Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PlayStation 4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Jan 30, 2018
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Developer: Team Ninja
Content Rating: Teen


With the struggle between order and chaos quelled by saviors from beyond, the realm was destined to fade from existence. Instead, an arcane power has breathed new life into it—bestowing these decaying remains with purpose once more. The fight has begun anew, and the world is your arena.

Critic Reviews

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Ty ArthurFeb 01, 2018
I can see how Dissidia Final Fantasy NT would be a blast on a Friday night at the arcade with your five buddies all hopped up on Rockstar, but as far as actually playing at home for extended periods of time, there's a limited fun factor here. While it has the iconic music, classic locations, and interesting character mashups that will appeal to Final Fantasy fans, without the continuing story of a traditional RPG or the more structured format of a typical fighting game, there's just not a lot of reason to keep coming back to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
Andi HamiltonFeb 06, 2018
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT tries to spin too many plates at once. As a team-based arena combat game, it creates some interesting battles but comes up short against the depth and accessibility of something like Overwatch. As a fighting game, it fails to find a balance between the challenging execution of a Street Fighter and the pick-up-and-play chaos of a Super Smash Bros.
Ken McKownFeb 21, 2018
What the game does get right though is the fan service. There is a lot here and it looks gorgeous. The cut scenes are beautifully rendered and a joy to watch. Sure it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it is a spectacle. The character models and stages are terrific. Seeing Cloud face off against Vaan, or see Noctis clash with Kefka. It wants to be the Smash Bros. for Final Fantasy.

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