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Feb 16, 2018
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Developer: Zoink Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Fe is a new type of platform adventure where the story is up to you to discover, without handholding, told wordlessly through the discoveries you make during gameplay. Run, climb, and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest and explore its living, breathing ecosystem filled with secrets and mystical creatures. At the heart of the experience is a tactile, analogue song mechanic that allows you to communicate and speak to every living thing in the forest. Learn a diverse array of animal cries that allow you to befriend or manipulate any creature - even plants. Have birds guide you, bears fight for you and have plants grow berries that help you overcome the Silent Ones. Become Fe and discover a world that you will never want to leave.

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William SchwartzFeb 15, 2018
On the presentation front, Fe is visually stunning. The forest is a place that contains a full spectrum of beautiful colors and sounds. Hues of blues, purples, oranges and pinks contrast with dark blacks to make the visuals pop, forming an alluring world to explore. The mystery and wonder of this world is only amplified by ambient sounds and the accompanying instrumental soundtrack full of soothing violin and chimes. Fe is not a game for everyone, but those looking for something without a rigid structure will enjoy the pace of the game.
Ashley BatesFeb 22, 2018
Ultimately, this review isn’t about what I, some bearded gaming dickhead on the internet, think. It’s about what you love and what you’re willing to forgive in a video game. If you can’t enough of atmospheric adventure games with plenty of identity and charm, and can ignore some shoddy gameplay elements, Fe is an easy game to recommend. If the opposite is true, then avoid Fe like the plague.
Courtney EhrenhoflerFeb 25, 2018
Overall, Fe is a fun and relaxing game, with cute puzzles and an adorable protagonist. It’s not the most challenging thing ever, but it’s not meant to be. While the camerawork could use some, well, work, and the story narrative is murky, neither of these factors impedes the game from being a delightful experience. While it wasn’t quite what I was expecting from an EA Originals game, I’m certainly looking forward to more of these types of experiences in the future.

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