Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below for PlayStation 4

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Oct 13, 2015
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Developer: Omega Force
Content Rating: Teen


When a dark shockwave sweeps through the city of Arba, the monsters that once lived alongside the people in peace are driven into a frenzied rage. As either the hero Luceus or the heroine Aurora, the player joins forces with a cast of fan favorites from previous DRAGON QUEST titles, such as Alena, Bianca and Yangus, to bring the rampaging hordes of monsters to their senses and restore order to the kingdom.

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Steve HannleyOct 07, 2015
The Dragon Quest franchise-correct writing, characters, music and even sound effects make it feel as if it were co-developed by Level-5 and quite frankly it’s shocking it wasn’t. Like all games of its ilk, it has a propensity to get repetitive, but there’s enough environmental and gameplay variations that it never becomes a slog. Although it could have been a quick cash-in, Heroes is a love letter to Dragon Quest fans that stands as its own charming adventure.
Jowi MeliOct 12, 2015
Unlike other crossover incarnations in the Warriors series, Heroes incorporates enough of the legendary RPG franchise’s traditional elements to create a giddy nostalgia trip. Even if you aren’t a longtime fan, though, you’ll have a chance to get caught up in a whirlwind of solid action-RPG goodness.
Daniella LucasOct 07, 2015
It’s all just that little bit disappointing, especially after I came away from the demo earlier in the year feeling so positive [link]. It gets off to such a strong start, but the game never quite manages to build on that. Even the story starts to repeat itself - there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to visit new towns other than ‘uh-oh, there are monsters over there now’.

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