Filthy Lucre for PlayStation 4

Filthy Lucre

Sep 16, 2016
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Developer: Fabrik Games
Content Rating: Mature


Your heist, your way: solo or co-op, all guns blazing or slow and stealthy, but whatever you do - get out with the good and don't get greedy. Your past will catch up with you. Overthrow a criminal empire protected by an army of private security in a series of daring heists across The City. Create distractions and silently take down targets, or cause mayhem with a hail of gunfire and remote explosives. Think on your feet, the situation can quickly escalate as the guards react to your every move.

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Ruaraidh DempsterSep 15, 2016
Your enjoyment of Filthy Lucre will entirely depend on how much you enjoy pure stealth – sneaking around half an hour into a mission as the music ramps up due to increased heat can be incredibly tense – but some people may just dislike having to start all over if you die.
John WhitehouseOct 05, 2016
Not knowing what to expect with Filthy Lucre and also having some trouble with the game in the first hour caused me to write this game off when I first fired it up. However, after a little play time it turns out that this game isn’t so filthy at all. Filled with cockney rhyming slang and cheeky chappies, Filthy Lucre could be a nice little distraction from all of these big triple-A games that are currently banging on our doors. However, I still don’t know what a Filthy Lucre is!
Gary BaileySep 12, 2016
Filthy Lucre does have potential, but its failings far outweigh its triumphs. The AI’s stupidity means that a lot of the challenge only comes from the armoured enemies, but they feel like an artificial means of raising the difficulty instead of making the regular guards more intelligent. As a hi-score game it could offer some cheap thrills (especially in co-op) but as it stands, you’re better off looking elsewhere for your stealth needs.

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