Erica for PlayStation 4


Aug 19, 2019
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Developer: Flavourworks
Content Rating: Mature


Immerse yourself in a unique cinematic experience with this PlayLink exclusive, where every choice you make has a profound effect on your game. Erica throws you into a shadowy world of emotional, interactive storytelling, with the flow and production values of a Hollywood movie, all seamlessly unfolding in real time – all while you guide the protagonist on her journey.

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Jul 17, 2020
A not so good game. It was boring and slow. The game is 1 and half hour long and yet it felt dragged. The story was not very engaging. Disappointed.
Nov 13, 2019
This is a FMV game where you basically watch a movie and make all the choices. The acting was very well done (especially the lead woman playing Erica) and the story was decent, but held it back, because it could have been better. I bought it on sale for $5 and that is a good price for it.
Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Oct 29, 2021


Aug 24, 2021
Yasemin Nihan Baseden
Teja P

Teja P

Jun 28, 2021


May 20, 2021

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Marcus EstradaAug 22, 2019
ERICA stands as an intriguing example of connecting players with a game through touch controls. It succeeds primarily as a technical feat and less so as a deeply-engrossing video game. If the storyline were given more time to grow then maybe it would have blossomed into something special. As is, it’s akin to a murder mystery popcorn flick. There’s fun to be had solving the mystery, but not quite enough to create a memorable experience.
Mark SteighnerAug 23, 2019
Whether Erica is a successful fluke or the start of a FMV renaissance is impossible to predict, but the game is a solid and beautifully crafted example of how the technique has evolved and just how effective great interactive storytelling can be.
Funké JosephSep 06, 2019
Erica has a strong, fleshed-out narrative full of twists and turns that each bring their own unique piece to the story. Its cryptic tone is carried through the audio, visuals, and writing; it never lets you relax. Sometimes weird controls jolt you out, but there is an abundance of enticing threads to follow, and it's a treat to be able to mold your own adventure out of it. Using a combination of crisp cinematography and FMV-specific game mechanics, Erica never fails to hook you into its haunting, mysterious world.

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