Drawn to Death for PlayStation 4

Drawn to Death

Apr 4, 2017
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Content Rating: Mature


Robot vampires, freaks in rotting masks, and Abraham Lincoln all trying to kill me. The hell kind of life IS this?!

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Griffin VacheronApr 12, 2017
It’s clear David Jaffe never intended to win over his haters, but with Drawn to Death he’ll certainly win new fans. More likely to be enjoyed by those who stumble upon it or pick it up on a whim rather than hotly anticipate it, the game packs more depth than you’re likely expecting if you can bring yourself to stick with it long enough and endure humor that some will no-doubt find intolerable. Admittedly the best games rarely suffer from this issue, but here the creator has been there and done that; Drawn to Death is what is, nothing more and nothing less, and those who can bear it are in for something crass, vulgar, and utterly enjoyable. Oh, and a word to the wise - the nightmares induced by the game’s cast subside after just a few days. If you do abandon Drawn to Death, don’t let that be the reason.
Pramath ParijatApr 09, 2017
Drawn to Death is neither a total hit, nor a complete misfire- it does a lot of things wrong, but it also does enough things right for it to end up as one of the most thoroughly unique, if flawed, shooters on the market.
Mike RougeauApr 07, 2017
With a look this distinctive, Drawn to Death could have hit the ground running. But as a decent shooter it merely limps, thanks to a number of unfortunate design choices, a lack of options, and rampant bugs. Intricate levels, varied weapons and unique characters may have looked good on paper, but any positives Drawn to Death has get scribbled over and obscured by the constant barrage of un-funny abuse it insists on endlessly spewing in your face.

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