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Alexander ThomasJul 03, 2017
Elite: Dangerous is a well crafted and complex space simulation in flight, combat, and a number of RPG elements such as resource management, questing, and upgrading gear. With real world science creating the games universe and some very nice graphics, the game’s downfall comes from the overly complex controls used for flight, making the game difficult for newcomers who may be expecting a more user friendly experience.
Paulmichael ContrerasJul 04, 2017
Elite Dangerous is a massive, living game with plenty to see and do. Like a lot of sandbox, open-world games, you get out what you put in to the game. The various systems at play, including flight mechanics, are just complicated enough to be believable, while not hindering gameplay.
Joseph BradfordJul 07, 2017
Space is big and empty, dotted with small points of brilliant light. Elite Dangerous is much the same way: it can at times be boring or mundane, as much of it is spent flying from point A to point B. Thankfully, whether you’re soaking in the cosmos around you, banking large sums of credits from a well-planned trading haul, or surviving a harrowing encounter with space pirates in dazzling ship-to-ship combat, Elite Dangerous has plenty to keep me excited to come back. And when those long-haul sessions become too much, Arena mode is there to inject some much-needed action at a moment’s notice.
Joel PetersonJul 05, 2017
Elite Dangerous is an investment if you buy into it and enjoy what it offers, which is an experience that is really like no other. Star Citizen has made big promises, but until there is an official release of some sort on the direct horizon, Elite Dangerous is the current reigning champion of the space trucker simulation for better or worse, even if it will only ever attract a small yet fierce following of enthusiastic commanders.
Jonathan LeackJun 28, 2017
This isn't a game for everyone. Those who are unfamiliar with sandbox design should take caution as its gameplay loops can be often unenjoyable. Though, for the gamer looking to break free of the linear shackles of modern game design, and enjoy exploration in its finest form, Elite: Dangerous is a game with no substitute.
Thom ComptonDec 12, 2017
Elite: Dangerous feels a bit like a lifestyle choice, honestly. Getting good at piloting and traversing this universe takes almost as long as a full length game in and of itself. For those who endure, there's some exciting things happening in space, but for the rest, the price might be too high. This is clearly an example of a niche game, a remarkably thorough space sim that requires patience and tenacity to unearth its many secrets.
GameCentralJul 07, 2017
The pioneering space adventure makes an impressive landing on PlayStation 4, with more content than ever and the promise of even better things to come.
Alex StintonJul 07, 2017
With a legacy stretching way back in gaming history, the Elite series has always asked a lot of its commanders and Elite Dangerous is no different. With so many game systems packed into this gigantic space-sim, it’s unsurprising that for new players the first small step can feel more like a giant leap. Even after getting over any initial frustrations, the frequently vexing mechanics will test your patience time and time again, but despite these issues there’s a magic to Elite Dangerous that will keep you playing. Whether it’s a close encounter with a white dwarf, an intense dogfight, or just a cruise between star systems, the freedom and opportunity laid across its billions of stars means that Elite Dangerous offers spectacular space-tourism all from the comfort of your sofa.
John-Paul JonesJul 05, 2017
Minor shortcomings aside, Elite Dangerous delivers with aplomb on its promise of a massive galaxy for players to explore and write their own stories within. There are very few games on PS4 that will devour your social life as completely as Elite Dangerous.
Benjamin SchmädigJun 28, 2017
Punktabzug für kleine technische Schwächen? Ja, denn alle zusammen trüben den Gesamteindruck. Alleine das Zerreißen des Bildes selbst auf einer PlayStation 4 Pro sollte in Anbetracht der besser laufenden Xbox-One-Version nicht passieren, gelegentliche Serverprobleme schon gar nicht und auch das optionale Umsehen über die Bewegungssteuerung des Dual-Shock-Controllers ist erstaunlich fehleranfällig.
Gianluca ArenaJun 12, 2016
Se, invece, giocate da mesi al titolo base, potreste rimanere un po' delusi dall'offerta ludica che al momento questa espansione è in grado di offrirvi, soprattutto a fronte dei venticinque euro richiesti. Siamo comunque convinti che, nel giro di qualche mese, quantità e qualità di contenuti si equivarranno, ed è allora che non ci saranno più remore di alcun tipo nel consigliare l'acquisto dell'espansione anche da sola.
Tommaso PuglieseJul 11, 2017
Elite: Dangerous si conferma anche su PlayStation 4 un simulatore spaziale affascinante, profondo e dotato di un enorme potenziale, ma al contempo un'esperienza spigolosa e oscura, caratterizzata da una curva d'apprendimento ben più ripida di quanto gli utenti console siano solitamente in grado di concepire.
Francesco DestriJul 05, 2017
Elite: Dangerous si riconferma anche su PlayStation 4 un mix di esplorazione e simulazione spaziale con pochi rivali sul mercato. Un titolo che richiede una vera e propria devozione per essere apprezzato e vissuto ma che, superato lo scoglio delle prime ore, diventa una di quelle esperienze che ogni appassionato di sci-fi dovrebbe fare almeno una volta. La versione per PlayStation 4 ribadisce tutto questo e spiace solo, oltre che per l’assenza della VR, per la scarsa attenzione riservata a PlayStation 4 Pro.
Mark ScholtenJul 26, 2017
Het lijkt nu misschien alsof ik enorm kritisch ben op Elite: Dangerous, maar het is belangrijk te onthouden dat er op dit ogenblik geen enkele game is die je een vergelijkbare ervaring kan bieden. De open opzet en gigantische spelwereld zijn zowel de grootste kracht als de grootste valkuil van de game.