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Tomas FranzeseAug 21, 2019
Though Erica’s illusion of choice may sully the experience on repeat playthroughs, the game still stands as the best FMV game available on consoles. Its high-end TV show production values and acting allow it to stand out in a genre muddied by low-budget attempts by game developers turned amateur filmmakers. Erica is a risky but successful title in an unusual year for PS4 exclusives, making it a short, cheap, and sweet title that any fan of experimental games should try out.
Marcus EstradaAug 22, 2019
ERICA stands as an intriguing example of connecting players with a game through touch controls. It succeeds primarily as a technical feat and less so as a deeply-engrossing video game. If the storyline were given more time to grow then maybe it would have blossomed into something special. As is, it’s akin to a murder mystery popcorn flick. There’s fun to be had solving the mystery, but not quite enough to create a memorable experience.
Funké JosephSep 06, 2019
Erica has a strong, fleshed-out narrative full of twists and turns that each bring their own unique piece to the story. Its cryptic tone is carried through the audio, visuals, and writing; it never lets you relax. Sometimes weird controls jolt you out, but there is an abundance of enticing threads to follow, and it's a treat to be able to mold your own adventure out of it. Using a combination of crisp cinematography and FMV-specific game mechanics, Erica never fails to hook you into its haunting, mysterious world.
Mark SteighnerAug 23, 2019
Whether Erica is a successful fluke or the start of a FMV renaissance is impossible to predict, but the game is a solid and beautifully crafted example of how the technique has evolved and just how effective great interactive storytelling can be.
Stephanie SungAug 28, 2019
Through allowing players to interact by using their cellphones, the game offers a modern-day alternative to storytelling, utilizing today’s technology to tell a hair-raising narrative about the murder of Erica’s father and the secrets that revolve around it. Even if some of the controls may seem unnecessary, the mysteries you uncover and the chilling plot is worth staying for. Strengthened by the interactive nature of the game and the stellar acting from a talented cast, Erica is a thriller you won’t want to miss.
Liam CroftAug 21, 2019
Erica is an intriguing, admirable experience that those looking for something a little outside of the video game norm will surely latch on to. With an impressive set of performances, a story that’ll have you hooked straight from the off, and meaningful decisions that have a major impact on the game, FMV is making waves all over again.
Sam BishopAug 23, 2019
This is more than just an interactive film though, as it's got a lot more agency as mentioned, allowing you to do more than just observe with the occasional button press. It's a great example of mixing FMV into games in more meaningful ways, and it provides an adventure that's worth exploring multiple times for the full picture. It's dense, gripping, and very much worth the wait - we can't wait to see what Flavourworks does next.
Chris WhiteAug 28, 2019
Erica is an enjoyable thriller that stumbles its way through its explanation of some of the character’s motivations, but the final 15 minutes was as good as any thriller released on the silver screen. Much of the mundane tasks take away a lot of enjoyment, but Erica is still a decent purchase if you fancy something different. Austin Wintory’s score is superb, and the acting is really good. If you’ve got a couple of hours to sit and play through Erica, you definitely should just to see what all the fuss is about.
John-Paul JonesAug 20, 2019
A highly engrossing occult interactive adventure anchored by a great central performance and refreshing interactivity and non-linear storytelling, Erica is deftly curated bite-sized adventure that makes a compelling case as the best Playlink title available.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 20, 2019
Erica is an outstanding production that may jumpstart the interactive live action game genre yet again. Even though it has its fair share of issues, Erica will definitely leave an impression on you for long after you watch the end credits roll.
Jose María VillalobosAug 25, 2019
Cumple con las expectativas de lo que es un buen juego, tiene calidad y no presenta fallos graves, aunque le faltan elementos que podrían haberlo llevado a cotas más altas.
Juan RubioAug 25, 2019
Una experiencia interesante que se suma al retorno del FMV. Cumple su cometido, aunque podrĂ­a haber estado mucho mejor si hubiese dosificado mejor los eventos de la historia.
Benjamin SchmädigAug 27, 2019
Schade! Ich hatte mich tatsächlich auf diese geheimnisvolle Reise gefreut. Ein gut gemachter Thriller mit kleinen Entscheidungen, welche stets neue Einblicke in eine mysteriöse Geschichte liefern, könnte die Grundlage für einen entspannten Filmabend sein. In Wirklichkeit ist Erica aber kein guter Film – leider sogar ein schlechter. Denn Flavourworks erschafft keine Charaktere, sondern baut nur sehr oberflächlich Stimmungen auf.
Gianni MolinaroAug 21, 2019
Si l'on sent que tous les moyens ont été mis en place pour faire d'Erica un film interactif réussi et innovant, le résultat final s'avère plutôt décevant. La faute n'incombe pas à sa réalisation, très léchée, ou à la manière, très simple et fonctionnelle, par laquelle on peut interférer avec les éléments à l'écran. C'est avant tout le scénario, pas très bien ficelé et un peu trop expédié, ainsi que la foule d'interactions gadget là où on espérait peut-être un poil de réflexion, qui en font une sacrée déception plutôt qu'un thriller "jouable" réussi.
Olivier MarlasAug 22, 2019
Erica débarque enfin sur le PS Store, mais avec deux changements d’envergure : l’actrice principale qui incarnait le projet a été remplacée, l’usage du smartphone à la place de la manette est désormais optionnel. Subsiste l’allure assurée d’un thriller qui entend offrir aux joueurs une expérience FMV de luxe, limitant les phases de transition apparentes dans un récit inquiétant où les choix comptent aussi. Que la vitrine était belle.
Ayden_Aug 26, 2019
Noter un film interactif est un sacré casse-tête. Mais en se fiant à l’intérêt du scénario et aux interactions possibles, le couperet tombe : ERICA ne va pas assez loin dans ses intentions. On a constamment l’impression que le
Giuseppe CarrabbaAug 22, 2019
L'annuncio di Erica ha sorpreso il pubblico della Gamescom 2019 e adesso anche noi. Pur a fronte di alcune imperfezioni, il thriller interattivo targato FlavourWorks ha saputo intrigarci, merito di una storia interessante e di una protagonista tanto sfortunata quanto adatta ai toni del racconto.
Adriano Di MedioAug 22, 2019
La fotografia è semplice ma efficace, incaricata di evidenziare la grande ricerca cromatica di ambienti e costumi, con colori e simboli ricorrenti nei tanti piccoli dettagli che è possibile cogliere nelle inquadrature. A una colonna sonora piacevole, incisiva ma non indimenticabile si somma poi una localizzazione italiana fatta con criterio, con anche un buon doppiaggio nonostante l’equalizzazione non perfetta e qualche errore di spaziatura nei sottotitoli.
Furkan GülerAug 28, 2019
Sona geldiğimizde PS Store’da 50 TL’lik fiyatı ile Erica’nın türü sevenlere hitap ettiğini söyleyebiliriz. Eğer Quantic Dream oyunlarını severek oynamış ve bitirmişseniz, Erica’nın sizi kısmen memnun edeceğini söyleyebiliriz. Ancak Erica’dan, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, Detroit: Become Human veya Heavy Rain tadında bir hikaye anlatımı bekliyorsunuz, pişman olacağınızı unutmayın. Veya interaktif oyunlardan pek haz etmiyorsanız, yine Erica’dan uzak durmanız gerektiği konusunda uyarımızı yapalım.
play3manOct 24, 2019
Erica nie je vôbec zlý doplnok do PlayLink ponuky hier. Hoci nejde o žiadny trhák a ani prelomový zážitok, ide o solídny pokus o skutočne hraný interaktívny film. Má niekoľko slabín, no aj napriek tomu dokáže zaujať. Možnosti volieb je na celkovú stopáž dostatok, aj keď tie najdôležitejšie voľby vás čakajú až takmer na samom konci.