Ether One

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Nicholas PlouffeMay 18, 2015
Ether One is currently free if you have PS+, so there’s no point in not getting it. The developers are working on patches, so hopefully within a week or two it’ll be much more stable in North America. It’s too bad, a lot of companies are struggling with launches and it seems that issues keep being shipped due to time limits or simply not being found.
KimMay 12, 2015
The game may have some glaring issues – the inventory system is far from perfect, and the lack of a map to navigate labyrinthine areas can make the experience more frustrating than it should be – and the technical difficulties are hard to ignore, but whilst far from perfect, beyond the glitches and frustrations lies a deep and thought-provoking game, laden with rewarding and logical puzzles.
Joey ThurmondMay 25, 2015
There's a sincerity evident in Ether One's DNA that really shows the developer's passion and skill. With an attention-grabbing story premise, clever puzzles, and gorgeous music, this game seeks to tackle mental illness in a profound way. While cracks show in the sound effects, technical issues, and convoluted aspects to the narrative and puzzle solving, there's a charm and respect that you cannot help but feel for the game, which will be sure to remain in the canals of your memory banks for some time.
David Alonso HernándezMay 17, 2015
Por todo esto, Ether One no es un juego para todo tipo de jugadores; aquellos que gusten de experiencias más movidas encontrarán el juego tedioso y aburrido, pero si contáis la paciencia suficiente, os gustan los puzles y amáis las buenas historias, el título de White Paper Games es capaz de ofrecer una experiencia de lo más interesante.
GuiaugAug 02, 2015
Il est extrêmement compliqué de noter un titre comme Ether One, tant son propos et sa façon de l'amener sont particuliers. Préférant distiller son histoire à travers une narration volontairement éclatée mais pourtant criante de génie, Ether One rebutera une grande partie des joueurs qui s'y essayeront. Les autres, eux, découvriront un jeu d'une cohérence tout bonnement jamais vue, porté par une DA ainsi qu'une mise en scène maîtrisées de bout en bout.
Jonatan JohanssonNov 22, 2015
Ether One har hög pretto-faktor och är långt ifrån perfekt. Är du på rätt humör är det är dock intressant och spännande hela vägen igenom. Ett spel om demens och mänskliga relationer låter kanske bara konstigt, men det görs bra och kan vara värt en genomspelning bara för den sakens skull.