Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

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Aidan SimondsSep 03, 2019
At the end of the day, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is the definitive version of this game. The core experience is still here, but with some added flourishes, mainly the beautiful character models. But other additions, like the “cheats,” can also add up to make this a much more inviting experience for all fans. Final Fantasy VIII is one of the strangest entries in the Final Fantasy pantheon, but that’s what makes it so special at the end of the day.
Doug MercerSep 02, 2019
If you’re a Final Fantasy VIII fanatic like myself, or just simply a Final Fantasy fan, this is a must pick up. If you’re new to the series and never had the pleasure of delving into the classics of the JRPG era, I highly recommend you pick this one up. They don’t make em like this anymore and it’s well worth the time and money to get to play this classic once again.
David JagneauxSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII, despite its quirks and flaws, actually holds up quite well due in large part to its oddities. Rather than feeling like every other JRPG, it's decidedly different. From its bizarre initial plot and surprising focus on intimate relationships and internal dialogues, to the extremely unique (albeit often annoying) junction system and engaging pseudo-sci-fi setting, it still stands out even to this day.
Will BorgerSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered still has many of the same design flaws as the original release, but new visuals and gameplay tweaks make this the best version of a beloved classic.
Dean JamesSep 12, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII may not be getting the full remake treatment like its predecessor, but Square Enix definitely proves they haven’t forgotten about the game with the graphically improved and definitive Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. As long as you can get the hang of the unique and intricate combat system, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered delivers one of the most enthralling narratives in the long running franchise that still holds up 20 years later.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 04, 2019
All in all, Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered is a solid port. The new character models look nice, and the additional features are all welcome. At its core, it's still Final Fantasy 8, and almost nothing has changed about it. If you were a fan of the original, you'll like the remaster, and if you weren't, then it's unlikely this will change your mind. This is likely the definitive version of the game, blurry backgrounds and all, and it's well worth picking up for anyone who's looking to experience FF8 for the first time.
Jon HueberSep 27, 2019
It doesn’t detract from the overall experience, but I find myself thinking about what a proper remaster could have been. Squall Lionheart is now, in fact, the best looking guy at the party, but the world around him is as ugly as ever. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered may not be the definitive version that longtime fans had hoped for, but if you’ve never played it before, there is still so much to love here, and after all, that’s the name of the game.
Alex MateoSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a prime example of how to do a remaster well. Improved graphics modernize the experience, and modifiers help alleviate the grind issues. That said, I’ve always felt FFVIII needed real gameplay changes. It won’t get that in a remaster, and as such, those who didn’t like the game before won’t like it now. If what you disliked in the original was the grind, put your eyes on this remaster. And if you loved FFVIII in the past or are a curious newcomer, this is the best version of the game by far.
Nick MeekhamSep 10, 2019
You will only need to play Final Fantasy VIII for its innovative battle system. Though a HD remaster worthy of your time, its confusing, messy narrative may drive away some players looking to get into the Final Fantasy franchise where far better examples exist.
Leo EpemaOct 27, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII is the favourite instalment of yours truly. Its story is consistent and powerfully emotional, the characters relate well and the way they meet up makes sense. The presentation, despite having been marred by the remaster, is still impressive and the masterful soundtrack thankfully wasn't touched. The new character models are impressive, though Squall seems out of place with his more anime-like hairstyle and smoothed out features. There is also an issue with framedrops in the menus, which makes boosting summons difficult.
Robert RamseySep 03, 2019
It's easy to see why Final Fantasy VIII is considered one of the series' most divisive entries, but its story and gameplay systems remain unique 20 years after its original release. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has its flaws -- the draw system is still a total pain in the arse -- but there's a magic and atmosphere to Squall's often mental adventure that's incredibly endearing. This is a PlayStation classic given a new lease of life, and it's still way more interesting than the majority of Japanese RPGs hitting our consoles today.
John WebsellSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is nothing more or less than a must buy. The graphical updates aren’t perfect, but the story, setting, and soundtrack remain as enchanting as ever. More importantly, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered’s watertight combat mechanics and progression system still feel as revolutionary now as they did back in 1999; pushing the limits of the traditional JRPG to produce something that manages to feel wholly unique within an ever crowded genre.
Inés BarriocanalSep 02, 2019
Nos ha dejado un sabor bastante agridulce esta nueva remasterización de Square Enix porque no creemos que esté a la altura de todas las demás. Sin embargo, Final Fantasy VIII es y será un juegazo digno de volver a jugarse una y otra vez. Te echábamos de menos Squall, se te ve mejor cara.
Ramón VarelaSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII era una joya imperfecta, con luces y sombras. La remasterización palía el engorroso sistema de combate y hacen más cómoda una rejugada, pero no trae grandes mejoras gráficas.
Borja RueteSep 08, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered mejora los modelados de los personajes, mientras que los fondos prerrenderizados apenas se han tocado. Lucen menos pixelados, pero más borrosos que en el original. En lo que respecta a la jugabilidad, Square Enix mantiene el sistema de combate, y por lo tanto, los errores que siempre se le han achacado. Sin embargo, incorpora algunas opciones interesantes, como la posibilidad de eludir todas las luchas aleatorias o de aumentar la velocidad del juego.
Víctor RosasSep 11, 2019
En general es un gran juego y cuenta con los elementos necesarios que revitalizan la experiencia para acercarla a nuevas generaciones, pero mantiene todo lo que nos cautivó de la entrega original. Sin duda, la iniciativa de Square Enix llegó a buen puerto y, tal como se desea, abrió una posibilidad para que el mundo pueda conocer esta entrega después de 20 años de su lanzamiento.
PanthaaSep 02, 2019
Grâce à ses trois options très pratiques et à ses modèles retravaillés, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered est une version idéale pour découvrir ou redécouvrir la pépite de SquareSoft sortie il y a 20 ans. On la parcourt sans frustration et sans difficulté, sur console comme sur PC (avec plus d’options de triche), avec un standing certes digne, mais qui aurait gagné à être plus élevé.
Gauthier AndresSep 03, 2019
Il y a celles et ceux qui vouent une affection éperdue à Final Fantasy VIII, et il y a les autres. Soit sa bluette adolescente tombait pile dans les glissières de votre petit cadre personnel, parfait miroir à vos amoures collégiennes et vos envies d’envoyer paître vos parents, soit vous le raillez encore bruyamment dans les soirées mondaines entre tristes sires aux coeurs noirs - oui, c'est vers toi que je regarde, Nicolas Verlet.
Julien InvernoSep 03, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered ne souffre pas des défauts relevés dans ces différentes versions (musique en boucle, interface mobile de mauvais goût...) et porte donc légitiment son nom. Rien d'extraordinaire par rapport au jeu original, pas de contenu supplémentaire offert aux fans par exemple, mais un nouveau vernis et des raccourcis pratiques qui rehaussent l'expérience initiale, et permettent de s'y plonger de la meilleure des façons... rendant par le même coup encore plus abusives les rééditions précédentes de FF7 et FF9.
Gabriele BarducciSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII ancora oggi funziona e vive della sua bolla, come gioco che ha cercato di cambiare le carte in tavola riuscendoci quasi in parte, anche se poi con FFIX Square tornò alle origini. Rimane tuttavia un piacere infinito ritornare nel Garden di Galbadia, andare a sconfiggere streghe e lasciarsi coccolare dalle avventure oniriche di Laguna. Questa remastered colpisce perfettamente nel segno, emulando un gran bel titolo, lasciando intatta la struttura di gioco ma con aggiunte alle meccaniche di gioco discutibili (che basta disattivare per godere della massima esperienza.
Francesco DelrioSep 02, 2019
Le scelte adottate per far risultare il titolo più appetibile alle generazioni sono una soluzione un po’ pigra per riportare sotto la luce dei riflettori e modernizzare uno dei titoli più venduti della saga Square. Ad ogni modo, questa rimasterizzazione resta comunque un gradevole viaggio di riscoperta per i più nostalgici, intenzionati ad incamminarsi in un viaggio che li terrà impegnati fino remake di Final Fantasy VII.
Emanuele GregoriSep 03, 2019
Questa riedizione di Final Fantasy VIII è quanto di più vicino a ciò che alcuni fedelissimi del gioco speravano di trovare su console di attuale generazione. Non tutto è andato come doveva ed è evidente che il lavoro sia stato fatto con una certa fretta, ma chiunque non possa più fare a meno di rivivere le gesta di Squall e compagnia, troverà un gioco rifinito sotto alcuni aspetti grafici, con dei modelli finalmente degni di questo nome e con alcuni interessanti boost che ne semplificazione la fruizione e ne diminuiscono le lungaggini.
Nicolò BicegoSep 02, 2019
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered è un buon lavoro di svecchiamento estetico dello storico capitolo della saga, paragonabile, con le dovute proporzioni, al lavoro svolto con le remasted di Final Fantasy X e XII. Per il resto, le novità scarseggiano e poco è stato fatto per ringiovanire il titolo; tuttavia, possiamo immaginare che l’intento degli sviluppatori fosse quello di rivolgersi ai nostalgici che desideravano soltanto un motivo per rivivere l’avventura di Squall e Rinoa, ed in questo sono riusciti.
ماکان علیخانیSep 24, 2019
در نهایت Final Fantasy VIII Remastered را می­توان همانند مبارزه با شخصیت منفی آن Ultimeca مبارزه با زمان نامید. مبارزه­ای که در آن شدت علاقه گیمرها به تجربه یک بازی بدیع و خاص با داستانی تکرار نشدنی تعیین می­کند در نهایت این جادوی داستان و شخصیت­های دوست داشتنی است که می­تواند پیروز شده و FFVIIIR را تبدیل به عنوانی موفق کند، و یا گرافیک از رده خارج و گیم­پلی منسوخ آن و در نهایت FFVIIIR فراتر از عنوانی نمی­رود که تنها برای سودبردن هرچه بیشتر از هیجانی که FFVIIR به راه انداخته، ساخته شده است.