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William SchwartzAug 29, 2017
Everybody’s Golf is a solid series entry despite minor issues in the graphics and online server departments.
Matthew KatoAug 31, 2017
This franchise's attempt to step out from its own shadow is only half successful, and not because it dared to do so in the first place, but because it didn't dare enough. It also lacks a singular vision, and instead feels like a collection of parts pieced together.
Richard SeagraveAug 30, 2017
Everybody’s Golf‘s lack of visual splendour shouldn’t put you off playing what is the most accessible and enjoyable golf game there is on the market though. Creating and developing your own comical golf avatar is wonderfully addictive, and while there are only five courses available, the vast array of gameplay options and features means it’s hard to ever tire of sinking balls until the early hours of the morning, whether online or off.
Chandler WoodAug 29, 2017
Everybody’s Golf feels in a lot of ways like a golf RPG. With open courses to roam, items to collect, and the ability to level up, it’s a spin on the traditional golf game that drives forward momentum like a perfect tee-off. There’s enough of an arcadey vibe that it stays accessible, while having plenty of nuance for skilled players to really hone in and have a lot of fun with it.
Alexander ThomasSep 04, 2017
The customization is fun, if a little basic at first, and the online options with free roaming, collecting coins, developing rivalries, and trying to set the high score feels like an incredibly natural part of the game. Lining up a stroke or getting ready for a putt will make even the most casual of gamer sit up straight and focus on that satisfying sound of the ball dropping into the cup.
Jordan DevoreAug 31, 2017
Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.
Luke BrownSep 01, 2017
Everybody's Golf nearly delivers on all its promises, and adds some things we didn't even know we wanted from the franchise. The PlayStation 4 entry reached for greatness, but came up just a bit short of that goal due to the lack of impressiveness online. The end result is still one of the finest golf games of the last 20 years — we did put in time on over 800 holes — even if it's not quite the masterpiece we hoped it would have been.
Cory WellsAug 31, 2017
Clap Hanz’s effort to evolve Everybody’s Golf is a successful way of thinking outside of the box. While there aren’t a ton of modes, there’s enough here to keep players coming back for more. Keeping its challenging and addicting gameplay, Everybody’s Golf manages to blend frustration and enjoyment successfully.
Miguel ConcepcionSep 05, 2017
Ultimately, these bothersome NPCs are the only notable blemishes in an otherwise splendid and activity-loaded sequel, which also happens to be the best golf game on the PlayStation 4. Longtime fans will find comfort in the familiar controls and deep progression system, while newcomers will find the on-boarding experience easy and welcoming.
Mike WewerkaSep 06, 2017
Overall, Everybody's Golf can be a fun game, but I think they painted too broad of a picture by claiming it's "Everybody's Golf." Personally, I would have left it as Hot Shots and called it a day.
Drew LeachmanSep 07, 2017
Everybody’s Golf was exactly what I was looking for in a relaxing, yet fun game. It has the makings of a great arcade golf game and some pretty nice longevity with the online mode. The single player is no slouch either even when it does get slightly grindy. The customization is giant, and the way the game teaches the player the simple mechanics of golf and slowly discusses the more complicated aspects of the game and how to do certain shots really makes the game accessible to pretty much anyone.
Sam TurnerOct 01, 2017
How it has been allowed for Everybody's Golf to exist on PlayStation is beyond anyone's comprehension, but may Sony continue to get away with this tomfoolery for another twenty years because it's simply a pleasure to have Everybody's Golf on PS4. Accessible for all ages, play styles and ability, this is a game that is the closest thing a player is going to get to being gently hugged whilst holding a DualShock.
Dominic LeightonSep 12, 2017
In some ways Everybody’s Golf has been well worth the wait. This is still the same gentle and appealing brand of arcade golf that fans have come to know and love, and it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer fun of it all. However, once you venture online you’ll discover that the game is currently deeply unbalanced, with micro-transactions and mobile-esque grinding sapping any sense of competition from proceedings, while asking players to reach for their wallets in order to gain an advantage.
Sammy BarkerAug 31, 2017
At the end of the day, you’re still going to extract hundreds of hours of top-notch entertainment from this title – but save for a few silly oversights it could have been essential, and that’s a damn shame.
Nick Gillham Aug 30, 2017
Everybody’s Golf is a game that I just want to keep playing and it’s everything I ever wanted from the return of the series. It’s easily the best golf game around right now, it’s a joy to play, has bags of personality and a load of things to do (fishing anyone?), and character progression is great with numbers increasing at an incredibly satisfying rate. It can be played at your leisure, or as competitive as you want to play it, it doesn’t ask for your indefinite attention and it works just as well if you’re only in for a quick round, or a few hours sinking your balls.
Neil BoltAug 29, 2017
This is very much more Everybody’s Golf with a few extra brush strokes and a overtly pleasant online portion to round it out. The result of that is easily the best version of the game to date, and with a good price point and welcoming structure, it’s a fine place to visit for a few holes.
Sergio MartínSep 01, 2017
Sony celebra dos décadas de Everybody's Golf con una de las entregas más completas que recordamos. Editor de personajes, modos de juego tanto online como offline, una cantidad de campos más que suficiente, opciones de todo tipo, mucha simpatía… Sin duda se convierte en uno de esos escasos títulos que pueden servir de entrada al mundo del golf a muchos usuarios por su accesibilidad y tono desenfadado, si bien incluso los usuarios más expertos encontrarán retos online a su nivel.
Everybody’s Golf celebra su vigésimo aniversario con una gran entrega. Retos, personalización y horas de diversión a través de unos maravillosos escenarios. Con juegos así dan ganas de calzarse los zapatos y los guantes, agarrar los palos e ir al Club de Campo a echarse unos cuantos tiros.
Ricardo FernándezAug 29, 2017
Everybody’s Golf no falla a su cita y vuelve de nuevo a una consola de Sony. Sigue siendo un juego conservador en lo referente a la jugabilidad pero con pequeñas adiciones que le sientan estupendamente. Su faceta online se ha adaptado a los tiempos añadiendo pequeños mundos semi-abiertos enmascarados en campos de golf con chat de texto, emoticonos, objetos ocultos y otros extras a descubrir.
Juanem ReyesSep 04, 2017
Everybody's Golf sigue siendo ampliamente recomendable para los amantes del golf virtual. Clap Hanz continúa liderando este género con su buen equilibrio entre la simulación y lo fantástico, por lo que si eres fan de la franquicia, seguro lo disfrutarás.
Daniel QuesadaSep 01, 2017
Un más que correcto juego de golf que mantiene su pulida jugabilidad de siempre. Algunos cambios son para bien o para mal, dependiendo del jugador que seas. Desde luego, ahora su enfoque es más social.
Benjamin SchmädigSep 20, 2017
Hervorragend spielbares Arcade-Golfen mit überzeugender Physik und gelungener Online-Anbindung - aber auch einer eingeschränkten Charakterentwicklung.
Michaël GuarnéAug 29, 2017
Sans fioritures, ce nouveau Everybody’s Golf propose ce qu’il sait faire depuis vingt ans : du sport accessible à tous mais néanmoins profond dès qu’on prend le temps de creuser.
AnagundSep 04, 2017
Ce nouvel Everybody’s Golf sur PS4 fait largement honneur à la série. En offrant un gameplay très accessible et une vraie courbe d’évolution, il s’adresse à tous les publics, des plus néophytes aux fans du sport. Le gain d’expérience pour chacun des clubs, les nombreuses récompenses à gagner, on suit notre avancée avec un certain plaisir grâce à un gameplay aux petits oignons qui ne laisse pas trop de place au hasard.
Benjamin BetauxOct 04, 2017
La modélisation du gazon est plutôt réussi mais on ne pourra que pester contre le système de grille qui permet de savoir quand le terrain est incliné. Souvent affiché en vert clair, il faut avoir des yeux de lynx pour savoir dans quel sens penche le green. En revanche, le design des personnages n’est pas vraiment emballant et rappelle étrangement les Mii. Un petit détail qui fera mouche chez les plus observateurs alors que les autres joueurs s’en contenteront aisément.
Thomas PillonSep 01, 2017
L'attente aura été longue, mais le nouveau Everybody's Golf sur PS4 tient ses promesses en apportant bon nombre de nouveautés à une série qui commençait à être en manque d'inspiration. Il faudra cette fois compter sur un mode en ligne aussi drôle que prenant avec les Guerres de Territoire et un mode solo à la progression repensée... mais malheureusement un peu chiche en contenu.
Valentino CinefraAug 30, 2017
La nuova iterazione di Everybody’s Golf su PlayStation 4 è la riproposizione delle basi della serie con alcune novità interessanti: la nuova dimensione sociale ed il nuovo sistema di progressione. Entrambi funzionano molto bene, e rappresentano delle aggiunte al passo con i tempi di cui, forse, il franchise aveva bisogno. Certo da un po’ fastidio la resa generale del nuovo character design perché, pur volendo adottare l’estetica in stile anime, si poteva fare qualcosa di più.
Rosario SalatielloAug 31, 2017
Non c'è dubbio che Everybody's Golf riesca a catturare il giocatore con la sua immediatezza, affiancata da un livello di personalizzazione che permette a ognuno di creare e far crescere il proprio golfista perfetto. La presenza di qualche difetto in termini di design e resa grafica ci impedisce di andare oltre nella valutazione finale, ma se credete che il golf possa appassionarvi e avete messo gli occhi su questo titolo chiedendovi se acquistarlo o no, la risposta non può essere che positiva.
Felice Di GiuseppeAug 29, 2017
La prima apparizione di Everybody’s Golf su PlayStation 4 non tradisce le aspettative e sarà in grado di soddisfare ampiamente i numerosi fan sparsi per il globo. Questi ultimi, da tempo in attesa dell’approdo della serie sull’ultima ammiraglia Sony, troveranno un gioco al passo con i tempi sia in termini tecnici che contenutistici, a cui davvero non si può chiedere molto di più per elevare ulteriormente il genere.
Theo WeberSep 07, 2017
Zodra je meer dan tien uur balletjes hebt geslagen in de toernooien is de keuze gelukkig al een stuk ruimer en komt het gevoel dat je werkelijk vooruit gaat ook wat meer naar voren. En dan wordt de game steeds verslavender en leuker. Everybody’s Golf slaat dan ook een birdie, maar met iets meer gevoel van groei en afwisseling had dit makkelijk een eagle kunnen zijn.
CYGALSep 07, 2017
Everybody’s Golf to produkcja niezobowiązująca. Zapewni chwile świetnej zabawy i znakomicie nadaje się do odpalenia z kumplami. Prosta mechanika uderzeń sprawi, że gra będzie sprawiać satysfakcję nawet tym, którzy na codzień nie trzymają pada w dłoni. Szkoda tylko, że zabrakło czegoś, co mogłoby przykuć uwagę graczy na dłużej.