Fight'N Rage for PlayStation 4

Fight'N Rage

Dec 3, 2019
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Developer: sebagamesdev
Content Rating: Teen


Set in a far future where humans are enslaved by mutants, Fight’N Rage is a side-scroller beat’em up inspired by the classics from the 90's arcade gems. In a world where “the law of the jungle” prevails... two humans and a mutant rebel are willing to fight in order to stop this madness. Get ready to face ruthless mutants... Get ready to Fight'N Rage!  

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Thomas WildeDec 19, 2019
In general, Fight’N Rage is an extensive game that successfully iterates on much of what made the ‘90s arcade beat-‘em-up such a fondly-remembered genre. Still, I could do without its emphasis on memorization to make your way through the game. It’s not a deal-breaker, particularly if you’re playing in co-op, but it’s a slight irritation. The good news is that Fight'N Rage has an extensive, flashy, easy-to-use combat system that you can hand to players of any skill level. This is easily one of the best co-op experiences of the year for the PS4.
Rhett WaselenchukDec 28, 2019
I’m a big fan of Fight’N Rage. Of course, I’ve been a big fan of beat ’em ups for a long time now, but this game does so much right that I have no problem recommending it to someone that isn’t too familiar with the genre. The combat is incredibly smooth, and once you master the various combos your favorite character can pull off, you’ll be flying through levels and juggling baddies like you were born to do so.
Robert RamseyDec 12, 2019
Fight'N Rage borrows heavily from classics like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but its combat does a great job of building on the basics without making things too complex. Your fighters have combos, special moves, sprints, evasive hops, aerial attacks, throws, and even parries if you learn to exploit enemy attack patterns. You can definitely button mash your way through much of the game -- on easy and normal, at least -- but pulling off a perfect series of blows and watching your unfortunate foe explode into a pile of bones is seriously satisfying.

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