Fat Princess Adventures for PlayStation 4

Fat Princess Adventures

Dec 5, 2015
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The warring kingdoms from the original game have signed a truce and joined forces to battle the Bitter Queen and her army of hungry Gobblings. Your epic quest will span the length and breadth of the land of Great Bitten, from the pinnacles of the Salt Mountains to the depths of the Mines of S’morsia. Along the way you’ll fight dozens of new enemy types ranging from sticky cake golems to dreaded pirates.

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Jun 13, 2019

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Mark SteighnerDec 09, 2015
Fat Princess was subversive, politically incorrect and unexpectedly complex in its strategy and depth. Fat Princess Adventures trades a little of that depth for a more straightforward, action RPG-focused design. The top-notch voice cast and obviously talented writers are underutilized by the trite main story, but moment-to-moment deliver wit and charm in their performances.
Chris CarterDec 07, 2015
The story is rather trite, mostly consisting of a narrative that involves both princesses being captured by the evil Bitter Queen. It's something you've seen a million times before, and it's not done any better than all of the cartoons and games before it. The massive voice cast (with veterans like Nolan North, Steve Blum, and Tara Strong) does help its case though, as do the gallons of blood that flow from enemies, contrasting nicely with the cutesy fairy tale setup.
Mat PagetJan 13, 2016
Fat Princess Adventures' impactless combat, boring side quests, and confusing user interface all add up into something that isn't exciting or satisfying to play. And its repetitive, unsuccessful attempts at humor are a constant disruption. Fat Princess Adventures' negative qualities outshine everything else the game has to offer, making it a memorable adventure for all of the wrong reasons.

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