Earth Defense Force 5 for PlayStation 4

Earth Defense Force 5

Dec 11, 2018
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Developer: Sandlot
Content Rating: Mature


The Earth is attacked by aliens again. The players, as members of the eponymous Earth Defense Force, have to repel this invasion. The special military unit was formed in order to protect the planet from threats from the space which, as the story told in the series shows, was a successful investment.

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Richard SeagraveDec 13, 2018
Earth Defense Force 5 stands in the face of pretty much every game released these days. It’s the game that doesn’t bother trying to keep up with the Jones’ because it’s happy doing its own thing and being just what it wants to be. And that’s brilliant. And you know what else is brilliant? Shooting hundreds of enemies while listening to humorous quips. That never gets old. Never.
Jordan BoydDec 07, 2018
Ultimately, Earth Defense Force 5 boils down to a very shallow entry in a series that I’ve typically enjoyed in the past. Single-player only works in short spurts, as this is a title that’s meant to be enjoyed with others. I think it’s time for Earth Defense Force to evolve into more than just a game that relies on nostalgia and monotonous killing. There’s definitely potential here and it shines through at multiple points throughout the game.
Corey GavazaDec 13, 2018
Earth Defense Force 5 is a fun title that doesn’t aim for anything more than that. It sets out to give you many monsters to shoot and many weapons with which to shoot them. In that estimation, it succeeds. If the idea of doing this over and over again with the only real progression coming from new weapons gained at the end of each mission, then this is the game for you.

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