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Feb 10, 2015
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Evolve is set on Shear, a distant planet located in the "Far Arm" of space, that humanity has traveled to in the distant future. The established colonies, considered the most valuable in this region of space, are soon attacked by malevolent alien Monsters. As the Monsters slaughter the colonists on Shear, a former planet tamer named William Cabot is brought out of retirement to deal with the threat, in order to evacuate the remaining colonists from Shear. In response, Cabot assembles a team of Hunters—consisting of war veterans, psychopaths, professionals, and expendables—to eliminate the Monsters, setting the main conflict of Evolve.

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Wyatt HnatiwFeb 13, 2015
Evolve is not a bad game, far from it. There is definitely fun to be had here whether it is well coordinated cooperation as the Hunters or wildlife fueled mayhem as the Monster. However after dozens of pre-release awards and tons of hype, it definitely isn’t the beast that we thought it would be.
Arthur GiesFeb 13, 2015
Evolve occasionally brushes against a real breakthrough for Turtle Rock, with its distinctive take on a different kind of multiplayer shooter. New territory always presents new problems, and Evolve doesn't always solve them. But it distinguishes itself from the pack of multiplayer options out there with the flair of something truly different.
Ben MooreFeb 13, 2015
Evolve may not be as fleshed out as other multiplayer shooters, but it’s still one of those rare games that chases after something different and actually succeeds. It’s built for incredible, player-driven stories; when you just barely triumph over a level three monster, or when you wipe out a group of hunters within a few minutes. Our biggest fear going into Evolve is that it would only be fun in short bursts, but every time we play the session lasts for hours. Even now, there are still so many things we want to get better at and experiment with.

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