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Leo FariaNov 02, 2020
DIRT 5 might have some small issues, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. I really liked its arcade-friendly approach and overall goofier vibe. It is loud, colorful, in-your-face, and accessible, without ever forgetting about its skill-focused roots, letting veterans tinker the gameplay to their liking.
Jukka PiiraNov 18, 2020
The game is just too meh all around. Winning races is always fun but if you don’t need to put any effort to it, it just isn’t all that rewarding or exciting. If you want your racing games easy-peasy, then go for DiRT 5 but those who crave for some real challenge are better off sticking to other, better titles.
Dean JamesNov 02, 2020
Even with an enhanced version on the horizon that includes 120 fps with the arrival of next generation consoles, Dirt 5 delivers a fantastic off-road racing experience full of content that will keep you busy not only on the track, but also off with the addition of the new Playgrounds arena editor.
Stephen TailbyNov 02, 2020
DIRT 5 sees the franchise drift back to an arcadey experience, and it's a great success. Despite some technical issues here and there, this is a rock solid off-road racing game from top to bottom. Brilliant handling, festival-style presentation, and a wide variety of ways to play make this one of 2020's standout racing games. If you've missed the showy style of DIRTs 2 and 3, you're in for a treat.
Rhett WaselenchukNov 02, 2020
Mastering my skillset and conquering each course was as fun as any racing game over the last five years – I attribute much of this to each class of car being as certifiably entertaining as the last. It isn’t often I find this to be the case. It won’t replace Forza, and it won’t replace Gran Turismo, but it doesn’t need to. I’m not sure if any other racing game better simulates driving on… well, dirt.
Paulmichael ContrerasNov 04, 2020
DIRT 5 is the fun one in the DiRT family now – this is the racing game you boot up when you want to have a great time without really thinking about much else. It’s funny, coming from the seriousness of DiRT 4, to see just how much has changed in three years.
Andreas SalmenMar 02, 2021
As great as Dirt 5's presentation may be, the gameplay is lacking. It looks and sounds incredible at times, but there isn't too much engaging content here to challenge players to do more and perform better as the driver. That changes if you're primarily racing against friends online or offline, but as a single-player experience, it feels flat once you peek under the flashy hood.
Donovan ErskineNov 26, 2020
Dirt 5 is a departure from earlier entries in the series, as it goes full arcade racer. That’s to its credit though, as the actual racing is satisfying and exciting. This means that the vehicles and their customization options feel a bit shallow, which could disappoint some fans. Thanks to an incredible Playgrounds mode and some pretty next-gen visuals, Dirt 5 is a solid offering from Developer Codemasters.
Richard WalkerNov 10, 2020
DIRT 5 is undoubtedly Codemasters' best racing game yet - a spectacular series entry that straddles the outgoing and incoming generations with jaw-dropping visuals and a sense of pure fun that's impossible to escape. A fantastic game, there are few racers that thrill and delight in equal measure like this one.
Sam WatanukiNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 is similar to Project CARS 3 with its arcade racing style - just with a larger focus on rally racing. The style absolutely works in Dirt 5, offering up accessible rally racing to anyone interested in getting behind the wheel. Of course, the drive is what you make it. So should you want to become a master racer to take on other skilled players online, that option is also easily available to you so long as you're willing to put in the time.
John Cantees Nov 03, 2020
DiRT 5 is a true step forward for its genre in many ways. It leans on the fundamentals that have been hammered out by racing games before, but takes them to new levels with an actually entertaining campaign, a deep custom track editor, and intensely dynamic and consequential weather systems. While it’s only available on current gen consoles at launch, I fully expect DiRT 5 to ultimately be known as the first big standard-bearer for ninth generation racing games… Once the dust settles.
Cory WellsNov 05, 2020
DIRT 5 is a new terrain for Codemasters and it’s hard to say that it follows in the line of the previous series. This is meant for casual players to pick up and play and have fun. In this regard, it mostly works. On the surface, it feels like a love letter to off-road racing enthusiasts that like multiple ways to race outdoors.
Darryn BonthuysNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 doesn’t come screaming around the corner as a definitive next-gen spectacle, but it’s still pure racing junk food with a confident swagger that I’m happy to gorge on any day of the week. It’s a V8 hooligan with a devil may care attitude, familiar to wrap your thumbs around, and a fantastic distraction when you’re looking to get some mud on your face.
Petter HegevallNov 02, 2020
Just like in the case of Grid, Dirt 5 is a racing game that in my opinion does not manage to offer a single small element that actually impresses. The presentation is exaggerated, the loading times are a bit too long, the racing is monotonously boring, the collection of cars fail to impress, the sound is mediocre and the car physics themselves are substandard at the very, very best.
Thomas Harrison-LordNov 07, 2020
DIRT 5 strips away the more serious elements of the franchise and puts all its eggs in one, arcade cabinet shaped, basket. At times a riot, in other areas a little repetitive and lacking in finesse, it nevertheless delivers on the concept of an adrenaline-fueled off-road racer. It’s a game that makes you sit forward in your seat and savour the joys of jumping a Dakar Rally Peugeot 3008 over a ravine.
Sandy WilsonNov 19, 2020
Dirt 5 is possibly the best Codemasters game to ever be released and can stand on par with its simulation focussed sibling Dirt Rally 2.0. A visual and auditory treat, this game defines the end of the racing games on the PlayStation 4 and it's done so with a flair befitting of the Dirt franchise. This is a must have racer!
Nick GillettNov 02, 2020
You can choose between more detailed graphics or 60 frames per second, and whichever way you go it’s a decent looking game that does the job without blowing any minds. The racing is eventually a tiny bit shallow, but the rapid changes of scenery, cars, and racing styles just never let up. It’s a bombastic, over the top approach that gives Dirt 5 its own appeal, and one that’s quite different from its more traditional competitors.
Alan StrawbridgeNov 04, 2020
Difficult to love due to some glaring racing game omissions and zero innovation, DIRT 5 nevertheless entertains with its simplistic arcade handling, fine circuit designs and some delightful visual treats.
Brodie GibbonsNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 isn’t at all the game I thought it would be. Far from a clinical rally sim, what it is is a simple, fun off-road racer that has a big personality. While it doesn’t dive too deep underneath the hood, it still tears up a huge number of tracks across a great number of race types—it does more than enough to keep players firmly in the driver’s seat.
Juan RubioNov 02, 2020
Un título muy divertido, totalmente recomendable para los seguidores del género, con unos problemillas técnicos nada graves pero algo molestos, pero que, esperamos se solucionarán con parches o, a las malas, con la nueva generación.
Víctor MartínezNov 23, 2020
Me gusta, por último, que existan compañías como Codemasters, que pueden especializarse en algo no necesariamente popular hasta el punto de acoger propuestas como este Dirt 5, un juego clásico y de nueva generación que demuestra que algunas cosas no son moda, sino que funcionan y merecen estar ahí para siempre: los arcades de carreras son una de ellas.
Alberto LloretNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 es un entretenido arcade de velocidad que nace entre dos generaciones y, a falta de ver la versión de PS5 y Xbox Series X, se nota. Aunque es divertido y asequible y cuenta con mucho contenido y eventos, tiene problemas con las cargas de texturas, para mantener los 60 fps en modo rendimiento o hasta largos tiempos de carga.
Damien GreffetNov 27, 2020
Bref, c’est donc ici qu’on passera le plus clair de notre temps, même si on n’a pas encore trouvé de niveau qui intègre les changements de météo et le cycle jour/nuit. On espère que ces features seront apportées, et qu’elles ne resteront pas cantonnées aux modes solo et multi du titre.
Vincent Elmer-HaerrigNov 29, 2020
DIRT 5 renoue avec ce qui a fait le succès de la série originale. Du fun tout de suite sans perdre de temps en réglages et améliorations en tous genres. Il fait ainsi honneur à ses illustres ancêtres dans les salles d'arcade avec des graphismes à la hauteur. On lui pardonne ainsi plus facilement l'absence de fonctions qui sont aujourd'hui devenues classiques dans les jeux de course.
IzokayNov 05, 2020
La grosse déception vient du manque d'inventivité du titre, que ce soit dans le déroulé de la carrière ou dans l'articulation des modes de jeu. La carrosserie de DiRT est plutôt sympa cette année, mais le moteur a besoin d'un supplément d'âme pour se distinguer.
Daniele CucchiarelliNov 02, 2020
DIRT 5 non rivoluziona nulla ma garantisce un’esperienza arcade solida, longeva e soprattutto divertente. Ancora una volta Codemasters si dimostra concreta nel dare ai giocatori un racing game dalla fortissima impronta arcade, bilanciato quasi alla perfezione e ricco di modalità in grado di accontentare sia i giocatori più navigati che i neofiti del genere.
Gianluca ScattarellaNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 è una sintesi molto riuscita dei giochi di rally arcade. Divertente, scanzonato, coloratissimo e veloce, rimarrà per tantissimo tempo nei cuori di tutti i videogiocatori. Siamo sicuri che Codemasters ha tarato lo standard per le prossime produzioni di questo tipo, sia a livello di intrattenimento che in termini grafici. Non possiamo che consigliarlo a tutti.
Денис КнязевNov 12, 2020
И отличная аркадная гонка, что важнее — если вы много лет искали нечто подобное, то пропускать новую часть серии Codemasters явно не стоит. Да, если вы играете на ПК, лучше дождаться патчей и в целом пока последить за тем, как разработчики правят игру, но отказываться от нее совсем бессмысленно.
matus_aceNov 04, 2020
DIRT 5 je tak hra s problémom identity, kde chýbajú rally a trochu kolíše pocit z progresu. Dole ju ťahajú aj technické bugy, ktorými zatiaľ trpí, ale ešte stále oficiálne nevyšla. Mimo toho je ale kvalitnou arkádou so zábavným jazdením a obrovskou kopou obsahu, ktorý si naozaj užijete. Zabaví v kariére, ponúka rozsiahle možnosti na delenej obrazovke a nestratí sa ani v online multiplayeri.
Δημήτρης ΒούρδαςNov 16, 2020
Σε γενικές γραμμές, το DiRT 5 ήταν ένα μεγάλο στοίχημα για την Codemasters. Ως απόγονος μίας σειράς με πολύ συγκεκριμένα στοιχεία και ένα fanbase που δεν κοιτάει συνήθως με καλό μάτι τις αλλαγές, αυτή η αλλαγή στην φιλοσοφία του παιχνιδιού αποτελούσε σημείο καμπής από την ημέρα της ανακοίνωσής του.