Fallout 4: Far Harbor

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor is a massive improvement from Fallout 4’s Automatron. Far Harbor many look like the Commonwealth but the unique cast of characters and interesting series of quests kept me busy for hours. If you plan to take a trip to Far Harbor plan accordingly, you’re going to spend a lot of time here.
Peter BrownMay 24, 2016
But where Far Harbor succeeds in delivering more of the same great gameplay and oddball characters that made the main campaign such a joy, it can't muster an interesting story. It over-confidently asserts twists and conundrums, without doing enough to earn your investment in the outcome of your decisions. If a moving story is what you're after, steer your ship back to the shores of the Commonwealth.
Nicholas PlouffeMay 27, 2016
They make you think before you speak during a quest, and allow you to become lost for hours in the spooky coastal wasteland that is The Island. If you’re a fan of past Bethesda content then Far Harbor is definitely worth your time and money. If you tend to get frustrated with the amount of bugs and wasted space that can sneak in between the gems, you might want to wait until there’s some sort of game of the year bundle.
Alice BellMay 24, 2016
Changing aesthetic from 'Dry Urban Dilapidation Chic' to 'Irradiated Sea Fog Realness' is refreshing.
Nic RowenMay 24, 2016
If you are absolutely starving for more Fallout 4 content, Far Harbor will give you another impressively large landscape to explore and some great side content to dig into. If you were already tired of Fallout 4 and hoping the expansion would provide something unique enough to justify coming back, this isn't it.
Robert RamseyMay 23, 2016
Far Harbor should have be an easy sell to those who have picked the Commonwealth clean, but something terrible lurks within the fog. Serious framerate issues on PS4 make the expansion stink like the rot of a mutated fishman, killing any sense of adventure in what is otherwise an intruiging add-on.
GameCentralMay 23, 2016
But if Far Harbor ends up as the last it is at least a suitable send-off, in that it mirrors exactly the achievements and failures of the main game: packed with content and endlessly customisable, but blandly written and with disappointingly low tech visuals. Still, no one said surviving Armageddon was meant to be smooth sailing.
Bengt LemneMay 23, 2016
Overall, we were well pleased with what Far Harbor offered. It's main questline certainly ranks up there with some of the best designed content in the entire game (minus those memory puzzles), and the atmosphere of the island is superb.
Neil BoltMay 23, 2016
Easily the best DLC entry for Fallout 4 to date, Far Harbor introduces some exciting new enemies and a tighter, more enjoyable main storyline. It also brings an air of over-familiarity and fresh performance issues that blight an otherwise exceptional expansion.
Jordan BiordiMay 25, 2016
Overall, I’ll at least commend Far Harbor for actually having content. It offers a decent sized extension of land to the main game, and it does at least offer new quests and a handful of new weapons. It does try to shoehorn the crafting elements into it, but they’re minimal at best. Although, at 35 dollars, I can’t really say it’s worth it, not when so much of the same busy-work, and attempts at an engaging narrative exists in the main game.
David SorianoMay 23, 2016
Far Harbor aporta una extensa nueva zona, decenas de horas de juego para desentrañar todos sus secretos y todo ello en una fantástica atmósfera. Es cierto que la niebla devuelve el rendimiento a un estado similar al que tenía Fallout 4 de salida, antes de parches, pero sin ser defendible, tampoco es algo que rompa la jugabilidad.
Álvaro CastellanoMay 25, 2016
Far Harbor es una motivación perfecta para volver a la propuesta de rol y mundo abierto de Bethesda y pasear, en esta ocasión, por un entorno completamente nuevo que tiene las mismas cotas de interés que acostumbran a tener las obras de este estudio. Este tercer DLC tiene irregularidades y aspectos francamente mejorables, pero también muchas buenas ideas, un sinfín de misiones y objetivos, y un extraordinario botín para seguir mejorando a nuestro justiciero postapocalíptico.
Valentin AschenbrennerMay 24, 2016
Endlich mehr Fallout 4: Nachdem ich mich bereits ausgiebig durch das Commonwealth gemordet und geflunkert habe, bietet mir Far Harbor reichlich frisches Futter. Neue Waffen, Rüstungen und Szenerien warteten darauf, von mir entdeckt, neue Gegner von mir um die Ecke gebracht zu werden. Far Harbor erfüllt konsequent die Bedürfnisse jedes Ödland-Überlebenden, auch wenn alte Probleme bestehen bleiben.
[87]May 25, 2016
Solide. Voilà sans doute le terme qui sied le mieux à ce nouveau DLC de Fallout 4. Au delà de l'atmosphère délicieusement Lovecraftienne de cette nouvelle île, qui offre de nombreuses choses à voir et à faire, c'est essentiellement pour l'effort effectué sur l'ensemble des quêtes qu'il faut saluer Far Harbor.
Andrea PaoneMay 25, 2016
Nonostante questo ci sentiamo di promuovere Far Harbor, in quanto incarna e rappresenta perfettamente lo spirito che ha reso celebri le espansioni del precedente capitolo
Aligi ComandiniMay 23, 2016
Far harbor è il DLC di cui Fallout 4 aveva bisogno a livello narrativo. Finalmente con questa espansione il giocatore ha a disposizione un'avventura ricca di personaggi carismatici e scelte pesanti, capaci di cambiare del tutto gli equilibri di potere della nuova - ed estesa - location. Longevità, qualità, e cura insomma non mancano in questa espansione, che nonostante il costo elevato vale sicuramente il suo costo per chi ha apprezzato il titolo base.
Олег ЗайцевJun 20, 2016
Far Harbor лучше всех предыдущих DLC к Fallout 4, в некотором смысле оно даже лучше самой Fallout 4, но все-таки это дополнение банально и даже вторично. Тут есть прекрасные декорации, а сценаристы иногда пытаются задавать интересные вопросы, но быстро тушуются, будто испугавшись собственной храбрости, и сбиваются на привычные, набившие оскомину темы.
Maarten de KwaadstenietMay 23, 2016
Far Harbor is de beste DLC die tot nu toe verschenen is voor Fallout 4. Er is genoeg content om je zeker tien uur bezig te houden en vooral qua verhaal weet Far Harbor te overtuigen. Behalve de grafische mankementen kan ik weinig aanmerken op de DLC. Ben je dus helemaal door Fallout 4 heen en ben je op zoek naar meer, dan is Far Harbor een dikke aanrader.
Eirik Hyldbakk FuruMay 24, 2016
Nästan allt i Far Harbor lever som sagt upp till mina förväntningar. Historien har intressanta intriger och bra valmöjligheter, och ön är ljuvlig att utforska - vilket i sin tur beror på omgivningarna och de nya fienderna. Bethesdas nya fokus på mystik och skum atmosfär för tankarna till Souls-serien, och de nya upplevelserna blåser nytt liv i ett spel jag redan spenderat så lång tid med.