DiRT Rally for PlayStation 4

DiRT Rally

Apr 5, 2016
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Developer: Codemasters
Content Rating: Everyone


DiRT Rally is the most authentic and thrilling rally game ever made, road-tested over 80 million miles by the DiRT community. It perfectly captures that white knuckle feeling of racing on the edge as you hurtle along dangerous roads at breakneck speed, knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.

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Richard WalkerApr 05, 2016
The DiRT game that rally fans have been craving, DiRT Rally is a triumphant return to form that every self-respecting video game racing aficionado needs to own. Don't be put off by the steep learning curve, DiRT Rally is worth getting to grips with; it's super rewarding and ultimately a fantastic rally title. Pretty much one of the best of all time, in fact.
Jason BohnApr 20, 2016
Some players might balk at not sharing the road with other racers, but the true rally experience is represented here in spades. Failures on the track are painful. Success is glorious. This is a title that rewards paying attention and thinking as much as it does raw skill. Some graphical peculiarities might pop up here and there, but these are only slight blemishes on an otherwise outstanding title.
Tom OrryApr 05, 2016
DiRT Rally, then, isn't a true successor to the DiRT series you might know and love, but it's a better rally experience if you're willing to put in the work. Tweaking the assists makes the game manageable, but getting properly good will take a lot of time and solid concentration. If you generally spend your time in cars shouting out the difficulty of oncoming corners, give DiRT Rally a go.

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