Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PlayStation 4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Jan 30, 2018
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Developer: Team Ninja
Content Rating: Teen


With the struggle between order and chaos quelled by saviors from beyond, the realm was destined to fade from existence. Instead, an arcane power has breathed new life into it—bestowing these decaying remains with purpose once more. The fight has begun anew, and the world is your arena.

Critic Reviews

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Kyle BradfordFeb 05, 2018
I don’t think that’s a bad thing, however. The Dissidia series has always defined itself by being an outlier and luckily, it has found its audience. Whether it's made up of die-hard Final Fantasy fans or not is besides the point. Dissidia NT successfully builds upon what came before to make its resurfacing as a competitive focused fighter a deeply satisfying one.
Judi AzmandFeb 05, 2018
For those coming in with the hope of reliving your Dissidia PSP days in HD, it, unfortunately, won’t be the same. However, if you’re coming in for a three-versus-three Final Fantasy brawler that’s rather hectic, flashy, and action-packed with a simplistic progression system and straightforward mechanics, you’ll be in for a treat.
Mollie L PattersonFeb 07, 2018
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT finally brings Square Enix’s handheld “what if” franchise to the big screen, and the results are pretty fantastic for those who love chaotic, high-energy combat scenarios. Unfortunately, the game can be challenging to get the hang of due to a range of factors including class differences and controls, and there’s not much to do for those who prefer their gaming sessions solo. Still, for players who do click with this third Dissidia chapter, it’s a heck of an experience.

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