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Richard SeagraveApr 11, 2019
The improved visuals and gameplay tweaks make it more of an immersive and enjoyable experience, and that’s what really matters. Yuke’s has done a great job with Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, taking the core experience and tweaking it to make it more personal and accessible. It’s a game that will not only make Earth Defense Force fans happy, but may also attract new ones. To me, that’s a win-win situation.
Mike WilliamsApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain plays around with the concepts players have gotten used to with previous EDFs. Classes are open, and the new Prowl Rider offers a new flavor of play that hasn't been seen in the franchise before. Weapons are open, giving more player freedom in terms of character loadouts. But Iron Rain loses some things from the main series, notably the huge swarms of enemies in favor of larger, more meaningful enemies. It's a fine entry in the EDF franchise, but it doesn't step far beyond its predecessors sadly.
Jason ColesApr 11, 2019
Often, with a series like this, we revel in the lack of rhyme or reason. Here though, there is more reason than is reasonable for a game all about shooting giant ants. Iron Rain is a good game, there's just something missing that other series entries have captured so well.  [Note: A copy of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain was provided by D3 Publisher for the purpose of this review.]
Anthony MannApr 25, 2019
I recommend Iron Rain to anyone looking for a dumb, semi-mindless alien killing spree. It is probably the purest throw back to the run and gun shooters of old. I hope the next Sandlot developed EDF takes a lot of notes from Iron Rain and improves upon them, because after this the Sandlot formula feels extremely antiquated.
Cody MedellinAug 14, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a major low point. The various changes that improve on the formula are outweighed by other design choices that actively hurt the title's overall appeal. The actual combat still has some of the magic the series is known for, and even if online co-op is barely there unless you coordinate with others beforehand, the game is still fun to play with friends. If you're new to the series, playing Iron Rain won't be so bad, but if you've already killed bugs several times before, this title won't be able to scratch that itch again.
Kyle JohnsonApr 15, 2019
Packed with staggering depth, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain proves that new blood can invigorate a series. Yuke’s adeptly innovated on almost every part of the EDF formula and came out ahead for their efforts. It may lack some of the charms of earlier EDF games, but it makes up for it by providing a more polished, complete experience. Many of the smaller issues, such as a lack of checkpoints or misplaced worldbuilding aren’t dealbreakers but might prove to be too much to ignore.
Todd RigneyApr 11, 2019
Although Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain attempts to take the franchise in a bold new direction, the latest installment in the long-running series makes too many mistakes to be anything other than a letdown.
James CunninghamApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a different beast than the standard series but still an incredible pure-action run & gun shooter. The epic battles are filled with giant set pieces, each mission is different from the last and the monster designs range from series-standard ants to monstrously huge creatures that feel like they could carry a full level on their backs.
Blake MorseApr 11, 2019
Despite these issues, I just can’t quit Iron Rain. It’s just too addictively fun to give up on and any EDF fan that’s been around long enough is most likely used to these games having a few blemishes. In the case of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, in particular, the good definitely outweighs the bad. I love this game and I will probably be playing it until the next one comes out, which could be a bit since we just got EDF 5 and Iron Rain about four months apart.
Ben MooreApr 15, 2019
Jordan BoydApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is the best entry in the series. It’s also just a ton of fun, in case you were worried at all that killing endless waves of giant bugs and aliens could be boring. I hope future entries will adopt and adapt everything Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain has added to the series. It’s certainly a better game for it and retains so many of the things longtime fans have come to love about the series. I’m happy to report that the EDF is back in business.
Kai PowellApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is certainly the prettiest insect-splatting simulation to grace the PlayStation 4 and there are a number of innovations to appeal to a Western audience, but Iron Rain still falls into that campy B-movie aesthetic.
Alexander ThomasApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is light on narrative and heavy on fast paced action. The soundtrack keeps your heart pounding and the variety of weapons and abilities unlocked through your armor really let you play your own unique style. The character creation is a bit lacking – especially from a studio which has made so many WWE games – and the cast is mostly forgettable but the intense combat and overwhelming number of enemies really makes you feel like the underdog in a story about fighting for survival against alien forces.**PS4 code provided by the publisher**
Tyler TreeseApr 30, 2019
It was a dumb game that was filled with laughs and worth checking out despite its many faults. On the other hand, Iron Force is everything that they weren’t. It’s an attempt to commercialize shlock and broaden the audience. Everything about it makes sense, and it’s a better game at the end of the day due to the added polish. However, it’s not nearly good enough to get recommended with the games it’s now competing with and has lost much of its original appeal along the way.
Joseph YadenApr 11, 2019
At the end of the day, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain feels like it should have come out over a decade ago. There are a few fine ideas and some fun moments, but this kind of game just doesn’t hold up when there are so many other fantastic titles releasing so frequently. It’s not a bad game, but time and money are limited, so I can’t recommend Iron Rain unless you’re a die hard Earth Defense Force fan, or if you can manage to get it for a great price, sadly. If you’re wanting an in-depth co-op experience with a deep progression system and a memorable story, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
Andrew ReinerApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is ultimately more of the same, just seen through a slightly different developer lens. Most of your time is still spent fending off waves of marching ants, which is still somewhat fun in an overly familiar way.
Chris BowmanApr 10, 2019
Overall, the game itself it the standard shooter from a third-person viewpoint. The controls are basic enough for younger fans to play, and not very difficult to learn. If you are a fan of the series, like a die-hard fan, definitely pick this up for yourself. If you are just someone looking at the game because it looks interesting, then I would wait until the price drops. I definitely would not have paid the price for this game just based on a gameplay trailer.
Chris CarterApr 11, 2019
Whether you go at it with a friend or by yourself, for the most part missions do deliver. Many maps are constant action-fests, even if a few feel lifeless and less detailed (usually the abandoned desert cityscapes). The endgame is dominantly just blowing up everything in sight, but I appreciate when a unique stage rolls along that features an unbeatable force or pops in last-minute unseen (and sometimes, non-alien) threats.And that's pretty much it. Despite the marketing of a more "serious" tone this is still very much EDF - a bug-shooting Dynasty Warriors-esque hack and slash at heart. Given that it's a standalone game you can also just jump right in (not that you'd need to keep up with EDF lore regardless).
Joe SkrebelsApr 11, 2019
At first blush, I worried that Iron Rain was a little like EDF lobotomised – a little ‘saner’, more approachable, but lacking a certain something for the process. But as I played more, began diving into meaty, 15-20 minute battles, kept changing my loadout, and saw how different it could feel with friends, it became clear that this was far more than an experiment in sanitisation. Iron Rain is a true spin-off, a new take on an existing and much-loved (okay, somewhat-loved) idea.
Martin PatiñoApr 14, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a marked improvement over its predecessors in spite being a spin-off by a different developer. Fans of the series will definitely appreciate the additions made to the game while still retaining what made the series so enjoyable. If further installments are able to improve on what Yuke's has done with the series while also fixing some of its issues to bring it up to speed of other modern shooters, it could expand the game's market well beyond its cult following.
Justin ClarkApr 15, 2019
Even without narrative motivation, though--and in the latter portions of the game, there is much less of it--having an enormous loadout of weaponry and kinetic movement options means constant innovation is needed and possible. It's engaging not because of the time sunk into it, but because it's just so incredibly fun to do for its own sake. Iron Rain iterates instead of innovates; its version of advancement really just means removing a couple of shackles keeping you from making the bug-killing experience your own.
Zack StoutApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain shakes up the series at its core, and still manages to be a decidedly great EDF game. Character creation and the PA-Gear fit right in and offer a newfound sense of personalization and freedom, while the grim presentation and heightened difficulty will keep you engaged throughout. It’s a real gem.
Adrian BurrowsJun 25, 2019
EDF: Iron Rain is big, it's dumb and it's also a ton of fun thanks to fantastic split-screen and online multiplayer. Pack your biggest auto-cannon, switch your brain off and you'll be chanting 'EDF! EDF! EDF!' in no time.
Mikhail MadnaniApr 30, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain isn’t the best EDF game. It comes close to EDF 5 and has the potential to reach those heights if Yuke’s is given another shot. Iron Rain is still a very good EDF game, but it sadly doesn’t do enough to get non-fans of the franchise into the series since it still relies on various EDF staples and that has a lot of baggage. In the end this isn’t a game that will see the franchise break out in the West and it also isn’t one that hardcore fans will keep coming back to because they are likely still playing the recently released EDF 5.
GameCentralApr 11, 2019
A more grounded approach and a fresh coat of paint fail to address the series’ inherent flaws, as the cheesy charm of fighting giant insects is lost in the process.
Liam CroftApr 11, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is some of the most pure, unadulterated fun we’ve had in 2019 so far. It’s not pretty and it’s not stable, but if you’re able to look past its technical drawbacks, then you’re in for a supremely wacky, boisterous, and delightful takedown of humanity’s greatest threat. Earth Defense Force is proud of its simplistic nature, and that’s probably the best thing about it.
Chris WoottonOct 25, 2019
If you're a fan of the previous titles, go ahead and buy Iron Rain, you're not going to be disappointed by this one. If you're not a rabid fan of giant bugs, give it a miss or pick it up in a sale. It's a giggle after all if a little frustrating.
William LoweryJun 02, 2019
Earth Defence Force has stuck to a formula, and when a different team attempted to diverge from it, things didn't work out. Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain is like a fully-realised Insect Armageddon. The story is basic, but the world is thought-out, interesting, and populated with likeable characters. The combat is crazy and bombastic, yet refined and more contemporary than its mainline entries.
Zubi KhanApr 16, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain offers players with a nice change of pace from the hyper-connected and competitive nature of contemporary gaming, with a game that actually feels like a game.
John-Paul JonesApr 11, 2019
With a dollop of polish, a variety of new locations and much more challenging enemies EDF: Iron Rain might just be the best entry in the series so far, and while the trademark jank remains, new franchise developer Yuke's has done a fantastic job of tweaking the formula without breaking it. EDF: Iron Rain is a must for fans of the series and fans of fast-paced, deeply fun shooters alike.
A.J. MaciejewskiApr 13, 2019
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is definitely a very different experience to past games in the series. Fans will likely not appreciate many of the changes although the more focused combat makes for a rather satisfying challenge.
Ramón VarelaApr 13, 2019
El Earth Defense Force de toda la vida, con una pequeña actualización gráfica y cambios en el progreso. Divertido, aunque no convencerá a sus detractores.
chiconuclearApr 11, 2019
Lo que Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain pierde por un lado lo compensa por otro, y al final es una entrega recomendable, si bien no imprescindible, para los fans a los que se les viene a la cabeza un lanzacohetes cuando sienten el hormigueo de saber que hay un nuevo EDF en camino.
José CabreraApr 11, 2019
Entendemos y valoramos su falta de pretenciosidad. Y por supuesto que todos los homenajes a la serie B y la ciencia ficción de varias épocas son bastante encomiables. Pero a día de hoy el juego arrastra unas decisiones de diseño e incapacidades técnicas que resultan difíciles de pasar por alto.
Mathias OertelApr 12, 2019
Fans der Serie werden sich verwundert die Augen reiben: Im Vorspann zeichnet statt des langjährigen Entwicklers Sandlot das Team von Yuke’s (WWE/UFC zu alten THQ-Zeiten) verantwortlich. Und das hat sich für Unreal-Technologie als Grafikmotor entschieden. Damit sehen die Auftritte der Erdverteidiger gegen Riesenameisen, Spinnen und anderes Getier zwar immer noch nicht ganz zeitgemäß aus, schütteln aber zumindest ihre bis zuletzt eher an PS2-Zeiten erinnernde Vergangenheit ab.
Jonathan BushleApr 15, 2019
Earth Defense Force : Iron Rain est un TPS qui reprend les codes habituels de la saga, à savoir des combats contre des hordes d'insectes géants, de robots démesurés et de soucoupes volantes, pour ne citer qu'eux. Sauf que cette fois, le jeu à été pensé pour séduire un public plus occidental qu'à l'accoutumée.
Сергей ЦилюрикApr 11, 2019
Раз за разом выходить с товарищами против гигантских врагов, одной левой опрокидывающих целые дома, и истреблять их десятками, прикрывая и поднимая друг друга, очень весело. Об этом были все выпуски Earth Defense Force, но Iron Rain из них — самый удобный, самый насыщенный событиями. Как я писал в начале, Earth Defense Force никогда не стать шедевром, и отличной игрой ее назвать сложно — поэтому 8 баллов я не могу ей поставить, не покривив душой. Но эту семерку вы смело можете читать как 7.5. Iron Rain это заслужила.
Jimmy KemkesApr 11, 2019
Alhoewel er op bepaalde vlakken successen zijn geboekt, schiet de transformatie van Iron Rain op andere aspecten enigszins tekort. Zo is er ontevredenheid over de manier waarop uitrustingen worden vrijgespeeld en waren de veldslagen ook minder gedenkwaardig. Als dit je eerste EDF-game is, kan je daar beter mee leven dan de doorgewinterde EDF-fanaat. Deze laatste categorie zal namelijk weer snel hunkeren naar het arcade gevoel dat de oorspronkelijke delen geven.Earth Defense Force Iron Rain is vooralsnog alleen digitaal en voor PS4 beschikbaar.
Rick OttenApr 12, 2019
De nieuwe developer wijzigt de EDF-formule nauwelijks, maar voegt er vooral mooie dingen aan toe. Alles dat Sandlot al goed deed in voorgaande games, is aanwezig - maar dan mooier, beter gestroomlijnd, en met meer strategie. Iron Rain viert de pulpy kwaliteiten van de reeks B-titels, maar voor het eerst oogt en speelt een Earth Defence Force als meer dan dat. Het blijft simpele, repetitieve onzin. Toch zijn er maar weinig games die dergelijke onzin met zoveel charme en lol tot leven brengen.
سینا گلاب‌ زادهApr 11, 2019
با وجود تغییرات گسترده انجام گرفته Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain کماکان همان EDF همیشگی است و این مسئله می‌تواند برای طرفدارانِ نگران این سری، خبر خوشایندی باشد. از طرفی برخی تغییرات ایجاد شده، خصوصاً در بخش گرافیک، می‌تواند باعث جذب نیروهایی تازه به ارتش مدافعان زمین شود که در گذشته به خاطر ظاهر کهنه این سری، از آن پرهیز می‌کردند. اگر سیستم واحدهای پولی و آزاد کردن سلاح‌ها، کمی تخفیف برای ما قائل شده بود و نیاز کمتری به گرایند کردن احساس می‌شد، Iron Rain می‌توانست در میان بهترین عناوین اکشن سال قرار بگیرد اما چیزی که در حال حاضر در اختیار ما قرار دارد، فقط بهترین EDF ساخته شده تا به امروز است.