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Steven MessnerSep 24, 2015
There is no denying Destiny was one of the biggest disappointments of last year; an awkward, disjointed jumble of half-baked ideas that only glimpsed the true potential of what could be. The Taken King might not make up for that first year and all of its shambling about, but it puts Destiny on a path that, as someone who spent all of last year whining endlessly to anyone who would listen, I can finally shut my mouth and just enjoy the game. If that isn't an incredible feat, I don't know what is.
Danny SayaSep 23, 2015
New players will find a game that offers a ton of great content and the fantastic gameplay this game has become known for. Veterans can breathe a sigh of relief that this is the expansion that the game desperately needed, even though it’s held back by roadblocks built to slow your progression. This is the first true expansion for Destiny and it’s the culmination of all the potential the original game showed when it first released.
Dave PayerleOct 09, 2015
The Taken King easily eclipses both previous Destiny expansions in quantity and quality of content, and goes a long way towards making Destiny the game what so many of us have wanted. It was 2+ weeks after release before I even touched a second character, which speaks volumes about how much there is to do here.
Brad ShoemakerSep 29, 2015
There's still plenty more improvement I'd like to see in a Destiny 2, or 3.0, or whatever they end up calling it; a vast, truly open-world version of this thing seems like it might be the last game I'd ever need. But The Taken King already represents a significant step up from the limited, confusing game that shipped a year ago. The progress Bungie has made here portends great things for the future of Destiny.
Andy McNamaraSep 23, 2015
The improvements to the user interface and quest system alone make the game so much more playable, but they quickly fade to the background once you dig into the content. The game is not without some minor annoyances, but the good far outweighs the bad. You couldn’t pick a better time to try Destiny if you haven’t yet. The Taken King is a testament to Bungie’s craftsmanship and its ability to listen to the feedback from the players who both loved and hated year one. The studio has given us a game that truly is legend.
Becky CunninghamSep 15, 2015
Providing that the upcoming raid is strong and we see good support and content-rich expansion during Destiny’s second year, we could see this MMO-shooter go from a game beloved by a dedicated core of fans to one that excites the mass market for years to come. It got this RPG fanatic invested in a shooter for the first time since Hexen, and it might just hook you, too.
Griffin McElroy and Samit SarkarSep 28, 2015
Destiny's myriad problems at launch were exacerbated by its promise: The game was that much more disappointing because Bungie's execution failed to follow through on the potential of the studio's purported dream project. Bungie took some moderate steps forward in The Dark Below and House of Wolves, but The Taken King feels like the first effort to make good on the hope that Destiny players have been holding onto for the past year and change. The Taken King finally makes Destiny not just fun, but great.
Michael HuberSep 15, 2015
The story is presented better than ever, the new subclasses offer different playstyles and draw players together, and the grind is alleviated thanks to a plethora of post-game missions and the Dreadnaught patrol zone. We haven’t played the raid and are choosing to judge Destiny on the content that will be delivered to players on day one, but we have incredibly high hopes given everything we’ve seen so far.
Mike MahardySep 21, 2015
For a game that requires so much grinding, it still doesn't have the breadth of content to support the repetition required. The promise of better loot is the driving force, but the journey there is taxing. Quests are interesting only for a time, until they once again become long lists of cloying chores. But The Taken King still deserves ample praise. It not only grants us new content, but reinvigorates a game that needed new life.
Matt BuchholtzSep 25, 2015
Overall, The Taken King is an experience that I feel will keep me engrossed for weeks to come. Secrets continue to be discovered and unlocked by the Destiny Community every day, and there is still a cache of loot to collect. While a couple frustrating features were simply repackaged, the attention spent on story and fresh content more than make up for it. Plus, the developers’ shift on how one can play Destiny, or what one can do in Destiny foreshadows a bright future for the series.
Peter ParasSep 22, 2015
One year after its release, Destiny is finally becoming the game most of us wished. The Taken King improves the experience in nearly every way. Destiny still has a few issues that could be sorted out, but The Taken King brings hope that future Destiny expansions will fix those too.
Chris CarterSep 25, 2015
This is very close to the same competent but flawed shooter you played last year. Brand new players should probably jump on this opportunity to try the game out with the "Legendary Edition," which provides the base game, both DLCs, and the Taken King expansion, but anyone who hated Year One will only find the improvements to be incremental at best. Slowly but surely, Bungie is morphing this chimera of a game into something more presentable.
Jaz RignallSep 21, 2015
The Taken King is a huge improvement over last year's release. It features a far better story, much stronger voice acting, more exciting and varied missions, and an endgame that is more rounded out for long-term play. Not only that, but it also refines the overall gameplay and makes the game a far better experience than before - one that is definitely worth playing.
Aaron BirchSep 21, 2015
For seasoned Destiny players, this is the expansion we've been waiting for. This is how Destiny was meant to be played. Time will tell how long the new content will actually last, and I hope Bungie spend more time adding incremental new content, something the game has always needed outside of expansions, but for now, there's plenty to lose yourself in, and to play until the small hours.
Chandler WoodSep 24, 2015
This is the perfect time to enter the Destiny universe, and if the changes and additions introduced in The Taken King are any indication of how Bungie’s world will evolve, I’ll gladly continue to bring my light to the fight against the darkness.
Kevin DunsmoreSep 18, 2015
With the new Quest system, Light Levels and diverse strikes, there’s never been so much to do in the world of Destiny. Is Destiny: The Taken King worth the investment? For longtime players, this is a no-brainer, and even those who gave up on Destiny a long time ago should give Destiny: The Taken King a look. The Taken King has come and he’s brought a much-improved experience.
William SchwartzSep 18, 2015
Destiny: The Taken King and the Year Two Update is a significant step forward towards making this game something more enjoyable rather than a chore, but it still focuses very narrowly on pleasing its existing player base. You’re still going to be on the grind, the work ahead of you is just better laid out. While the story campaign can offer 6-7 hours of solid gameplay to see it in its entirety, you still have that same problem of what do you do when it’s over if that’s all you came to see.
Stefan LSep 23, 2015
The Taken King and the patch that it brought with it have been a grand revisionist move by Bungie. Very few parts of how the game works haven’t been touched, tweaked and altered in some way to improve upon the flawed aspects of the game’s original release. With a fun new story, plenty of content that runs alongside it and an outstanding new raid, it’s a good time to be playing Destiny.
gamesTMNov 10, 2015
Ultimately, however essential we say this update is, it’s only relevant if you’re a Destiny sceptic and haven’t already upgraded. If this is you, pick it up – the price is steep but there’s a huge amount of content here, plus you won’t fall too far behind. If you’re a new player, thanks to this update this is now one of the best ‘shared-world’ experiences out there – one that you’ll find hard to put down due to its stellar FPS mechanics, enormous scope and undeniable progression.
David LovatoOct 07, 2015
The daily grind is still there, but it's a lot more interesting now. Bungie has finally delivered something akin to promises it has made in the past. Destiny is still not the open-world exploration adventure everyone thought it was going to be, but it is carving its own path in the videogame world, and it's getting better and more fun with every step.
Mike HolmesSep 21, 2015
We enjoy it, and just as we've done for a full year now, we intend on revisiting the game regularly in the months ahead. Destiny is a great shooter, and The Taken King is a fantastic continuation and evolution of last years' release. It builds on the base game and improves it in almost every way, and while it might be pricey, it's an essential expansion for fans (and a great starting point for newcomers).
Nick Gillham Sep 21, 2015
This is the game that Destiny should have released as, and there’s no doubt that people jumping into it for the first time are getting a great game, and a lot of it at that for a lovely low price, while dedicated players will enjoy themselves immensely while nursing their poor wallets back to health. For once, it’s nice to see some positivity directed at Bungie’s sci-fi shooter. Let’s see how long it lasts.
Robert RamseySep 22, 2015
Destiny: The Taken King rolls all of the lessons that Bungie has learned over the last 12 months into one expensive but excellent fix, and the result is a game that finally feels whole. The fresh content is some of the best that the title has to offer, while the numerous reworked systems breathe new life into an experience that has been struggling to find solid ground. The Taken King lights the way forward for the sci-fi shooter, and while it's not the brightest of glows, it's clear that Destiny's darkest days are over.
Jordan BiordiSep 22, 2015
Destiny still looks beautiful, with The Taken King offering some fascinating new areas. Many missions take place indoors, creating very tense firefights.
SusandenimSep 21, 2015
I’m not sure if it's the endorphins of post-raid afterglow talking, but right now I’m inclined to say this is Bungie's best end-game content yet. Any Guardian that was put off by the uninspired, massively cheese-able Crota's End, or the non-raid solution that was Prison of Elders, should definitely make a beeline for King's Fall.
Clint McCreadieSep 21, 2015
The Taken King is one helluva good apology for the mediocre mis-start that was 2014's Destiny. All of our grievances have been addressed in some way. The loot system is fairer and more sensical, there's an actual story worth emotionally investing in, plus the combat's had an adrenaline shot thanks to new enemies, gats to gather, and exciting new subclasses.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 17, 2015
Quienes se disgustaron con Destiny y no quedaron satisfechos con sus posibilidades seguirán despreciando lo que propone este Rey de los Poseídos. Sin embargo quien perdió el interés en él a medio plazo verá cómo retorna su interés gracias a los estupendos cambios que propone, mientras que quien ha sido fan del shooter de Bungie durante todo este tiempo no tiene nada que temer con el añadido. Es caro, sí, pero también estupendo y mejora notablemente todo lo que vimos en el original.
José de la FuenteSep 21, 2015
Ah, quítate de la cabeza mantener tres personajes para aprovecharte de las ventajas que eso conllevaba (Ocasos semanales, cofres, etcétera). Tendrás tanto trabajo por hacer que sería muy complicado hacerlo todo con los tres. Bueno, siempre puedes dejar de ir a trabajar o dormir, ¿no?
Roberto JiménezSep 23, 2015
The Taken King es una actualización real que impacta en un juego que ha logrado mantener a su fan base ocupada durante cientos de horas con la promesa de mejor loot gracias a una enorme cantidad de cambios en las mecánicas del juego. Sin embargo, aunque Destiny tiene nueva vida, la realidad es que, después de las primeras 100 horas, el fantasma del grinding incesante comienza a mostrar su cara, una vez que la nueva narrativa, las nuevas secciones y las nuevas actividades comienzan a volverse rutina. Pero de nuevo, esto sólo sucede después de más de 100 horas de juego y especialmente para aquellos de nosotros que las reunimos en menos de 11 días.
David MartínezSep 21, 2015
Con todo, Destiny el rey de los poseídos es un gran paso adelante en este universo, y nos hace frotarnos las manos pensando en el futuro que nos espera con este juego que, un año después de su lanzamiento, sigue más vivo y ambicioso que nunca. La verdad es que después de haberle echado muchas horas, no nos extraña que haya sido el DLC más descargado en la historia de PlayStation en su lanzamiento.
Salva FernándezSep 21, 2015
La nueva campaña gana en narrativa, en variedad de situaciones y en desafío, además de presentarnos una facción enemiga netamente superior en agresividad respecto a las anteriores. Si a ello añadimos los geniales nuevos asaltos, decenas de aventuras que nos permiten disfrutar de mini tramas que poco tienen que envidiar al resto de contenidos y el nuevo elenco de equipamiento y arsenal disponible, podríamos decir que El Rey de los Poseídos ofrece más. Pero también decimos que es mejor.
Ludovic PierillasSep 18, 2015
Sous ses dehors de DLC bouffi, Destiny : le Roi des Corrompus est assez étrange, conservant tout ce qui faisait la force de vanilla - la maîtrise artistique, le gameplay soigné et plutôt accessible, avec un minimum de prise de risque. Pour une extension, le contenu narratif, certes amélioré, reste bigrement rachitique avec ses trois heures d’histoire, quelques quêtes annexes, et un grinding de fin de jeu qui n’a pas franchement évolué.
Jérémy PaquereauSep 21, 2015
La campagne est courte mais très plaisante, les nouveaux assauts sont sympathiques et le jeu est vraiment plaisant à jouer pour quiconque accepte de s'y plonger assez sérieusement. Clairement, on a ici la plus belle extension depuis le lancement, et le jeu dans sa globalité devient vraiment très bon, surtout pour les nouveaux joueurs.
[[turkish]]Sep 25, 2015
Le Roi des Corrompus apporte ce que l'on attendait depuis longtemps dans Destiny. Hormis le fait qu'il faudra débourser 40 euros pour découvrir le Cuirassé entre autres, c'est une toute nouvelle interface et un virage presque à 180 degrés qu'a officié Bungie. Nouvelles doctrines, zone inédite, refonte du système de lumière, pnj plus actifs, cette extension réjouira les gardiens par ses défis, son univers retravaillé et enfin emportée par une narration digne de ce nom.
Maxime ChaoSep 26, 2015
Des ajouts intéressants donc, qui interviennent un an plus tard tout de même, mais on espère que Bungie continuera dans cette voie, car il y a tellement de choses intéressantes à explorer pour que Destiny continue de s’améliorer. Car c’est quand même le but premier.
André HenriquesSep 25, 2015
The Taken King traz consigo inúmeras mudanças de grande e pequeno impacto, todas elas relevantes para a experiência geral. Com uma Raid viciante, um sistema de progressão adequado e uma história cativante, a mais recente expansão de Destiny revela-se um sucesso, garantindo assim o momento ideal para abraçarem um dos shooters mais bem conseguidos da atualidade.
Nicolas SangalliSep 21, 2015
Il Re dei Corrotti è a tutti gli effetti un'espansione "major" che relega L'Oscurità del Profondo e Il Casato dei Lupi al ruolo di semplici filler formati da aggiunte di contenuti giocabili dalle dimensioni esigue, proponendo ora, invece, una nuova porzione di universo vera e propria condita da una nuova filosofia generale che rivede l'intero Destiny come gioco.
Emin ÇıtakSep 29, 2015
Bu ruhsuzluk Destiny'nin laneti olacak gibi görünüyor. Neyse ki yeni çoklu oyuncu modları, dengeli yapısı (Hand Cannon'lar hayli güçsüzleştirildi) ve takım oyununa bağlı ilerleyişiyle işte bizim aradığımız "Destiny" diyebiliyorum. Halen bir klasik değil, o fırsatı çoktan kaçırdı ama bu, The Taken King'in Destiny'e çağ atlattığı, onu harika bir konsol oyununa çevirdiği gerçeğini değiştirmiyor.
Maarten de KwaadstenietOct 04, 2015
Destiny: The Taken King tilt het niveau van de shared-world shooter van Bungie weer een stukje omhoog. Bungie biedt inmiddels zo'n onweerstaanbaar pakket aan dat ik zonder problemen iedereen kan aanraden om de game een kans te geven. Destiny kan je ding niet zijn, maar als een van de gameplay-aspecten je aanspreekt, dan ga je de game tof vinden.
Douglas LindbergSep 24, 2015
Destiny är fortfarande slitigt om du vill få det bästa materialet, men det nya upplägget gör att det blir värt det. Jag njuter medan jag färdas genom galaxen och utför uppdrag. Pvp är fortfarande kul, pve är också spännande. Bungie är lite lata och hade kunnat göra mer för ban- och karaktärsdesignen men utöver det har de gjort ett fantastiskt jobb med The Taken King. Spelet är nu relevant och har förvandlat Destiny till ett spel att räkna med i framtiden. Jag har bara börjat min resa, men Destiny är här för att stanna.