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Lauren ClarkeAug 24, 2020
It’s a shame that more time and money wasn’t spent on Fairy Tail, because, in the end, I really enjoyed large chunks of the game. Once I started playing, I could play for hours and be entertained. The guild building is really fun, as is the combat. This could have been a great game, but the developers leaned too hard on the license and not enough on fleshing out the elements of the game.
Ken McKownAug 26, 2020
Fairy Tail is a straightforward game that does enough to keep it interesting throughout. Those of us not familiar with the show will have to put in a little extra work to understand everything that is going on, but fans of the series will really enjoy the pieces here. There is even an added epilogue treat that should really excite people who know the story.
Kris CornelisseJul 31, 2020
That might be enough for you, but I think fans should have better. As for those who aren’t fans, it’s probably better to skip Fairy Tail. Even hardcore JRPG fans will find it not worth playing instead of something much better. This is just too mediocre to recommend for all but the most dedicated fan. Still, I hope you find what you’re looking for here if you do take the plunge.
Jade SayersJul 29, 2020
Fairy Tail carries on going even when the storyline is done; there's plenty to upgrade in the guild, and a multitude of characters to rank up, unlocking new content and cutscenes. That, combined with an enjoyable battle system, makes Gust's latest a solid experience for anime fans.
Elton JonesJul 31, 2020
That’s not to say that the main story elements are a bore – they’re told well and give you the chance to involve yourself in their most exciting battles. Issues persist, such as dialogue box errors, oversexualized character interactions, and missing fan favorites from the show. But Fairy Tail still manages to be worth a look thanks to the strong RPG elements put in place by Gust Co. Ltd.
Garrick D. RaleyAug 31, 2020
Although minor things like no English voiceover work set back the overall quality, I still find Fairy Tail to be a step above most other anime-based games. The quality of graphics aren’t top-tier for a modern 2020 game, but they look pleasingly anime-like in color and design so it doesn’t feel like a throw-away entry of any sort. Overall, if you’ve been itching for a new anime game and you love Fairy Tail, then Fairy Tail on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC is a fun and refreshing new take.
Dean JamesJul 31, 2020
Fans of the franchise that have been longing for a full scale game based on the property should be somewhat satisfied by Fairy Tail, although a lot of it is heavily inspired by Gust’s flagship franchise.
Brittany VincentAug 07, 2020
Fairy Tail is a great example of how good RPGs based on anime series can be, even if you don't know much (or anything at all) about the anime in question. I appreciated its challenging combat, extensive amount of quests and enemies to tackle, and the way it absolutely nailed the anime's aesthetic. I'd love to see other anime series tackled by Gust in the future – possibly a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure game someday.
Thomas MedinaJul 31, 2020
Somehow, Fairy Tail ended up being one of the most enjoyable JRPG’s I’ve played in a while. The characters, the stories, the variety and freedom in play, it all comes together for a very enjoyable experience. It does have it’s issues, but they’re mostly graphical, and in my opinion, easily ignored: environmental textures are sub-par, and some characters don’t have models and are awkwardly conversed with off-screen.
Annette PolisJul 31, 2020
Not having to grind for hours on end may be the most refreshing part of it all. My JRPG junkies know all too well how much time we tend to spend power leveling characters just so we can move the needle forward. Every aspect of Fairy Tail has been expertly crafted and balanced perfectly in this reviewer’s opinion.
Kim SnaithAug 03, 2020
Thanks to its beautifully designed world and characters you can’t help but love, it does a valiant job of welcoming newcomers to the series, too. Fairy Tail is over-the-top, comical and captivating – and it’s one of the most enjoyable JRPGs I’ve sank my teeth into in some time.
Darryn BonthuysJul 31, 2020
Fairy Tail is a JRPG of immense grinds, couch potato progression that requires very little thought and cosmetic tittilation. And sometimes, that’s a fine approach to take in a world that gets too bogged down in the details.
Nick ValdezJul 31, 2020
Traveling around between areas is a breeze with quick travel options right off the bat, you can skip through basically any cutscene or prompt, characters are all animated well and retain their anime looks (with some extra fan service details established fans of the work will be sure to recognize), and each playable character comes with a variety of attacks. It's all in the service of capturing what makes Fairy Tail such a great experience. FAIRY TAIL is bombastic, breezy, and full of fun to watch characters, except, this time, it's us making it all happen.
Miguel MoranJul 31, 2020
The Fairy Tail franchise and the JRPG genre are a perfect match, and this game perfectly captures the silly yet surprisingly intense charm of the original series. It's a shame that the game often puts so little effort into adapting major story scenes, but that sacrifice is outweighed by the abundance of fun little character interactions and vignettes that are sprinkled throughout the game.
Lyle CarrAug 02, 2020
Fairy Tail is an incredibly satisfying turn based RPG, with tons of growth systems to invest in. You need a good knowledge of the show to get maximum enjoyment, but for fans it doesn't get any better than this
LukeJul 30, 2020
In my personal opinion, as a long-time fan of the Fairy Tail series and this game made me feel everything the anime did! Excitement, happiness and yes, even those rough moments, which will have you reaching for the tissues! The game has perfectly captured the anime series and built upon it; this game was worth the wait!
Roy WoodhouseJul 30, 2020
So, all in all, Fairy Tail is a solid JRPG that offers some great storytelling, and I particularly enjoyed the strong emphasis on friendship and loyalty. I liked the rags to riches story and the process of returning the guild to its former glory, which in that sense reminded me so much of My Time At Portia, another game I've enjoyed in the last couple of years.
Lilly K.Jul 30, 2020
It seems as though the limited budget available for Fairy Tail has been used in the right places, saving on unimportant parts, and spending on the important bits. The gameplay, ranking and battling systems are well thought-out, and presented beautifully.
Garri BagdasarovJul 30, 2020
Fairy Tail is a good first attempt to bring this massive franchise to home consoles. GUST does a great job of not only recreating the world and characters of Fairy Tail but goes out of its way with great writing and character development. It's not every day you get to play a game that rewards you for every task you complete in it. Combat is a highlight but the exploration leaves much to be desired.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 05, 2020
After playing Fairy Tail for a handful of hours, you'll look at your accumulated time and wonder what else you could have done with it. For example, you could have been playing something much more enjoyable, I can guarantee that much.
Adrián SuárezJul 30, 2020
Gust usa el género JRPG como contenedor para todo el fanservice de Fairy Tail que queramos. Por desgracia, no es capaz de profundizar en los sistemas de juego que propone. Eso nos deja con un videojuego de rol flojo pero que aprueba en satisfacer el apetito del aficionado a la licencia. Podría estar mejor técnicamente y rendir de forma más eficiente en Switch, también ser más variado y menos repetitivo, pero si te apasiona en anime, este videojuego no te decepcionará.
Jose A. RodríguezJul 30, 2020
Excelente título para fans del manga Fairy Tail, denso a veces y enfocado casi por completo al público de la serie, pero con buenos elementos JRPG.
Ramón VarelaJul 30, 2020
Como hemos mencionado antes, es un RPG más que competente dentro de su categoría, en la línea de los producidos por Gust, y por encima de muchas adaptaciones de anime que hemos visto últimamente. Eso sí, los fans del manga podrán pasar más fácilmente por alto sus limitaciones y lo disfrutarán al completo.
José Carlos PozoJul 30, 2020
Fairy Tail es un juego correcto con un desarrollo muy intuitivo que gustará mucho más a los fans de la serie por la buena ambientación y detalles que tiene, pero incluso a ellos se les puede atragantar ciertos momentos de la historia al forzar el cumplimiento misiones secundarias bastante repetitivas.
Jens BischoffJul 31, 2020
Fairy Tail ist ein kurzweiliges Anime-Rollenspiel zu Hiro Mashimas gleichnamiger Manga-Serie, das trotz des vergleichsweise späten Einstiegs im elften Story-Arc auch Neulinge routiniert mit auf eine herrlich verrückte Odyssee im Stil von One Piece, Naruto und Co. nimmt. Freut euch auf allerlei schräge Charaktere, stylische Rundenkämpfe sowie eine motivierende Charakter- und Beziehungspflege mit positiven Bonuseffekten.
Silent_JayJul 30, 2020
La mise en scène minimaliste et la technique sommaire ne plaident pas en faveur de ce projet attendu qui pêche finalement par manque d’ambition. Même la pyrotechnie flamboyante des mages et le sentiment de puissance qui se dégage des combats ne peuvent attiser bien longtemps la flamme de la passion. Fairy Tail est destiné aux fans et seulement aux fans absolus du manga et de la série animée.
Danilo DellafranaJul 30, 2020
Fairy Tail è un gioco di ruolo estremamente semplice, praticamente ricalcato su uno schema di gioco che funziona molto bene su cellulare grazie al suo approccio mordi e fuggi tra una missione e l’altra, ma che lascia l’amaro in bocca su un sistema casalingo dove è lecito aspettarsi di più.
Christian ColliJul 30, 2020
Probabilmente i fan della serie si divertiranno nei panni dei loro beniamini per qualche ora, ma riteniamo che lo sviluppatore avrebbe potuto fare di più anche e soprattutto nei loro confronti. Non ce la sentiamo proprio di consigliarlo a chi si avvicinerebbe per la prima volta alla serie, invece: meglio leggere il manga o guardare l'anime.
Gianluca ArenaJul 30, 2020
Se amate i giochi di ruolo giapponesi di matrice classica e/o l’opera di Hiro Mashima, aggiungete pure mezzo punto alla valutazione finale che potete leggere in calce, ma, in tutti gli altri casi, tanto la libreria PS4 quanto quella Switch riservano opzioni decisamente migliori nel genere di riferimento.
Antonello BelloJul 30, 2020
Qualora siate già innamorati della chiassosa licenza di Hiro Mashima, FAIRY TAIL saprà ammaliarvi con la sua irresistibile ironia; in caso contrario, l’assenza di importanti tasselli narrativi potrebbe precludere la totale comprensione della vicenda e favorire un prematuro abbandono da parte del giocatore.
Rick OttenJul 30, 2020
Fairy Tail is een slecht verteld, clichématig verhaal met een overcomplex en tegelijk onderbenut gevechtssysteem, dat desondanks best vermakelijk kan zijn.
Theo WeberJul 28, 2020
Hoewel de game er gelikt uitziet en vooral tijdens gevechten bombastisch is, zijn er wel een paar minpunten. Zo wordt de game op het gebied van zijmissies redelijk eentonig en mis je wat variatie qua vijanden. Als Fairy Tail je eenmaal in zijn greep heeft, verbreken deze kleine minpunten de betovering gelukkig niet en blijf je spelen tot het bittere eind!
محمد زمانیAug 08, 2020
سازندگان بازی FAIRY TAIL قادر بوده‌اند که تجربه‌ی قابل قبول و حتی بیش از انتظاری را از یک اثر اقتباسی برگرفته شده از انیمه‌ای محبوب خلق کنند و حداقل کاری که توانسته‌اند انجام بدهند، این بوده است که طرفداران فیری تیل را جذب خود سازند و در طول زمان بازی آن‌ها را با مبارزات جالبش مشغول و سرگرم‌ کنند.