Far Cry New Dawn for PlayStation 4

Far Cry New Dawn

Feb 15, 2019
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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Content Rating: Mature


Dive into a transformed, vibrant, post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe. Lead the fight against the Highwaymen as they seek to take over the last remaining resources in the latest installment of Far Cry.

Critic Reviews

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Corey GavazaFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn is a fun time. It’s an enjoyable romp through a beautiful world filled with destruction. Even though it doesn’t radically change the formula from Far Cry 5, it’s still an enjoyable time. While some fans may be disappointed that there wasn’t more of a departure like in previous spin-offs Blood Dragon and Primal, it’s hard to be disappointed with the overall package when the gameplay that is here is so good.
Tyler HallFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn is a refined but unexciting adventure. For those who have exhausted all the previous Far Cry games and are still craving more, New Dawn will scratch that itch but those hoping that it might advance the core gameplay are going to be disappointed.
Jeff MarchiafavaFeb 14, 2019
The core formula of this series holds up, but New Dawn struggles to make worthwhile contributions to it. Beyond the expedition missions, little about New Dawn actually feels new, and the only interesting narrative threads are the tie-ins to Far Cry 5. When all the best parts of a new game are the old parts, it’s hard to be excited about what comes next.

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