Dynasty Warriors 9 for PlayStation 4

Dynasty Warriors 9

Feb 13, 2018

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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


Another full-fledged installment in the popular series of third-person perspective action games with tactical features. The series is developed by the Japanese studio Omega Force. The story of Dynasty Warriors 9 is loosely based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms that describes the Chinese civil war that occurred during the 2nd and 3rd century. The player can choose from a few dozen of varied characters, some of which are well known from the previous entries in the series. The rest are completely new characters or ones from other games from this developer. The gameplay focuses on real-time battles with hundreds of participants. The title was released as part of the 15th anniversary of the series and it introduces some important novelties to the saga, including a modified combat system and a large open world that contains the entirety of China. The key to victory lies in proper usage of available weapons and special abilities of various characters and in taking advantage of the topography of the battlefields.

Critic Reviews

38 Reviews
Giuseppe NelvaFeb 13, 2018
While combat remains exhilarating and fun in a way that will feel familiar to veterans of the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 isn’t just one versus a thousand anymore. We’re part of a war that unfolds all around us, with plenty of allies in need of help and enemies begging for a healthy beating. It’s a bold step in the right direction, and while Omega Force may have overextended in certain aspects, the fun outweighs the jank and the experience remains one that I am eager to return to and to see improved and further evolved in Dynasty Warriors 10 or Samurai Warriors 5.
Kai PowellFeb 13, 2018
Dynasty Warriors 9 dips into a number of systems that have permeated in Western-designed open world games for the past few years, but does just enough with them to incorporate them alongside the tried and true Dynasty Warriors formula without losing its true focus. It’s a marvelous evolution to the series that’s been known for massive combat and now there’s an open world map that can match its grand scale. Even if you’ve taken a few years off since your last trip to the Chinese empires, Dynasty Warriors 9 is waiting for you to answer the call of battle once more.
Chris ShiveFeb 13, 2018
Fans of Warriors games will likely enjoy running through this title a few times provided they enjoy the single player experience, and being able to explore a familiar world at the player’s discretion is a nice change of pace. It’s fun to play through a few characters, but unfortunately the repetitive nature gives the enjoyment an expiration date and even the most devoted Dynasty Warriors fans will likely lose interest long before they’ve completed everyone’s story.

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