Drawn to Death for PlayStation 4

Drawn to Death

Apr 4, 2017
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Content Rating: Mature


Robot vampires, freaks in rotting masks, and Abraham Lincoln all trying to kill me. The hell kind of life IS this?!

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Mike RougeauApr 07, 2017
With a look this distinctive, Drawn to Death could have hit the ground running. But as a decent shooter it merely limps, thanks to a number of unfortunate design choices, a lack of options, and rampant bugs. Intricate levels, varied weapons and unique characters may have looked good on paper, but any positives Drawn to Death has get scribbled over and obscured by the constant barrage of un-funny abuse it insists on endlessly spewing in your face.
Nick Sawler-ColemanApr 15, 2017
A video game is supposed to do everything in its power to draw you into it’s world and keep you there. Drawn to Death’s awesome visual style may grab people’s attention at first glance, but its gameplay doesn’t draw you in and everything else about the game will actively push most people away. It’s worth a download while it’s free for a brief chuckle, but I can’t recommend spending any money on it. Better luck next time, Jaffe.
Jeff MarchiafavaApr 07, 2017
Beyond the insult-slinging announcer and characters, players are plied with a wide variety of unlockable taunts to spam other players with. These animated images pop up on player avatars and kill screens, and emulate the dankest of internet memes. For example, I unlocked a tombstone with the witty slogan "R.I.P. Your Ass." To drive the joke home, the tombstone itself is also shaped like a butt. I can't think of a better metaphorical representation of what Drawn to Death is, or why you can skip it.

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