eFootball PES 2020 Standard Edition

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Richard WakelingSep 12, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 continues to do its talking on the pitch, refining and improving on last year's game to present what might be the greatest football game ever made. Sure, it's disappointing that you still can't play as Borussia Dortmund and the majority of the Bundesliga and a few other leagues, and its single-player offering is almost identical to what was included three years ago. But all of this effortlessly drifts to the back of your mind once you step between those white lines and simply start playing the beautiful game.
Blake GrundmanSep 17, 2019
In many respects, playing eFootball Pro Evo Soccer 2020 felt like playing an outing from EA several seasons ago. And believe me when I say that this isn’t a dig at all. The overall pacing is slower than FIFA, but it wasn’t that long ago that I preferred this more deliberate style of gameplay. Increasing the focus on ball control and consistently maintaining possession at the team level further drives home this impression. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ve certainly made up enough ground to be able to stand toe-to-toe with the competition.
Jarred MilnerSep 19, 2019
For the PES franchise, it continues to feel like two steps forward and three back. The gameplay is undoubtedly the best in any football game to-date once you get to grips with it, but in a world where gamers crave fresh content, it’s sadly lagging the competition. I get why Konami focuses on gameplay, but it does seem to be causing some tunnel vision, and the longer the other elements are ignored, the longer the game will be considered an “also ran”.
Shubhankar ParijatSep 13, 2019
PES 2020 is an accomplished football sim, but the same could be said for PES 2019, and the changes Konami has made this year don't amount to much. As such, if you already have last year's game, I find it a little hard to recommend getting PES 2020 as well.
Michael GloverSep 12, 2019
PES 2020 is as good as it ever has been. Although the lack of licenses and dire commentary might put some off, the easier than ever to use edit mode means these ills shouldn't be a problem to fix. eFootball PES 2020 is a near-perfect football sim that deserves your attention.
Dan WebbSep 19, 2019
On the pitch, as always, Konami almost gets it bang on with eFootball PES 2020, but off the pitch it's seriously lacking in the balance and depth department.
Cory WellsSep 17, 2019
The Master League is a great endeavor for a single player experience, but may be a bit much for players who aren’t hardcore fans. There’s no doubt that Konami still focuses on the hardcore fan as it still needs to work on providing a more fun and enticing experience as it has the technological and simulation side down. There’s no doubt that eFootball PES 2020 is the best version of the game this generation, but it’s still geared towards its own community.
Dave MeiklehamSep 26, 2019
I know it feels like I’ve criticised eFootball PES 2020 a lot, but ugly menus and a slight lack of ambition can be forgiven when the on-field action is this awesome. Thanks to first-class animations, incredible shooting, and brilliant build-up play, PES has arguably never been more enjoyable to play. Presentation and licensing shortcomings rear their ugly heads for another year, but in spite of the overly safe returns of Master League and MyClub, this is a generous footy package. When it comes to class-leading quality on the pitch, PES is still in a league of its own.
Ricky FrechSep 16, 2019
All in all, PES might be the best soccer game video games have been graced with. It is also doing a ton of small things across its modes that I really appreciate. However, I can completely understand why someone would prefer the simplicity of FIFA. This might not be the year PES overtakes EA’s giant, but, as we move into the next console generation, it feels as if the tide is slowly turning in Konami’s favor. When the whistle blows, all the awkward choices made on the periphery fade away, and the beautiful game washes over you in all its digital glory.
Matthew KatoSep 12, 2019
When compared to the game’s similarities to last year it seems like minutia, but these are the things that elevate it from previous efforts and make PES 2020 look and feel correct. It’s a better game, even if it’s not evolved in every way. It’s like when a manager expresses how pleased they are of the team after a draw: You know they wanted the outright win, but they are also satisfied with the team’s overall performance. PES 2020 can be a familiar experience, but that shouldn’t blind you to its finer moments.
Sam BrookeSep 17, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 won't convince any FIFA fans over to Konami's side, but it will certainly appease those who are already enthralled with Master League and myClub. There really isn't too much to write home about this year, but when the gameplay is this enjoyable, there's hardly any reason to complain.
Jay JaffaSep 12, 2019
Issues aside, this is another hugely exciting entry to the series. Minor surgery is needed in some areas and sure, you need an overhaul in others but you have to hope Konami will be going all-guns blazing into the next gen console era because the on-pitch quality is so impressive. For matchdays, it is leagues above FIFA.
Aran SuddiSep 17, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 may be a symbolic start of a new era for Konami, but it feels like not much has changed over last year's version of the game. In fact, it might even be that last year's version plays a shade better compared to this version. When PES 2020 works properly it is sublime, but issues on the pitch need addressed to really be considered worth upgrading.
Chris WhiteSep 12, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 has gameplay that feels much more realistic, and each game is more about careful approaches than counter attacks. Most of the modes remain relatively unchanged, but the actual game is lots of fun to play as long as you're not having issues with the AI.
David KersSep 12, 2019
Konami puts gameplay first, although it will take some years before it will even come anywhere close to adding modes which could compete with or provide a similar experience as FIFA's The Journey or Volta. What is does provide is some of the best digital football you can play at home, with friends or online - and isn't that what matters most?
John-Paul JonesSep 21, 2019
Sublime physical football with a tactical brain sees PES 2020 bring a successful gameplay refresh, but far more needs to be done about the list of problems that have been left untouched for much of this generation.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 12, 2019
PES 2020 es un videojuego de fútbol fantástico en lo que de verdad importa, todo lo relacionado con el terreno de juego. Eso sí, esperábamos muchas más novedades tanto sobre el césped como en cuestión de modalidades, y si bien las primeras son sutiles pero importantes, las relacionadas con los modos de juego rozan lo inexistente. eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 parece un videojuego de transición a la espera de la próxima generación de consolas pero, señores... ¡Vaya transición!
Luis López ZamoranoSep 26, 2019
La entrega más realista de toda la saga. Le faltan licencias, pero su jugabilidad lo compensa. Si buscas un simulador puro, el título de Konami satisfará tus necesidades, pero si prefieres un estilo de juego más directo y rápido, tal vez no te termine de convencer. Además, si te gusta la competición, disfrutarás de lo lindo porque esta entrega está pensada especialmente para competir contra otros jugadores en línea. Eso sí, se queda algo corto en cuanto a modos de juego.
Pablo EspinosaSep 16, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 es el mejor juego de la franquicia hasta la fecha gracias a su exquisita jugabilidad y su fútbol real pero lamentablemente sigue pecando en el mismo gran fallo, modos de juegos a los que claramente les falta profundidad.
Salva FernándezSep 12, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 sigue siendo el juego más realista en cuánto a ritmo de partido y situaciones que se dan en el campo. Mantiene la base jugable del año pasado y la mejora con un balón simplemente perfecto y con varios nuevos movimientos y acciones de regates cortos que amplían el elenco de posibilidades a la hora de controlar a los jugadores.
Saúl GonzálezSep 13, 2019
PES 2020 es el mejor simulador de fútbol de la generación siendo tan bueno en el terreno de juego que logra eclipsar sus defectos en los modos de juego.
Víctor RosasSep 29, 2019
Pese al claro abandono que tiene en algunos sectores, eFootball PES 2020 es un gran título de futbol y uno de los mejores simuladores que existen. Al final, PES Productions atinó a en brindar una física y control que dejarán boquiabiertos a los jugadores y sin duda han llevado el concepto de simulación hacia un nuevo nivel.
Benjamin BlumSep 19, 2019
PES 2020 ist einmal mehr spielerisch herausragend, hat in Sachen Modi und Lizenzen aber Nachholbedarf.
Jörg LuiblSep 17, 2019
Mitunter tolles Spielgefühl, angenehm taktischer Aufbau, aber der neue Name wird den vielen Altlasten und verschenkten Potenzialen nicht gerecht.
Florian VelterSep 18, 2019
Jeu de phases placées par excellence, il demeure cette fabuleuse machine à distribuer les ballons, dont le tempo toujours plus maîtrisé permet d’apprécier chaque passe, chaque mouvement. Animé avec soin, le jeu de Konami tient par moments du diorama interactif dont on activerait les mécanismes, à travers par exemple cette nouvelle caméra Stade, qui propose un nouveau regard à défaut d’être vraiment exploitable en jeu. La bonne formule était à portée.
KaarajSep 10, 2019
Peu adapté aux débutants, pas assez rempli pour nous retenir sur la durée, c’est finalement à une troisième catégorie qu’eFootball PES 2020 sait de nouveau parler grâce à ses excellentes sensations de jeux : celle des joueurs avertis qui cherchent le compagnon idéal d’une soirée entre amateurs de football vidéoludique.
Alix DulacSep 12, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 est un volet dans la droite lignée des deux derniers titres et c'est en soi une très bonne chose. Un gameplay posé, réfléchi, peut-être un brin élitiste aussi... mais qui ne camoufle pas totalement un manque criant de variété d'expérience et de contenu. Le prochain cheval de bataille de la licence, assurément.
Laurely BirbaSep 10, 2019
La nouvelle Ligue des Masters ? Ce n’est pas en incarnant des coachs de renom, et en ajoutant un système de dialogue faussement dynamique, que ça va changer quelque chose. Dommage, car PES est tellement grisant sur le reste que ces faiblesses récurrentes commencent sérieusement à faire désordre.
Abílio RodriguesSep 23, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 é um excelente simulador de futebol, onde as suas maiores virtudes são também os seus maiores problemas. A física da bola e os movimentos dos jogadores são essenciais para a experiência, mas, neste caso particular, importam alguns constrangimentos ao gameplay, acabando por desvirtuar a experiência e provocar uma boa dose de frustração. Mais ainda, apesar de algum esforço para otimizar alguns menus, a versão deste ano de Pro Evolution Soccer não traz novidades relevantes em termos de modos de jogo, melhorando apenas pequenos detalhes sobre os quais os fãs se queixavam há anos.
Mario MarinoSep 12, 2019
eFootball PES 2020 è semplicemente la migliore simulazione calcistica di questa generazione. Se siete alla ricerca di un gioco che sappia stimolarvi con ogni match e non vi chieda di affidarvi unicamente alle modalità di gioco, eFootball PES 2020 farà sicuramente al caso vostro.
Rosario SalatielloSep 12, 2019
Concludiamo la recensione di eFootball PES 2020 dicendo che questo è senza dubbio il PES che avremmo voluto giocare da diversi anni. Nonostante ci sia ancora del lavoro da svolgere sulle modalità presenti nel gioco, il gameplay riesce a catturare pienamente l'essenza del calcio che fa battere a ritmo di tamburo il cuore di tutti gli amanti di questo sport. Qualche difetto è ancora presente, certo, ma è comunque relegato a pochi attimi in cui la forza delle dinamiche di gioco va un po' a diminuire prima di tornare a mostrarsi in tutta la sua bellezza.
Giuseppe AraceSep 13, 2019
Per questa stagione calcistica, Konami schiera in campo uno sportivo dal punto di vista ludico davvero eccellente. Senza stravolgere la sostanza né l’anima di gioco - rivoluzione che forse avverrà dal prossimo anno col cambio di motore - eFootball PES 2020 confeziona un capitolo dal gameplay realistico, ragionato e tattico al punto giusto, non mettendo mai in secondo piano il divertimento in nome delle velleità simulative.
Alessandro AlosiSep 12, 2019
Le effervescenti opportunità offerte dal gameplay più frizzante che la serie ricordi e da un Fox Engine deciso a celebrare la sua ultima festa con delle bollicine splendidamente disegnate, infatti, risultano lievemente annacquate da un’offerta ludica che non trasmette la stessa incontenibile e contagiosa voglia di omaggiare il miglior PES di sempre. Ciononostante, eFootball PES 2020 merita d’esser celebrato perché sa regalare delle sbornie calcistiche genuine e indimenticabili.
Furkan SakoğluSep 17, 2019
Son sözlere gelecek olursak Konami'nin eFootball PES 2020'si, sadece FIFA'dan sıkılmış oyuncular için kendi başına da oldukça başarılı bir futbol oyunu olmuş. Eğer sıkı bir PES hayranıysanız PES 2020 farklı oynanışı ile size ilginç bir deneyim yaşatacaktır, eğer bir FIFA oyuncusuysanız da bu sene kesinlikle PES'e bir şans vermenizi tavsiye ediyorum.
棘皮动物的野望Sep 25, 2019
کسری کریمی طارSep 15, 2019
در نهایت باید برویم به سراغ گرافیک و فیزیک بازی. گرافیک که به لطف فاکس انجین به شدت واقع گرایانه است و خوشبختانه در این زمینه هر سال شاهد پیشرفت PES بودیم. در PES 2020 هم چهره ورزشکاران و هم استادیوم‌ها فوق العاده طراحی شدند. در بخش فیزیک هم شاهد پیشرفت‌های چشم گیری هستیم و حالا نه تنها انیمیشن‌های بازی با جزییاتی بالایی طراحی شدند بلکه برخورد بین بازیکنان بسیار واقعی تر از گذشته شده. البته همین برخورد بیشتر بازیکنان با هم گاهی اوقات سبب می‌شود جلوی دروازه و موقعیت‌های حساس بازیکنان مدام بهم بخورند مخصوصا اگر در صحنه‌ای
kordiOct 07, 2019
Ak chcete skutočný futbal, ktorý nehrajú robotickí manekýni, viete, kam je vhodnejšie siahnuť. PES síce nemá všetky licencie, za neintuitívne menu by si niekto zaslúžil päť a dvadsať na holú, ale hrá sa to božsky. Poteší aj prítomnosť legendárnych hráčov, ako je Beckham, Ronaldi, v úlohe manažérov sa môže blysnúť Cruyff, Roberto Carlos či Maradona.