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Wyatt HnatiwFeb 13, 2015
Evolve is not a bad game, far from it. There is definitely fun to be had here whether it is well coordinated cooperation as the Hunters or wildlife fueled mayhem as the Monster. However after dozens of pre-release awards and tons of hype, it definitely isn’t the beast that we thought it would be.
Arthur GiesFeb 13, 2015
Evolve occasionally brushes against a real breakthrough for Turtle Rock, with its distinctive take on a different kind of multiplayer shooter. New territory always presents new problems, and Evolve doesn't always solve them. But it distinguishes itself from the pack of multiplayer options out there with the flair of something truly different.
Ben MooreFeb 13, 2015
Evolve may not be as fleshed out as other multiplayer shooters, but it’s still one of those rare games that chases after something different and actually succeeds. It’s built for incredible, player-driven stories; when you just barely triumph over a level three monster, or when you wipe out a group of hunters within a few minutes. Our biggest fear going into Evolve is that it would only be fun in short bursts, but every time we play the session lasts for hours. Even now, there are still so many things we want to get better at and experiment with.
USgamer TeamFeb 18, 2015
Evolve is somewhat difficult to recommend outside of a fairly limited context. The core gameplay is great, but everything surrounding it is problematic. As Bob says in his second opinion, hunting a monster with a group of friends really is sublime. But its attempts to add value outside of that core mostly fall flat, and its lasting appeal is hurt by the inherently problematic nature of random co-op and the rather shallow pool of available monsters (unless you're willing to shell out the extra money for a Behemoth).
Vince IngenitoFeb 11, 2015
It’s rare for a big multiplayer game like Evolve to feel so considered and intelligent. Everything – skills, mechanics, and design choices – seem to interlock in a way that’s both natural and purposeful. That it’s so mechanically rich and still conveys the raw energy and fun of duking it out with huge monsters and action-figure-esque hunters is a real design feat. Its progression system stifles it a bit early on, but regardless, Evolve is a deeply rewarding multiplayer experience that packs both brains and brawn.
Stefan LFeb 11, 2015
At its simplest, Evolve is one of the best new ideas to be turned into a game of recent times, invoking so many monster and alien films along the way. Its attention grabbing hook can only take it so far, though, and Evolve needs you to persevere through the first few hours as you get to grips with the hunt and learn how to play the game. Admittedly, it can be hit and miss when paired up with AI players through matchmaking, but as with so many games, it can be pure gold when played with friends.
David MeiklehamFeb 12, 2015
Fun, if overly frantic, Evolve is a genuinely unique online offering. Its intriguing ideas don't always pay off, and content-wise the game is a little bare bones, but hey, monsters! Evolve is currently a smidge schizophrenic. Sometimes you play a match and the game's clever systems all coalesce beautifully; creating a charmingly hectic hybrid that occasionally channels Left 4 Dead's frantically back and forth antics while handling like a monstrous Titanfall.
EGM StaffFeb 11, 2015
There’s an ambitious and wonderfully tense multiplayer game hidden somewhere deep inside of Evolve, and on the rare occasions you can coax it out with perfectly balanced teams and a little luck, you’ll understand exactly what Turtle Rock was aiming for. More often than not, however, you’ll find yourself stuck in another dull and lengthy traipse through the jungle with an unsatisfying and lopsided payoff, made all the worse by a lack of substance or long-term appeal.
Matt LieblFeb 12, 2015
There’s definitely fun to be had when playing Evolve, but I question some of the design decisions. Because it’s a game that relies so heavily on other players, each experience will be unique despite often repeating the same modes and locales. Your enjoyment in Evolve, for better or worse, will greatly revolve around the players you’re matched with.
Lee BradleyFeb 11, 2015
Evolve is brilliant in the right circumstances and with the right people, but it’s hard to unreservedly recommend to everyone. Those with dedicated teams will get the most out of the game while those in matchmaking will find mixed results. Still, Turtle Rock deserves recognition for attempting - and almost nailing - such an ambitious project.
Paulmichael ContrerasFeb 12, 2015
Evolve impresses when things go as planned. Get a group together, work as a cohesive unit, and have fun blasting those ugly aliens to hell and back. Or play as a Monster, alone but oh so badass. Evolve has a hint of greatness, but a lack of content at launch and a jarring amount of premium launch and planned DLC hold it back. What we have here is an evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula, not a revolution.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 10, 2015
Overall, I’ve had fun with Evolve for the time I’ve had it so far, and I’ll probably have a lot more fun as time goes on, as much or more fun than I had with the Left 4 Dead series. If you are looking for a new shooter that is like nothing else on the market right now, it’s definitely worth giving Evolve a shot.
Jeff MarchiafavaFeb 11, 2015
Evolve does its one thing remarkably well, and the few other gripes I have – including long, multi-stage load times and the inability to customize A.I. teammates when playing with friends – don't dampen my enthusiasm for playing more. Evolve's matchups offer a lot of replayability and competitive thrills, and I can see myself returning to it consistently in the following months – even if those play sessions do inevitably end with me lusting for more to do in the world.
Ben TarrantFeb 20, 2015
For all its promise of revolution, Evolve seems to consistently trip where its spiritual predecessor – Left 4 Dead – seemed to excel. The balancing is actually too good, causing it to fall apart when someone doesn't play correctly. The monster gameplay is pleasantly the best aspect, but feels undercooked anywhere else but Hunt mode. This is surely a game that'll only improve as its community stabilises, but right now it's hard to recommend unless you've got a group of willing friends.
Chris MatulichFeb 18, 2015
Evolve has gone through many evolutions (hur dur) since the first technical test. The 4v1 formula works incredibly well across the game's four different modes, giving an equal chance to both the Hunters and monster, even if there's a bit of a learning curve. While a loss will definitely be spirit crushing at times, those gaming highs when you evolve to stage 3 and utterly crush a group of Hunters or take down a monster before it even has a chance to feed on enough creatures to evolve are nearly unmatchable.
Brett PhippsFeb 12, 2015
How much fun you have with Evolve will most certainly depend on the company you keep during your time with the game. AI can last long enough to help you get to grips with the basics, but once you notice their limitations you’ll spend most of your time online, hoping matchmaking pairs you with similarly-skilled players. In the time I’ve spent with the game, there’s certainly been some great moments, but they are sparse among the tedium of chasing shadows in Hunt, or winning matches at a canter with a strong team or against isolated Hunters.
Fraser MillerMar 20, 2015
With its balanced class-based, teamwork orientated gameplay, great graphics and slick mechanics that keep you playing into the wee hours of the night, Evolve itches that competitive urge and feels a lot more evolved that your standard, run-of-the-mill shooter.
Jake YanikFeb 11, 2015
Evolve is the new 4v1 multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the team best known for the Left 4 Dead series, and at a glance, you'd be forgiven for getting excited.
Borja AbadieFeb 09, 2015
Eso sí, que nadie se lleve a engaño, la jugabilidad en sí, las diferencias entre armas y clases y sus otras virtudes lo convierten, sin duda, en la mejor experiencia de juego asimétrico que podáis probar. Si juegas unas pocas partidas te parece la bomba de las bombas, pero pasadas las horas y llegado el momento de ofrecer algo más allá de los combates en sí en donde Evolve falla. Nadie es perfecto.
Nacho OrtizFeb 09, 2015
EVOLVE asienta unas muy buenas bases jugables; es divertido, intenso, emocionante, brillante en multijugador con nuestros amigos, colaborativo y favorece la especialización en diferentes roles con funciones específicas -algunas más agradecidas que otras- en el grupo sin que todo sea pegar tiros a la Call of Duty, como hemos visto en MOBAS. Es un heredero a la altura de Left 4 Dead y pese al cambio de registro se percibe al mismo equipo creativo detrás de él.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 09, 2015
Evolve es muchas cosas, pero la conclusión más potente es la de que Turtle Rock Studios vuelve a ser capaz de sorprendernos. El planteamiento era arriesgado, pero han conseguido cuajar un lanzamiento divertido, espectacular y que tiene un adictivo componente de desbloqueos y progresión. Ojalá hubiera traído algo más de contenidos o de variedad para éstos, puesto que de ser así nos hubiéramos encontrado con algo verdaderamente memorable
Keem TranFeb 12, 2015
On ne nous aura pas menti sur la marchandise ! Certes, il n'y a pas de mode solo ou de véritable aventure à suivre en compagnie d'amis mais le multi d'Evolve est si bien agencé qu'il repense entièrement la notion-même de coopération. Et s'il est possible de s'amuser dès les premières parties - les échauffourées entre chasseurs et monstre donnant toujours lieu à des moments intenses -, c'est surtout sur le long terme que le titre délivrera tout son potentiel.
Damien GreffetFeb 11, 2015
Malgré des mécaniques simples, Evolve parvient à mettre un grand coup de pied au cul à un genre qui avait du mal à se renouveler depuis quelques années. Avec son concept articulé autour de la chasse et grâce à son gameplay asymétrique, le titre de 2K Games s'impose comme un véritable vent de fraîcheur pour tout amateur de FPS multi online.
Сергей ЦилюрикMar 18, 2015
У Evolve есть все задатки замечательного шутера, но проявляют они себя лишь при особых условиях, и для этого придется долго и мучительно привыкать к многочисленным неудобствам, из которых игра, кажется, сделана более чем наполовину. Возвращаясь к тезису о ценнике: если бы Evolve перешла-таки на модель free-to-play, то это дало бы возможность позвать в нее всех друзей и сыграть наконец-то слаженной командой.
Rox van der HelmFeb 10, 2015
De hele gameplay wordt namelijk bepaald door uplevelen, skills toevoegen en ga zo maar door. Eenvoudig? Nee. Uitdagend? Zeker. En met dat hele totaalpakket van ongekende, moeilijke, maar verslavende gameplay, zou Evolve zomaar dé game kunnen worden die jij maanden achter elkaar wilt spelen waardoor je Call of Duty of Destiny niet meer aankijkt. U bent gewaarschuwd.