Fallout 4: Nuka World

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Nicholas PlouffeSep 09, 2016
I meant it when I said some of the quests were fun and interesting, and that you should get at least 15 hours or so if you do everything. It’s nice finally having a rifle that’s basically an AK-47, and you get a raider companion to add to your collection of followers. Even the set pieces like the rides and monuments are great to look at. Unfortunately for me at least, this is another example of coming close but still being oh so far away. This was a great opportunity Bethesda, and it seems you’ve gone with the safer route yet again.
Don’t come into Fallout 4: Nuka-World expecting a gripping story, it’s an entertaining piece of content that focuses on exploration above everything else. Venturing throughout the park in search of rides, new items, and quests is where Nuka-World shines. The story simply drives you forward but it’s going off the path that made Nuka-World truly fun.
Nic RowenSep 04, 2016
Nuka-World is big and impressive and flashy, but just like any theme park, it’s all a facade. Peek behind the curtain and you can see the struts and wires that animate the mascots. In Nuka-World’s case, that’s a scaffolding made of bones and spent magazines. It’s up to you if that’s a park you feel like visiting.
Kat BaileySep 02, 2016
Nuka-World's fantastic new setting and cool new opportunities belies its overall lack of depth. There's a lot to do in this expansion, but not a lot of it is all that interesting. It could be worse, but it could also be a whole lot better.
Andrew DuncanSep 16, 2016
Tons of fetch quests, far too much time spent away from the theme park, and forcing the role playing out of RPG, it’s still a fun addition - if you don’t mind playing it evil.
Robert RamseySep 13, 2016
It may not be the grand finale that fans of Fallout 4 have been waiting for, but Nuka World is an enjoyable slice of content all the same. With a focus on exploration, the real star of the show here is the theme park itself, which is dripping with detail and dark humour.
Jordan BiordiSep 08, 2016
In a lot of ways, I think Nuka-World is a perfect representation of the thing it’s trying to mimic. It gives the illusion of being a magical, fun-filled world but once you peel back the curtain you see the hollow, money-making machine that lies underneath. The only good thing I can say about Nuka-World is that I no longer have any reason to ever install Fallout 4 ever again, though it’s ghost will haunt my library forever.
Neil BoltSep 06, 2016
A solid, satisfactory final slab of DLC for Fallout 4, but the flame of enthusiasm has all but been extinguished at this point.
Marc MestreSep 05, 2016
Nos encontramos con una experiencia que va a costar mas de 10 horas completarla. No estamos seguros de si este vas a ser el último DLC en Fallout 4, pero en caso de serlo nos despedimos de este gran juego con un último contenido que nos ha dejado un nivel muy irregular. Si lo que te gusta es explorar en busca de nuevas zonas, esta nueva expansión te va a gustar. Pero si lo que buscas es misiones entretenidas junto a una buena historia, esta no va a ser tu mejor opción.
Valentin AschenbrennerSep 01, 2016
Nuka-World ist kein DLC für Fans der Fallout-Rollenspielmechaniken: Hier steht das Umballern und Abklappern austauschbarer NPCs im Vordergrund. Wer eine interessante Geschichte oder abwechslungsreiche Gameplay-Abschnitte erwartet, wird bitter enttäuscht. Probleme des Hauptspiels, wie die fummelige Siedlungsbau-Steuerung, sind immer noch vorhanden und immer noch eine lästige Fleißarbeit.
[87]Aug 30, 2016
Nuka World est un dernier DLC plutôt réussi qui propose en guise de conclusion au Season Pass de Fallout 4 un tour assez complet de ce que propose le jeu d'origine. Exploration, gunfights nombreux, gestion de colonies... vous découvrirez sous un nouveau jour les mécaniques auxquelles vous vous étiez jusque là habitué et ce n'est pas un mal.
Andrea PaoneSep 02, 2016
Nuka-World è stato un contenuto scaricabile capace di stupirci e frustrarci allo stesso tempo. Bethesda ha realizzato una delle ambientazioni più interessanti e varie dell'intera saga post apocalittica, ricca di aree memorabili e di grande impatto, con dei retroscena tanto inquietanti quanto affascinanti. Allo stesso tempo ci ritroviamo davanti ad una quest principale breve e piatta, dove si viene costretti a vestire i panni di un personaggio totalmente negativo, andando di fatto in totale contrasto con quanto visto nell'originale Fallout 4 e limitando di conseguenza le possibilità del giocatore. Una scelta a cui forse molti non daranno troppo peso, ma che rimane molto grave avendo a che fare con un gioco di ruolo.
Олег ЗайцевSep 14, 2016
Fallout 4: Nuka-World – прекрасная иллюстрация к тезису, что с Fallout 4 все не так. Теоретически богатые на возможности и действительно симпатичные на практике, ни Fallout 4, ни ее DLC так и не смогли раскрыть свой потенциал. Уже, видимо, и не раскроют. Nuka-World должна стать последним дополнением к Fallout 4, так что сама Fallout 4 прощается с нами. А мы смотрим ей в след и надеемся, что она больше никогда не вернется.
Maarten de KwaadstenietSep 05, 2016
Fallout 4: Nuka-World biedt een geweldige nieuwe spelwereld die heel sfeer en humor kent. De verschillende thema's van het pretpark zijn leuk uitgewerkt en zorgen voor de nodige afwisseling. Het is jammer dat de main-missies juist wat repetitief zijn en het is ook jammer dat het erop lijkt dat je keuzes weinig invloed hebben op het verhaal. Er had meer in Nuka-World gezeten en het is erg jammer dat Bethesda niet alles eruit heeft gehaald.