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Dean JamesOct 30, 2016
Racing in first person is certainly nothing new in gaming, but the introduction of VR has given an entirely new feeling of immersion to players. While the game may not be anything near the visual showcase that the original game was for the PS4 itself, Driveclub VR is one game that gives a glimpse at the potential of VR racing and needs to at least be tried by any PSVR owner.
David JagneauxOct 21, 2016
Driveclub VR is shaping up to be one of the most impressive exclusive launch titles for Sony’s PS VR headset in terms of sheer content and fun. It takes the core foundation of what made Driveclub popular with racing game fans, adds in a sprinkle of new things, and adapts it all for an immersive new medium.
Luke ReillyOct 20, 2016
Driveclub VR is Sony’s VR racing welcome wagon and, in small doses, I think it does its job of demonstrating the potential of VR racing. The racing genre is perfect for seated VR, and Driveclub VR delivers a functional example of that experience. Unfortunately, that’s really about all it delivers. Beyond that it’s just a pre-existing game with fewer features and graphics that make me feel like I have the vision of a 95-year-old man.
Kai PowellOct 23, 2016
Despite some rough edges that mar the experience, Driveclub VR is a great racing title that justifies getting back into the seat of a Koenigsegg Agera R as long as you don't mind being motion sick every now and then.
Tom OrryOct 12, 2016
DriveClub VR has lost the stunning visuals of the original game, but it remains a brilliant racer to play. The immersion offered by VR is superb, making this an essential launch title.
Jeremy PeeplesOct 17, 2016
Driveclub VR is an outstanding showcase for PlayStation VR. As the lone racing game available for it, it stands atop a short mountain — but its core foundation being so well-crafted bodes well for it working as a showpiece for quite some time. Anyone who loved the original game should check it out, while those who always wondered what was so good about it will find out in the best way possible by experiencing it in VR.
RichOct 19, 2016
Those who have previously played Driveclub will no doubt get a kick out of trying Driveclub VR with its host of new tracks, but it’s unlikely to wow them as it feels just too familiar and too visually inferior to impress.
Tyler TreeseOct 16, 2016
Driveclub VR isn’t pretty, but it’s still some of the best racing found on PlayStation 4. I’ve never found drifting around corners to be this satisfying, and having to actually look at my mirrors helped fool me into thinking I was actually behind the wheel. If this is the end for Driveclub, it at least gets to leave on a high note.
Mr PinkertonOct 13, 2016
Most of the content from the original game is still here, including the online mode. Driving model is also still the same, with a good balance between accessibility and realism. The visuals are horribly comprised by VR, and are not only ugly but so blurry that at times it’s hard to see where you’re going. Saves from the original game won’t work.
gamesTMDec 23, 2016
Content is plentiful and the level of detail in the vehicles remains impressive, as you’ll notice when you check out your ride before each race. It’s just a shame that most environments don’t feel like they’re up to the same standard – that of both cars and experience – although that could say more about the difficulty of adapting existing games and assets for VR rather than creating content with the headset in mind.
Stefan LOct 12, 2016
Driveclub VR has its shortcomings and doesn’t quite match up to the high bar that the original game now sets, but even then, it’s an outstanding racer, especially if you have a racing wheel. Driveclub VR is an essential purchase for racing fans on PSVR.
Sammy BarkerOct 12, 2016
DriveClub VR has all of the features and functionality of its PS4 forebear, so you're guaranteed quality handling and plenty of content here. But the compromises made to get the virtual reality working strip the racer of its visual prowess, and its poor image quality can make it hard to see. There's no shortage of effort been invested here, but we can't help but wonder whether the rewards were worth all of the evident exertion.
PJ O’ReillyNov 16, 2016
Overall, DriveClub VR is a graphically downgraded but fully-featured version of the original game that retains the fast and addictive arcade driving but loses a lot of its graphical polish. If you’re willing to overlook some blurry visuals and get down to the serious business of racing you’ll find that there’s still a lot to love here and, for a launch title, it’s an impressive first outing for racing games on PSVR.
Kalle Max HofmannOct 21, 2016
Let's just hope that Driveclub VR retains the virtues of its screen-based predecessor in the sense that it's constantly improved over time. The basic building blocks are definitely promising, though, and should be enough to excite petrolheads who want to sit in the driver's set of their favourite car, even if they have to put up with some motion sickness to do so.
Elias BlondeauOct 20, 2016
Racing in VR is a thrill, but playing Driveclub again isn’t, which makes Driveclub VR a pretty unenticing offer despite the game housing more content than other VR titles so far.
Sergio MartínOct 12, 2016
Esta versión de Driveclub para PlayStation VR es uno de esos juegos que, en función de si te quedas más con sus aspectos positivos o con los negativos, la sensación que te depara es bien diferente. Posee grandes virtudes pero también sombras bastante notables, especialmente técnicas, pero en conjunto pensamos que sigue siendo una experiencia de conducción deportiva notable.
David SorianoOct 12, 2016
Driveclub VR viene a demostrar que la Realidad Virtual en consolas no se compone únicamente de experiencias, sino que se pueden encontrar juegos con gran cantidad de contenido y que nos den para un sinfín de horas. Sus 114 pistas y 88 vehículos disponibles son más que suficientes para amortizar la inversión. Su gran problema es que el algo pobre en gráficos en comparación con el original, haciendo que los escenarios no presenten mucha resolución.
Álvaro PereraOct 25, 2016
Driveclub VR mejora en algunos aspectos con el título original como es el caso de la inmersión, algo que es fantástico en todos los sentidos. Sin embargo flaquea en otros como es el caso de la resolución y sus gráficos, algo que daba al título muchísima potencia y quizá sea lo más destacable.
Alejandro PascualOct 18, 2016
Driveclub VR es un gran título para demostrar la realidad virtual en el género de la conducción. Es una lástima que se haya tenido que sacrificar tanto en lo técnico para conseguir esa suavidad necesaria y que se haya optado por venderse por separado. Aún así, una muy buena experiencia jugable.
Rafael AznarOct 12, 2016
DriveClub VR es una buena piedra de toque para pulsar las posibilidades de PS VR, donde el género de la velocidad está llamado a ser una prioridad. Conserva casi todas las bondades del original (control, ciclo día-noche, pistas, tono social) y las adapta a la realidad virtual para ser uno de los títulos más completos de la hornada inicial.
JuanemNov 11, 2016
Me da mucha curiosidad cómo funcionarán futuros juegos de carreras para la plataforma, aunque Driveclub VR se siente poco pulido en temas como sus menús e interfaces –quizá por la disolución de su estudio desarrollador– será interesante lo que veamos del género pensado en específico para el visor. Prúebenlo, pero definitivamente si les llegara a molestar su downgrade quizá no sea la mejor manera de jugar Driveclub.
Michael KrostaNov 07, 2016
DriveClub VR zeigt trotz der Einbußen bereits eindrucksvoll, wie die Wirkung von Rennspielen durch die neue Technologie bereichert werden kann – sofern man nicht zu den Leuten gehört, denen speziell diese Erfahrung auf den Magen schlägt. Aber auf Dauer lässt sich dieser grobe Pixelmatsch leider nur schwer ertragen. Vor allem, wenn man das normale DriveClub als Vergleich heran zieht, das sich nach dem vermasselten Start sowohl inhaltlich als auch technisch prächtig weiterentwickelt hat.
Ayden_Oct 29, 2016
Si vous parvenez à vous extirper du motion-sickness et de la bouille de pixels faisant office de graphismes, le jeu d'Evolution offre de très bonnes sensations. On a véritablement l'impression d'être au volant de voitures de sport inaccessibles pour le commun des mortels. Le contenu, qu'il s'agisse de la taille du garage, des circuits ou des modes de jeu, est vraiment au rendez-vous et le gameplay, très arcade, permet de s'amuser instantanément.
Laurely BirbaOct 13, 2016
Le principal mérite de DriveClub VR, c’est d’offrir au grand public un aperçu d’un jeu de course en réalité virtuelle. Si tourner la tête dans l’habitacle comme si nous étions réellement aux commandes du véhicule a de quoi griser, le manque d’ambition au niveau graphique écorche sérieusement l’immersion. La sensation de vitesse n’est pas vraiment au top, et il est compliqué de distinguer des points de repère avec un aliasing aussi présent.
Julien HubertOct 17, 2016
DriveClub VR recycle un bon jeu sorti il y a deux ans pour l'adapter à la réalité virtuelle et en décupler les sensations. Malheureusement, comme attendu, ce gain d'immersion se paye cash par un downgrade général en termes de graphismes et de fonctionnalités (il n'y a plus de météo), mais le possesseur de Playstation VR en manque ce course automobile trouvera tout de même ici une offre sérieuse, qui ne manque pas de challenge et de contenu.
Steeve MambrucchiOct 24, 2016
En étant seul sur son créneau au lancement du PlayStation VR et en proposant un contenu honnête malgré une campagne qu'on aurait aimé plus touffue, on pourrait conclure facilement en certifiant que Driveclub VR est l'achat indispensable de tous ceux qui voudront découvrir le pilotage automobile en réalité virtuelle.
Nicolò BicegoOct 17, 2016
DriveClub VR è un'esperienza formidabile per dimostrare le potenzialità del VR; un'esperienza che però ne paga anche il prezzo, con un aspetto grafico che sembra riportarci indietro di quasi dieci anni. A questo si aggiunge la scarsità di nuovi di contenuti rispetto al titolo originale che, unita alla mancanza di una modalità multiplayer locale e ad un multiplayer online deserto, ci impediscono di consigliare senza remore il titolo.
Jordi de VriesNov 29, 2016
Hoewel DriveClub VR qua kwaliteit bij lange na het niveau van de originele game niet haalt, biedt het wel een eerste, en momenteel enige, vermakelijke racegame voor de PlayStation VR. Wat betreft de content zit het bij DriveClub wederom wel snor. Legio auto's, banen en uitdagingen zorgen ervoor dat je ondanks de kwaliteit voor langere tijd geboeid kunt blijven spelen.