Evolve for PlayStation 4


Feb 10, 2015
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Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Content Rating: Mature


Evolve is set on Shear, a distant planet located in the "Far Arm" of space, that humanity has traveled to in the distant future. The established colonies, considered the most valuable in this region of space, are soon attacked by malevolent alien Monsters. As the Monsters slaughter the colonists on Shear, a former planet tamer named William Cabot is brought out of retirement to deal with the threat, in order to evacuate the remaining colonists from Shear. In response, Cabot assembles a team of Hunters—consisting of war veterans, psychopaths, professionals, and expendables—to eliminate the Monsters, setting the main conflict of Evolve.

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Critic Reviews

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Paulmichael ContrerasFeb 12, 2015
Evolve impresses when things go as planned. Get a group together, work as a cohesive unit, and have fun blasting those ugly aliens to hell and back. Or play as a Monster, alone but oh so badass. Evolve has a hint of greatness, but a lack of content at launch and a jarring amount of premium launch and planned DLC hold it back. What we have here is an evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula, not a revolution.
Arthur GiesFeb 13, 2015
Evolve occasionally brushes against a real breakthrough for Turtle Rock, with its distinctive take on a different kind of multiplayer shooter. New territory always presents new problems, and Evolve doesn't always solve them. But it distinguishes itself from the pack of multiplayer options out there with the flair of something truly different.
Matt LieblFeb 12, 2015
There’s definitely fun to be had when playing Evolve, but I question some of the design decisions. Because it’s a game that relies so heavily on other players, each experience will be unique despite often repeating the same modes and locales. Your enjoyment in Evolve, for better or worse, will greatly revolve around the players you’re matched with.

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