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Bryan VitaleFeb 02, 2018
Elex is a hard game to genuinely recommend, it does so many important things to only an acceptable level or worse. It's a game that's carried based on the strength of its quest design, or more pessimistically, one that's let down by a general lack of polish and uninteresting combat. It feels like a nice refreshing counterpart to some modern rpgs that treat their quest lists more like chores, but as a complete package, it falls disappointingly short.
Cody PerezOct 16, 2017
Elex could well be this generation's cult favorite RPG, much like Two Worlds was mine, and the developer of Gothic and Risen has easily made its most beautiful and interesting setting yet. The world of Magalan is intriguing with its blend of technology and magic, but it's unfortunate that the game tucked inside of it is only fun to play half of the time.
Chris ShiveOct 24, 2017
Elex is an unfortunate case where it appears to be too ambitious for its own good. It has a lot of great ideas, enough where it became a title of great interest when it was first announced, but the final result is something that shows promise of greatness without actually being great. The different factions are cool and the jetpack feature is a fun way to travel around, but this is offset by the different societies not meshing well together in the same world and janky combat mechanics.
Jimmy DonnellanOct 23, 2017
Bizarre and brazen but totally sincere, ELEX is a rough diamond that offers everything a hardcore RPG fan could want in a very rough and ready package. For everyone else, however, it's a total oddity and one that's hard to unequivocally recommend.
Robert RamseyNov 01, 2017
Whether it's that unmistakable Euro-jank charm or its commitment to providing a surprisingly robust role-playing experience, ELEX definitely has something going for it – it's just that most players will likely never make it far enough to find out what that something is. Piranha Byte's latest has ambition, but barely any of it is realised.
James SwinbanksOct 20, 2017
Elex's world is no doubt enticing, but the good moments are heavily dispersed among some rough technical problems and odd designs that only serve to frustrate. The game offers an incredibly designed world and the basis of a compelling RPG that disappointingly fails to live up to its potential in almost every way. For a game that relies heavily on its combat for progression, it feels overwhelmingly geared against you, and with the added technical issues and lack of a compelling story to tell, Elex takes the wind out of its own sails at nearly every turn.
Ahmed MohamedOct 16, 2017
There’s a lot of fun to be had in ELEX at higher levels, but the game opens far too slowly and spreads itself out too thin to make any sort of impact. It’s a game that begs to be smaller in scope, and richer in depth. And while its animations and visuals are mostly uninspiring, there are some real moments of beauty that are found in its caves and crevasses if you choose to explore the land of Edan.
Kieran HarrisOct 16, 2017
At times Elex may have had us firmly hooked with its blend of fantasy and sci-fi RPG elements, but its overall lack of polish with regards to presentation and combat ultimately holds it back from being a memorable experience. We can't fault its varied with regards to its open world, player choice, and its selection of weaponry, but its scope doesn't feel fully realised as it struggles to maintain a solid grasp of its fundamental elements.
Garri BagdasarovOct 16, 2017
ELEX is bad in almost every way. It’s a poor attempt and impossible to enjoy anything outside of its interesting setting and backstory.
Saúl GonzálezOct 16, 2017
Desde luego, si os gustaron los trabajos anteriores del estudio alemán y no os importa la interfaz poco atractiva o su aspecto gráfico tan básico, Elex os hará pasar de decenas a cientos de horas sumergidos en un universo postapocalíptico interesante, divertido y con una narrativa bien trabajada.
Jörg LuiblOct 16, 2017
Das Kampfsystem ist ein unübersichtlicher, hektischer Krampf, den man nach einigen Stunden einfach nur noch auf seine Fehler hin ausnutzt und die Menügestaltung wäre schon vor zehn Jahren unbefriedigend gewesen. Zudem bleibt in der Hauptgeschichte gerade im Einstieg viel Atmosphäre auf der Strecke und der Hauptcharakter Jax, immerhin die fiese Bestie von Xacor, erschreckend blass. Dennoch bleibt festzuhalten: Elex ist für mich das beste Spiel von Piranha Bytes seit Gothic 2.
MrderivOct 18, 2017
Elex aurait pu être un titre marquant s’il était sorti au début des années 2000. Or aujourd’hui, il apparaît d’avantage comme un projet aux trop grandes ambitions, qui écule jusqu’à l'écœurement la formule instaurée par la série des Gothic. Efficace et atypique fut un temps, la recette est ici transposée à la manière d’un copier/coller sans âme vers un nouveau projet qui nous rappelle sans cesse ses trop nombreuses limites. Et si quelques joueurs nostalgiques verront en lui le moyen de replonger dans le passé, ce sera au prix de lourds
Francesco DestriNov 12, 2017
Alla fine quello assegnato a Elex è stato uno dei voti più controversi che ho dovuto assegnare da molto tempo a questa parte. Elex, infatti, è un tipico diamante grezzo, un gioco scostante, bruttino da vedere e con una curva di difficoltà bisognosa di una decisa ricalibratura. Eppure, tra elementi ruolistici ben sviluppati, un mondo di gioco affascinante, l’importanza dei dialoghi come motore narrativo e l’ottima longevità, Elex è anche un gioco che va assaporato e apprezzato (con il tempo) come da recente tradizione di Piranha Bytes.
Алексей ЕгоровOct 27, 2017
Известный факт: уже шестнадцать лет Piranha Bytes выпускает «Готику». Иногда похуже, иногда получше, но всегда «Готику». Студия делает свои игры то масштабнее, то компактнее, экспериментирует с боевкой и ролевой системой, но никогда не решается на серьезные изменения.