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April MarieMar 26, 2018
The characters that you meet are varied and engaging. There are tons of things to do and see, and plenty of real and virtual people to experience them with. Most of all, Far Cry 5 tells a story that grabs you by the shirt collar and never lets go. It would make a great addition to anyone's video game library, and you'll almost certainly come back to it after the credits roll.
Paul SullivanMar 26, 2018
If you’re itching for a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time with the good ol’ boys and gals of ‘Murica, look no farther than Far Cry 5. The solid core of the game provides a perfect vehicle for a nuanced and thought-provoking story in an underused setting. Some of the content might make folks uncomfortable, but if you hang on tight like Clutch Nixon would, there’s a very worthwhile adventure to be had in Hope County.
Daemon HatfieldMar 27, 2018
Far Cry 5 is another wide-open playground with all the necessary ingredients for causing a real ruckus: loads of enemies and allies, temperamental wildlife, and plenty of explosions. Amidst all the insanity it manages to tell a serious story with respectable characters and a powerful ending, though it’s not the most memorable in the series. The successful transition from exotic locales to America’s backyard makes me excited to see where the Far Cry formula goes next.
Jeff GerstmannMar 26, 2018
It seems like a dumb move on the writers' part to shine such a bright spotlight on how inflexible their open-world game actually is, but that's Far Cry 5. A decent video game undermined by bad pacing, weak characters, and a wishy-washy world view. Play it cooperatively with a friend, ignore the characters and their motivations, and you'll probably have a good time.
Nick PlessasMar 27, 2018
Far Cry 5 had much to live up to coming in under the shadow of previous games in the series. While it doesn’t quite reach the same level, it stays true to enough of its series staples that fans and newcomers alike should expect a good time.
Chandler WoodMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 takes steps forward by upping the stakes with a sinister villain and bold new setting, while also stumbling backwards with its non-linear approach and separation of character progression from the world. A silent protagonist and convenient MacGuffin undermine the imposing nature of The Father and Eden’s Gate, though I still think Joseph Seed is the best Far Cry villain yet. Clear effort went into making sure Far Cry in America would work, as well as giving the player a lot of freedom.
Damien GulaMar 26, 2018
At the end of the day, Far Cry 5 is an artistic lesson in juxtaposition. On one hand you have a group of devoted followers of a “message of peace” that live in violence. You have a calm and charismatic leader who insights calamity. There are communities united in anarchy. Far Cry 5 provokes its audience to think and wrestle with the uncomfortable answers to our own “what-ifs” about faith, family, and the power of community.
Bill LavoyApr 02, 2018
At the same time, Far Cry 5 met all my expectations for exciting combat and hilarious moments. Whether grappling from my helicopter because a random NPC jacked it, or hearing Adelaide discuss why she stocked up on olive oil before Eden’s Gate took over, there were more moments of hilarity and brilliance than not.
Mike WilliamsMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is a game that struggles in trying to serve two purposes. On one hand, there's a dark, horrific tale of a cult taking over a small town. On the other, it's a playground of destruction, letting players fly and drive around, blowing up things with a bear and a dog. Both sides are good, but they don't really meet in the middle. If you can survive the tonal whiplash, you'll find a great game here and Far Cry Arcade only makes it better.
Dalton CooperMar 26, 2018
By focusing on characters and story over cliche open world tropes, Far Cry 5 manages to be completely and utterly engrossing from start to finish. It’s one of the finest takes on the open world genre that we’ve seen, and while it may not deliver much in the way of revolutionary new ideas, it still stands as the best Far Cry game since Far Cry 3.
Jason FaulknerMar 26, 2018
Part of what made me disappointed in this game was that I bought into the hype train. I thought that the Seeds were going to be a lot more interesting than they really were, and I expected a story that had a unique spin. If you liked the other Far Cry games, you'll like this one, because it's more of the same. Some of the series conventions have been taken away (like having to climb towers, thank God), or improved, but it's still very much a Far Cry game.
Ray PorrecaMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is a solid first-person shooter set in a vibrant, breathtaking location. It plays well, looks great, and is packed with enough content to keep players invested in Hope County for a good, long while. Though Joseph Seed and Eden's Gate work better in theory than in practice, the Montana-based doomsday cult marks a departure for the franchise that pays off.
Chris ShiveMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 doesn’t deviate too much from the Far Cry formula, simply expanding upon what the series is known for. The ability to play the entire campaign as a cooperative venture is a nice inclusion, though that is not to diminish that this is a rewarding single player experience, with Far Cry Arcade adding more multiplayer value and serving a creative outlet for the player.
Kai PowellMar 26, 2018
If you're wondering whether bringing the madness to our doorstep, making the entire campaign co-op and including an impressive toolbox to create new levels and missions while still retaining that visceral gunplay the series is known for keeps Far Cry 5 fresh and worth playing on Day One, my answer is: yes, absolutely.
Jeff CorkMar 26, 2018
Public executions aside, Far Cry 5’s world is meticulously constructed, and it’s a remarkable facsimile of Big Sky Country. Unfortunately, too much of the action in it is uninspired. It’s a beautiful but bland recitation of what’s come before, from both the series and Ubisoft’s open-world playbook. It’s never bad, but considering how great the past games have been, its overall predictability is disappointing.
Edmond TranMar 28, 2018
Another fantastic change (again revived from Far Cry 2) involves the aforementioned Specialists and their more generic relative, the Guns for Hire. They allow you to utilise and command the unique skills of one of many support buddies, adding another fun and dynamic element to your toolkit.
Richard WalkerMar 26, 2018
From its tense opening to its blistering conclusion, Far Cry 5 is another cracking instalment in the series, streamlining some of the hunting elements and putting co-op up front for both the campaign and the bottomless Far Cry Arcade. The narrative and characters will live on in the memory once you're done and dusted too, as will the insane random minute-to-minute moments that always succeed in making Far Cry so unique.
Leon HurleyMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is a continuation of everything you remember about the series, but an instalment that’s taken a good look at itself, and what it does, to work out the best possible way of doing it. The compact, more streamlined design never feels small and instead comes across as more achievable and event filled. How often have you finished a Far Cry with a ton of missions and bits you never got around to doing? That’s that stuff that’s been paired back. What remains are the best bits - the pure, distilled chaos of the series more manageably portioned and packaged.
Ben KucheraMar 26, 2018
What’s left if you have the stomach to ignore the story? A very enjoyable game with an immense number of things to do, a beautifully recreated portion of the United States, and a collection of missions with wildly varying tones and structure. It’s a finely tuned open-world game stapled onto a story that’s insultingly bad.
Glen FoxMar 26, 2018
The best thing we can say about Far Cry 5 is that it's competent, and the worst that it's far too safe. Ubisoft is clearly more interested in making an experience that appeals to everyone to satisfy the bottom line. That's a real shame, because there are the makings of a highly entertaining sandbox survival adventure here. Sadly, you won't see any of it, because there's no encouragement to experiment when running and gunning is as effective as it is.
Lou ContaldiMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 isn’t revolutionizing open world gaming, but it is a perfection of one of Ubisoft’s most noteworthy series. With a captivating scenario, diverse gameplay options, breathtaking background, and a colorful cast of characters, Far Cry 5 is primed as one of 2018’s earliest Game of the Year contenders, and potentially the best title in the series to date. Through more thoroughly leaning into the concepts of open-world design, Ubisoft has managed to craft a game that will really scratch your itch for exploration.
Samuel GuglielmoMar 26, 2018
Once the campaign was done, I lost myself in the player made maps long enough that I easily extended the life of the game, and am eager to see how it can be further extended. While I may need to replay Far Cry 3 just to be sure, and that’s a chance we’ll get soon, Far Cry 5 seems to have exploded past its brethren on its way to being my favorite of the series.
Brandon JonesMar 26, 2018
Shubhankar ParijatMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is more of a smart evolution of the franchise than a radical reinvention. It’s not revolutionary, but it accomplishes so much, and accomplishes so much of it so emphatically. Hope County is without a doubt one of the best open world settings Ubisoft has created, and its unstructured and completely open-ended approach to exploration and progression acts like the perfect foil for Far Cry’s trademark brand of bombastic pandemonium.
GameCentralMar 26, 2018
Narrative missteps and some technical issues don’t stop Far Cry 5 from being thoroughly entertaining throughout, and it has much to teach other games about varied side missions and open-ended gameplay. It’s a far cry from having any coherent political message but as a video game this is one of the best open world adventures around and shows how large-scale innovation isn’t necessary if the smaller details are interesting and new.
Bengt LemneMar 26, 2018
Overall, Far Cry 5 offers a delightful sandbox and a very memorable story. It's a great experience, even if it's not perfect, and it's one we certainly recommend to fans of the series and fans of open-world action games in general. The end of the world may be approaching, but at least you'll have a diabetic grizzly bear named Cheeseburger as your companion.
Blake HawthornMay 06, 2018
Far Cry 5 established itself as one of the best in the series, The game features some gorgeous scenery, an engaging story and the overall story is great fun and the theme is very realistic. The game mixes up the missions so it doesn't get repetitive halfway through the game. Far Cry 5 is a great entry to the series for newbies and veterans alike.
Gareth ChadwickMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is another improvement to a series that hit its stride quite a long time ago. It gets a recommendation not because of any of its individual features, but because they all combine together into a game that becomes paradoxically funny and horrifying, occasionally at the same time. It depicts a part of America lovingly with its tongue very firmly glued to its cheek, but when I close my eyes, I still see Joseph Seed staring back at me.
Chris WhiteMar 26, 2018
I love Far Cry 5, and I’ll keep on playing to finish every side-quest I missed, then I’ll be back for the DLC. It’s one of those games where you don’t want the story to end because of how gripping it is, while the supporting cast of characters is a great mix of troubled, bizarre, and amusing folks. Oh, there’s a bear called Cheeseburger that can become one of the Fangs for Hire. This game has it all, and it’s never boring, regardless of the time spent with it.
Garri BagdasarovMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry to date. The great additions and refinements made to the franchise are fantastic. Along with the inclusion of Far Cry Arcade, which extends your play time, Far Cry 5 is the ultimate open-world first person shooter.
Cole WatsonMar 26, 2018
While there was the occasional glitch to ruin the fun, they were few and far between. What I found particularly impressive though was that the game is superbly optimized, even running off a launch PlayStation 4, Far Cry 5 ran smooth and maintained a solid framerate throughout the most visually impressive parts of the experience. If you’re looking for a new place to call home for a while, you should definitely consider making a trip to Hope County.
Ben AllanApr 10, 2018
If you’re not fussed about the quality of the story in your gaming, I definitely recommend it. If you are fussed I recommend it anyway, but perhaps be prepared to rue the fact that while it’s a great game, the “art” side of the equation stops it from being an all-timer.
Toby BergerMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 is an absolute blast from beginning to end, chock full of things to do and involve yourself in. The narrative is interesting, and everything you do in Hope County feels meaningful in some way or another — making for an experience that feels as rewarding as it does enjoyable.
Borja RueteApr 02, 2018
Los cambios en el sistema de progresión, que ahora funciona mediante talentos, así como la opción de contar con aliados y mercenarios, contribuyen a potenciar la fórmula. Si a eso le unimos que gráficamente está a la altura y se mueve con fluidez, el resultado final es sobresaliente. Todavía quedan aristas por redondear, como por ejemplo la inteligencia artificial, pero la compañía gala ha dado con la tecla y ha sabido renovar una franquicia que se percibía muy agotada.
Jorge CanoMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 nos ha encantado. Con una fórmula que a base de pulir y mejorar sigue funcionando igual de bien que hace seis años, pero con más posibilidades jugables que nunca, con los contenidos más elaborados y cuidados de toda la serie, y con una ambientación realmente atractiva y diferente dentro de la saga, que da mucho juego para proponer todo tipo de situaciones y personajes tan divertidos como sorprendentes.
Rodrigo MuñozalteaMar 30, 2018
Far Cry 5 es un gran regreso de esta franquicia que llevaba varios años intentando volver a su época dorada y es un título muy recomendable para novatos de la franquicia y para veteranos que han jugado cada una de las entregas.
Álvaro AlonsoMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 es, a todos los niveles, el mejor Far Cry hasta la fecha. Tiene la mejor historia, el mejor sistema de progresión, subsana fallos de entregas pasadas, introduce numerosos cambios (todos para bien) y mantiene intacta esa fórmula explosiva de la que es difícil cansarse. Que Dios bendiga al condado de Hope.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 es un muy buen exponente de lo que quiere conseguir la saga shooter y, seguramente, también de hacia dónde quiere dirigirse. El nuevo videojuego de la serie se hace fuerte en todos los elementos que caracterizan a la marca y, aunque no arriesga demasiado en sus ideas, logra un resultado muy bueno. Muchas horas de entretenimiento, mucha diversión y, sobre todo, la acción más espectacular y explosiva que puedes encontrar en estos momentos.
David BerronesMar 26, 2018
Ubisoft se arriesgó en presentarnos un juego con temática religiosa que podría causar rechazo en algunos países o sectores de la sociedad, sobretodo por el ambiente político de los Estados Unidos. Hasta hubo peticiones en por cambiar al villano. Sin embargo, viendo todo desde la perspectiva de un medio de entretenimiento y artístico, como deben ser tomados todos los videojuegos, resulta en una experiencia de calidad.
Valentin AschenbrennerMar 26, 2018
In Far Cry 5 würde ich gerne Urlaub machen. Zumindest, wenn sich dort nicht unzählige religiöse Spinner gegenseitig über den Haufen schießen. Dank des fiktiven Montana würde ich mich wahrscheinlich mindestens genauso schwer in das reale verlieben. Vor allem, wenn ich mich dort so sehr zu Luft, zu Land und zu Wasser austoben dürfte.
Mathias OertelMar 29, 2018
Schafft es Ubisoft nach den Fortschritten bei Watch Dogs und Assassin’s Creed, auch die Far-Cry-Serie aufzuwerten? Oder hat man ähnlich wie bei Ghost Recon Wildlands eher “unglückliche” Design-Entscheidungen getroffen? Obwohl man unter dem Strich besser dasteht als beim Ausflug der Elite-Soldaten nach Bolivien, ist die Modernisierung nicht gelungen.
Gianni MolinaroMar 26, 2018
Au moment de passer devant son juge suprême, Far Cry 5 a de bonnes raisons de trembler des genoux. Il reste accro aux habitudes de ses aînés (types de missions, rendu, animations, intelligence artificielle et bugs divers), et nonobstant quelques volontés de se différencier, il leur ressemble encore trop dans son ressenti global (rendu, animations, intelligence artificielle, façons d'aborder les missions, progression, bugs qui cassent l'immersion...).
NoddusMar 27, 2018
Il nous aura fait miroiter un monde ouvert des plus vivants, une histoire marquante et des personnages charismatiques, mais Far Cry 5 a beaucoup de mal à prêcher la bonne parole. La rencontre avec Joseph Seed et les premiers pas dans un Montana vaste et organique offrent une très bonne première impression, mais le tout refroidit au contact du système de progression punitif et peu engageant du jeu.
Maxime ChaoMar 27, 2018
Fun, beau et diversifié, Far Cry 5 ne trahit pas l'ADN de la saga, même si, hélas, il laisse tomber les décors exotiques pour une ruralité américaine et contemporaine moins dépaysante. Heureusement, les environnements du Montana savent se montrer séduisants, et même particulièrement impressionnants en certains endroits. Joseph Seed est un méchant charismatique qui fera aisément oublier Pagan Min (mais pas Vaas), tandis que le gameplay plus protéiforme que jamais assure aux joueurs de passer de bons moments.
KaarajMar 26, 2018
À cela, il faut ajouter une intelligence artificielle laborieuse qui commence à accuser le poids des années et des mécaniques de jeux certes excellentes, mais qui semblent déjà avoir atteint leur potentiel maximum. Si le caractère un brin redondant de la formule ne vous gêne pas ou si vous n’avez encore jamais touché un Far Cry, n’hésitez pas, l’épisode garde suffisamment d’atouts pour vous convaincre. Dans le cas contraire, la question de son acquisition peut se poser.
Aníbal GonçalvesMar 26, 2018
Em suma, Far Cry 5 optou por simplificar muitas das coisas que a série fez anteriormente, em favor de um modelo de progressão claramente virado para o online. Tinha receio que perdesse identidade no processo, mas embora a família Seed não chegue ao nível de outros antagonistas do passado, é uma representação interessante, que mistura momentos de total absurdo e cenas verdadeiramente chocantes, sempre com um toque muito U.S.A. quase sempre muito divertido.
Tommaso PuglieseMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 è un nuovo giro sull'entusiasmante giostra di Ubisoft, un'esperienza ricca e divertente, con davvero tante cose da fare e un set di sfide piuttosto impegnative. Non si tratta di un episodio rivoluzionario, certo: al di là dell'ambientazione e dei villain inediti, invero scritti molto bene, quello che vi ritroverete a fare nel corso della campagna avrà un sapore alquanto familiare.
Gianluca LoggiaMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 parte da una premessa molto affascinante, che permette di affrontare dei cattivi peculiari e molto ben caratterizzati, oltre che diversi da quelli che normalmente fronteggiamo nei videogiochi. Il tema del fanatismo religioso fa da base a un’ambientazione molto ben realizzata ed entrambe le cose accompagnano in modo molto sensato la grande libertà di movimento offerta al giocatore, in una struttura open world che è lì per essere valorizzata, dal momento che il gioco quasi costringe (ma senza mai risultare fastidioso in questo) a provare un po’ tutte le attività e tutti gli approcci possibili.
Matteo BussaniMar 26, 2018
Non manca poi la modalità Arcade tutta da scoprire a fronte dell’apporto futuro della community, ma di cui possiamo fin da subito confermare la bontà delle basi.
 Far Cry 5 va a rifinire un’esperienza consolidata, e sicuramente ancora più longeva che in passato, continuando un percorso che non sembra destinato a cessarsi e che ha tutte le carte in tavola per migliorare ancora capitolo dopo capitolo.
Денис МайоровMar 27, 2018
Far Cry 5 — совершенно обыденный, хороший «фаркрай». Здесь есть все, за что серию принято любить, а сверху еще и настоящий кооператив, и невероятные пейзажи — поэтому игру вполне можно считать лучшей в серии. Но ненавистников франшизы новая часть не переубедит, крики про конвейер не стихнут, потому что от классической формулы «пятерка» далеко не уходит. Да, здесь упростили прокачку, убрали муторный крафт и вышки, добавили рыбалку, а охота теперь нужна только для заработка, но в основе-то все еще Far Cry 2.
Самвел СарухановMar 28, 2018
Far Cry 5 — это пример того, как не стоит развивать серию. Вместо того, чтобы перенять и отполировать свои успешные наработки, Ubisoft решила выбросить их в утиль. Пытаясь исправить ошибки прошлых частей, создатели умудрились наделать еще больше новых.
Furkan SakoğluMar 26, 2018
Uzun lafın kısası Far Cry 5, benim son yıllarda açlığını çektiğim açık dünya FPS oyunu ihtiyacına ilaç gibi geldi. Ufak tefek kusurları olsa da, oyun size vaat ettiğini sunmayı başarıyor. Haritanın biraz ufak gibi gözükmesi, animasyonlarda yaşanan sorunlar da olmasa neredeyse kusursuz bir oyun diyebilirdim. Oyunun Co-op tarafını ne yazık deneyimleme fırsatına erişemedim çünkü oyunun inceleme sürümünü oynadığımız için başka bir oyuncuyla karşılaşma ihtimalim çok düşüktü.
Jordan Van AndelMar 26, 2018
Far Cry 5 had gemakkelijk repetitief kunnen worden, maar het tegendeel is waar door enorm gevarieerde activiteiten met goed gerealiseerde personages. Hope County leeft en kent verschillende kanten door de unieke invloed van de Seed-familie. Het gebrek aan bugs of andere technische mankementen laat ook zien dat Far Cry 5 erg zorgvuldig en met veel aandacht is gemaakt.
DMMar 26, 2018
Z Far Cryem 5 spędziłem w sumie ponad 30 godzin, koncentrując się głównie na misjach fabularnych koniecznych do ukończenia gry i części aktywności pobocznych w każdym rejonie. Mapa oferuje jednak o wiele więcej dłuższych i krótszych zadań, co oznacza, że można grze poświęcić znacznie więcej czasu.
CYGALApr 05, 2018
Przemykając się w cieniach i krzakach albo otwierając ogień i częstując przeciwników materiałami wybuchowymi. Na plus należy zaliczyć też postać Josepha Seeda, który ma świetne momenty, zwłaszcza pod koniec gry, jednak jest go w niej zbyt mało, by zapadł szczególnie w pamięć. Po jakimś czasie Far Cry 5 staje się też powtarzalny przez ubogość zadań i aktywności pobocznych.