Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for PlayStation 4

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Aug 4, 2020 NEW
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Developer: Mediatonic
Content Rating: Everyone


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

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Aug 5, 2020

Most of us have that little fella who walks into our place and wants to play with our PS4 and we all have the same concern. Is this little bug going to ruin my perfect game in Dark Souls, RD2 or whatever we are playing at the time? Well, no more. Fall guys Is an incredible and funny game. Even for the grown-ups, it can provide us one or two full hours of fun per day before getting bored about falling, and falling, and falling. If you don't let your little fella play Fornite for its mild violence, this Is the game. It's easy to play, the game mechanics are fun and it has incredible and colorful visuals. Its all about RUN, JUMP AND... WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING WITH THAT EGG?!!!

P.S: Trophy Hunters, trust me, this is not your game.


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Matt LorriganAug 04, 2020
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is brilliantly simple and wonderfully addictive once you’re in a game. Ignore a few bugs and some server issues that exist at launch, and you'll find hours of fun to be had, even if there isn’t much to do beyond the game’s headline mode. Takeshi’s Castle meets Battle Royale is a match made in heaven, it turns out.
Valentin CeboAug 04, 2020
Le jeu de Mediatonic a un potentiel énorme, et même ce qu'il faut pour devenir une sensation qui tient dans la durée, mais il a plutôt intérêt à s'étoffer dans les prochaines semaines et à régler ses soucis d'ergonomie pour devenir l'excellent party game qu'il veut être. En l'état, c'est un peu léger.
IndeeAug 05, 2020
Fall Guys : Ultime Knockout est une petite bulle de bonheur dans un genre - le battle royale - qui se résume aisément aux combats par armes à feu. Avec son concept inspiré de shows télévisés bien connus, le titre prouve que les parties en ligne à grande échelle peuvent aussi être déjantées et grand public.

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