Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Martin PatiñoJul 10, 2017
  Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is an excellent example of a holistic approach to producing a well-made remaster. Not only does it feature the usual remaster fare of significantly improved visuals up to their maximum capabilities but it also includes significant and positive improvements and additions to its audio and gameplay that take into consideration both its past strengths and weakness, the resources of the current times, and both its past and current potential audience. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is undoubtedly a remaster worth playing for both newcomers and fans of the original.
Whitney ReynoldsJul 10, 2017
And I am going to keep doing things in The Zodiac Age. It's taken the game I already loved so much and given me more. The Zodiac Age doesn’t add things for the sake of adding them. I can see myself putting 300 more hours into this version of Final Fantasy 12, trying different combinations of job classes and testing out new tactics on the optional bosses I could never quite conquer in the original game. The Zodiac Age takes a game I could play in my sleep and makes me wake up and appreciate it again.
Miguel ConcepcionJul 10, 2017
While its enhancements do not translate into a brand new game for existing fans, The Zodiac Age is nonetheless invigorating. For an experience that can last over a hundred hours, the subtle tweaks therein go a long way in showcasing Final Fantasy 12's grand trek in a new light. Its epic, lore-abundant story and its time-tested Gambit System should also appeal to those who missed out on the mainline series' trip to Ivalice the first time around. And thanks in part to the new audio and speed options, The Zodiac Age is an ideal definitive edition: one that improves the game over its original version across the board.
Brandon LangrockJul 10, 2017
Whether you’re a long-time fan of Final Fantasy XII or a total newcomer, The Zodiac Age marks a triumphant and memorable return to Ivalice.
Ashley GillJul 10, 2017
The Zodiac Age takes what was originally a mediocre game and makes it one of the best gameplay-oriented entries to the series.
Pramath ParijatJul 10, 2017
While the story and storytelling have not aged all that well, the rousing musical score, surprisingly strong visual direction, and its incredible, incredible gameplay, all cement this game's place as a modern classic.
Ken McKownJul 18, 2017
Final Fantasy XII is the reason remasters were invented. It takes a game a lot of players likely missed out on and brings it into the new age. It helps that the design and characters fit well in today’s gaming space.
Jelani JamesJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the shining example of how remasters should be -- improving the game in multiple aspects while keeping the core gameplay intact.
Mike MinottiJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII has aged well. The things that made it unique, especially the Gambit system, still feel fresh. And the Zodiac Job System and High Speed Mode are great improvements that make the game more convenient for newcomers and fresher for fans who have already played it.
Mike SplechtaJul 10, 2017
For anyone who missed out on Final Fantasy XII the first time around, or perhaps hasn't played it since it came out on the PS2, like myself, you owe it to yourself to re-experience this game all over again.
Mollie L PattersonJul 11, 2017
Final Fantasy XII released to mixed opinions when it first hit back in 2006, and even today, fans will still argue over where it deserves to land on a listing of the best chapters of the franchise. It received those opinions because it was a bold, daring, and different chapter of a series that up-ended our expectations for what Final Fantasy should be—and all these years later, those elements are part of the reason why I still think it’s one of the best entries we’ve ever received.
Brittany VincentJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is an excellent remaster with plenty to offer fans new and old. If you never experienced the game during its heyday or simply couldn’t get past some of its shortcomings, The Zodiac Age is a perfect way to re-enter the game or start from scratch. It’s gotten the loving, reinvigorating treatment so many other entries in the series deserve, so if you’re hoping to see more of this kind of the thing in the future, it may be in your best interest to make sure Square Enix knows you’re interested with your wallet. Final Fantasy XII not worth jumping back into? Don’t believe Ondore’s lies.
Louis ContaldiJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PS4 is easily one of the best Final Fantasy remasters to date. Unmistakably retro, this JRPG is a must-buy for fans of the series, new and old.
Dom PeppiattJul 10, 2017
A loyal and heartfelt remaster, but no matter how much Square Enix polishes the game, the company is never going to wear down those occasional bumps that affected the overall package the first time. New RPG systems, rebalances enemies, UI updates and speed options all boil down to a much smoother, nicer (prettier!) version of the game than the original European release. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a wonderfully nostalgic, but undeniably flawed, return to Ivalice.
Dave AubreyJul 10, 2017
If you played Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age back in the day and want to go back for nostalgia, you’ll love this. If you’re a new player interested in playing for the first time – keep in mind that this is definitely a game that shows its age. Though, if you have sufficient patience, it’s a story well worth investing in.
David RobertsJul 10, 2017
The Zodiac Age allows Final Fantasy 12 to realize its full potential, thanks to a wealth of graphical enhancements, a soaring soundtrack, and the addition of the Zodiac Job System.
Adam BeckJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is pure enjoyment and a reminder of why the series was at the top of the RPG ladder back in its heyday.
Joe JubaJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a remaster done right. The core content remains the same, but the changes in various systems add a new layer of discovery. This means old fans can still relive the journey, while new players (or those who had issues with old mechanics) don’t feel trapped in an outdated adventure. Not every facet of the game has aged well, but the clever combat and fantastic cast earns this entry its status as classic RPG, and The Zodiac Age is the best way to play it.
James PaleyJul 10, 2017
The Zodiac Age won’t be for everyone. The pacing is still weird, even if it is breezier. The battle system will still turn you off if it did the first time. Still, this is Ivalice in all its glory. Enormous, beautiful, flawed and fiercely compelling. Even if you’ve already put a hundred hours in the original, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age can get its hooks in you, and deep.
Robert LashleyJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a great remake of a classic Final Fantasy. If you missed out playing this the first time it is definitely worth giving a second look. It also features the appearances of the Judges which become a series staple and their armor appears prominently in FFXIV. For all you MMO fans XII is the closest you can get to an old school MMORPG experience from a single player RPG.
Kat BaileyJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII has really managed to get its hooks into me this time around, which I credit to Square Enix's excellent remaster. If you missed it the first time around (and you probably did), then now is the time to give this underappreciated gem a second chance.
Heidi KempsJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII’s relatable roleplaying adventure has aged remarkably well, and The Zodiac Age remaster improves it further in meaningful ways. The storytelling, visual design, and gameplay feel just as fresh and interesting as they did over a decade ago, and the various new enhancements and adjustments will give new players a chance to experience the magic for the first time and fans of the original something enticing to return for.
Adam VitaleJul 10, 2017
Western players are in for a treat with all of these adjustments and improvements made from the original release of Final Fantasy XII - many of which are old but never made their way West originally. The job system adds another level of interest to party coordination, elements like fast-forward and map overlays add a considerable amount of convenience, and the game looks and sounds great too. This remaster may not change the mind of everyone, but it is no doubt one of the most intriguing entries in the franchise and clearly the definitive version of a truly brilliant game.
Chris CarterJul 10, 2017
Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.
GameCentralJul 14, 2017
One of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, elevated by its innovative battle system but let down by weak storytelling and focusing on the wrong protagonists.
Robert RamseyJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a near perfect reworking of a PS2 masterpiece. The game's not without its minor flaws, but overall, this is a startling reminder of how magical Square's beloved series can be.
Drew HurleyJul 21, 2017
A long-forgotten joy that deserves to stand side by side with the best of the franchise. There are so many great elements that all combine for such a special experience.
Dominic LeightonJul 11, 2017
Though I remember having a huge amount of fun with XII when it came out, it’s always been Final Fantasy X that was ‘my’ Final Fantasy game growing up. However, having replayed them both again in remastered form, it’s clearly XII which comes away the winner. A wonderful remaster with welcome enhancements, it’s remarkable just how fresh, fun and involving Final Fantasy XII feels over a decade later, with elements that still feel modern in a franchise well known for hanging onto the past.
Nick Gillham Jul 10, 2017
Gameplay tweaks and improvements, graphics enhanced, more music and they even fixed the stupid way you unlocked the game’s secret weapon, an odd set of specific things you had to make sure you didn’t do that was infamous even amongst those who hadn’t played the game. This all adds up to a fantastic package that goes beyond what we would normally expect from a title that falls under that dreaded ‘R’ word.
Oscar TKJul 19, 2017
The core of Final Fantasy XII holds up incredibly well — those who already have XII on the top of their list of Final Fantasy games will have their feelings confirmed, and this remaster may even see it go up a few notches of those that don’t. This is the definitive way to play Final Fantasy XII, and the Zodiac Age definitely makes it better than ever. Ivalice is a huge world to explore, packed with depth — and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age makes it more of a joy to adventure through than ever before.
Graham BellarsJul 10, 2017
This remaster has been wonderfully done and finally the rest of the world can experience the extras that previously were only available to Japanese players. It's a huge game, even by today's standards, and it should keep you intrigued and entertained for many hours. Whether you're a fan or a first timer, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a game that deserved to be a Top 10 PS2 game, and it was certainly worthy of this fine remaster.
Elias BlondeauJul 20, 2017
Final Fantasy XII was outdone by the competition when it came out eleven years ago, and The Zodiac Age changes absolutely nothing in that regard. An overpriced and undercooked re-release of a game better left forgotten.
Timothy NunesJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is right up there with all the acclaimed classics that have enjoyed great remasters, making the original product better without changing its fundamental execution.
Chris BrownAug 15, 2017
Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age is far from the perfect game, but it is one of the few in the series I bothered to complete. From its lofty melodrama and rewarding combat and character systems to its missed story beats and sloggy late-game, it's an adventure I will not soon forget. More importantly, it’s one I do not want to forget, which is more than I can say for almost every entry in the series released since this game first saw light 11 years ago.
Inés BarriocanalJul 10, 2017
Notaremos esos matices familiares y sabrosos, que solo nos dan los juegos que nos han hecho sentir profundamente y han hecho que sus píxeles cobren vida en nuestro corazón. Y sin duda, brindaremos por la oportunidad de volver a vivir una de las mayores aventuras que la saga de Final Fantasy nos ha brindado.
Álvaro AlonsoJul 10, 2017
Un trabajo de remasterización simplemente correcto, cuyo mayor atractivo son las mejoras introducidas por la versión internacional que jamás vimos por aquí, y que convierten a The Zodiac Age en la versión definitiva de uno de los Final Fantasy más especiales.
Pablo Gonzales TaboadaJul 11, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age es un remaster magníficamente realizado, que cumple en la puesta al día técnica, que balancea y redefine las mecánicas de juego y que hace que todo esto, en consonancia con una historia de las que ya no existen en el género, conviertan el producto en una compra imprescindible para cualquier aficionado a la franquicia y al JRPG en general.
Jesús BellaJul 10, 2017
FFXII sigue manteniendo su vigor a pesar del paso de los años. La reforma audiovisual ayuda, así como los múltiples retoques jugables. No obstante, la verdadera magia está en la base del videojuego, sólida, con una trama bien contada, un mundo enorme, variedad de situaciones, gran sensación de progresión y un sistema de batalla único. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age es la excusa perfecta para recuperar esta gran entrega si te la habías perdido… o simplemente si querías revivirla.
Ramón VarelaJul 10, 2017
Con las habituales mejoras visuales y sonoras, los cambios inéditos en la versión occidental -entre los que destaca sin lugar a dudas la separación de clases-, The Zodiac Age justifica su relanzamiento en la actual generación. Más estrategia, más rejugabilidad, la diversión de siempre y la disculpa perfecta para perderse de nuevo en Ivalice.
Staff LevelUpJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII es un Final único que siempre se separó del resto; su remaster está muy bien hecho y sus cambios son cosméticos y funcionales, además de que el soundtrack está remasterizado y es muy bueno. Comparado con su antecesor, Zodiac Age es más dinámico y divertido porque elimina mucho del tedio del original. Visualmente, Square Enix lo hizo excelente y es un juego que, a simple vista, parece tener menos años. A pesar de todo, no deja de ser el remaster de un juego viejo y por eso le pusimos 8.7.
Mike ReyesJul 07, 2017
Si bien es innegable el hecho de la enorme calidad de éste y que tiene lo necesario como para enganchar a cualquiera, también es imposible ignorar la complicada curva de aprendizaje que tiene y lo complejo que llega a volverse tanto en su historia como en su gameplay.
Mathias OertelJul 12, 2017
Gelungenes Remaster des PlayStation-2-Klassikers, das das Rollenspiel nicht nur mit grafischen, sondern auch mechanischen Fortschritten modernisiert.
Benedikt AnagnostopoulosJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy 12 ist insgesamt überraschend gut gealtert. Die neuen Features, wie Auto-Save, die einblendbare Karte und der Turbo-Modus merzen nicht nur Schwächen des Originals aus, sie bringen ein 11 Jahre altes J-RPG auf den spielerischen Stand der Zeit. Obwohl man The Zodiac Age seine PS2-Wurzeln ansieht, stört die schwächere Grafik weder den Spielspaß, noch das Eintauchen in die Geschichte.
Daniel AndreyevJul 11, 2017
Spectateur d’une révolution qu’on a pris en marche dans la peau de Vaan, on redécouvre Final Fantasy XII une fois de plus dans une version “qui pourrait être la définitive”. Mais au fond, ça n’a pas d’importance. On peut incarner qui on veut et rendre automatique tous ses autres personnages. C’est l’un des rares cas du jeu vidéo qui montre son génie, qui laisse entrevoir tout ce qu’il aurait pu être. C’est son héritage. Dix ans plus tard, il est impossible que Final Fantasy XII vous laisse indifférent. Il hypnotise par sa mécanique. Il va vous fasciner. Il peut aussi mettre en colère. Evidemment, il va frustrer. Et surtout, il se fait intimidant quand il nous fait nous sentir infiniment petit au milieu d’un conflit qui nous dépasse. Cette manière de nous émouvoir, de nous mettre en colère et de nous faire réfléchir porte un nom. C’est de l’art.
KamuiFeb 05, 2018
Spectateur d’une révolution qu’on a pris en marche dans la peau de Vaan, on redécouvre Final Fantasy XII une fois de plus dans une version “qui pourrait être la définitive”. Mais au fond, ça n’a pas d’importance. On peut incarner qui on veut et rendre automatique tous ses autres personnages. C’est l’un des rares cas du jeu vidéo qui montre son génie, qui laisse entrevoir tout ce qu’il aurait pu être. C’est son héritage. Dix ans plus tard, il est impossible que Final Fantasy XII vous laisse indifférent.
Thomas PillonJul 10, 2017
Pour une fois, on pourra dire que Square Enix ne s'est pas moqué de nous. Exemplaire à tout point de vue, ce portage HD de Final Fantasy XII tient toutes ses promesses en sublimant juste comme il faut l'oeuvre originale.
AnagundJul 17, 2017
Malgré sa fonction de remaster, Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Job apporte assez de contenu inédit en Europe pour valoir le coup.
Benjamin BetauxJul 17, 2017
Malgré les nombreux J-RPG sortis en ce début d’année, Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age fait sans aucun doute partie des titres à posséder pour cet été. Riche, complet et proposant une histoire solide et bien écrite, ce remaster ne souffre pas de la comparaison avec certains titres plus récents et se paie même le luxe de revenir avec des graphsimes revus à la hausse.
Mario PetilloJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age non è la remastered più bella del 2017, a causa del poco coraggio che Square-Enix ha avuto nel riproporci il comparto grafico: le texture, vi dicevamo, sono molto piatte e spesso poco pulite, anche a causa del fatto che si tratta di una remastered in HD e non un remake totale, da zero.
Alessandro ZampiniJul 10, 2017
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age rappresenta non solo un recupero filologico rigoroso e appassionato, ma anche, e soprattutto, un gioco di ruolo gagliardo e a suo modo innovativo, che ha forse in una scrittura che non osa particolarmente tanto (sopratutto nella seconda parte) l'unico difetto. Ma il resto è, oggi esattamente come allora, una vera meraviglia.
Сергей ЦилюрикAug 19, 2017
Нет гарантий, что вам понравится Final Fantasy XII. Она одновременно и японская по своим корням, и очень не японская по духу; и прогрессивная по механикам и возможностям игрока, и архаичная по геймдизайну. Но вся совокупность таких противоречий и делает ее ни с чем не сравнимой, уникальной; столь дорогих, богатых на контент и вылизанных до мелочей и вместе с тем смелых и экспериментальных игр в жанре не было ни до нее и не будет уже, наверное, никогда.
Sander NoordijkJul 24, 2017
Final Fantasy XII is een fantastische game en eentje die onterecht te weinig op de netvliezen van fans staat. Het combat-systeem voelt goed en door het correcte gebruik van Gambits kunnen uitstekende teamgenoten gecreëerd worden - ook al kan dit er ook voor zorgen dat de game zichzelf speelt.
Laura de FluiterJul 11, 2017
Was je al fan van de originele game, dan gaat The Zodiac Age je zeker niet teleur stellen. Bereid je maar alvast voor op urenlange avonturen in Ivalice!