of the standout experiences of the year so far and for good reason. ThroughLine's charming adventure combines a gripping story with interesting moral dilemmas in a consistently flowing story that's not dissimilar to working your way through a painting, one that sucks you in and won't let you go.

Sam Bishop May 11, 2018

PS Universe


It is a touching and emotionally resonant story and one that is anchored deeply in gravitas owing to the excellent performances of the voice actors that give such bespoke life to these otherwise lifeless and inanimate objects. Forgotton Anne is simply essential to fans who like their puzzle platforming shenanigans blended with a well-written story and equally well developed cast of characters.

John-Paul Jones May 11, 2018



Wizard of Legend es un juego de acción 2D frenético e incluso caótico –en el buen sentido-, con una base sólida. Hay muchísimas habilidades que conseguir y dominar, y esto combinado con la generación de los mapas hace que cada partida puedas cambiar drásticamente de estrategias. En este sentido, aprovecha bien su origen procedimental.

Ramón Varela May 14, 2018



No en vano, nos encontramos ante una bonita obra jugable que recoge la sabiduría y encanto de animadores como Dudok de Wit o Satoshi Kon para regalarnos una gran homenaje interactivo. Seguiremos muy de cerca el trabajo de este prometedor estudio, pues bien merece el apoyo que les ha brindado Square Enix bajo su sello Collective.

Sergio Melero May 23, 2018


Sans révolutionner le genre et parfois même un peu redondant, Forgotton Anne n’a pas de quoi rougir et s’en sort brillamment en trouvant un bon équilibre entre narration et gameplay. L’univers irréel et poétique ainsi que les personnages complexes et attachants frappent en plein cœur. Irréprochable au niveau de la bande-son et de la direction artistique, on passe par un large éventail d’émotions durant l’aventure.

Sheitanina Aug 12, 2018

Game Kult


L'histoire, l'univers, le gameplay et la direction artistique forment ainsi un tout cohérent et plein de charme au point de nous faire oublier ses maladresses, comme ces petites notes bleues d'une chanteuse de dix-sept ans qui ne font que mettre en valeur la justesse d'une interprétation dont les nuances puissantes et délicates collent des frissons. Oui, Anne et ses Terres Oubliées ont un petit quelque chose vraiment inoubliable.

Amaebi May 16, 2018


Это просто хорошее «живое» аниме с отменной музыкой в исполнении Копенгагенского филармонического оркестра, поданное в формате классического платформера. На Forgotton Anne вполне можно было бы сходить в кинотеатр.

Александр Преймак May 22, 2018