Decay of Logos for PlayStation 4

Decay of Logos

Aug 27, 2019
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Content Rating: Teen


The game is set in an expansive high-fantasy world where the player coexists with the likes of kings, knights, wizards, ancient species and various other mythical creatures. In Decay of Logos, you will journey through an ancient kingdom ruled by a warring King. The King wasn’t a very affectionate father, preferring to pay attention to the military affairs of his Kingdom than to any of his five sons. Much to the King’s dismay, tragedy struck when the Queen died during childbirth. With his dear wife gone, he sought only to protect his newborn daughter, the only Princess in the Realm. The distance between the King and his sons grew even more, since he only had eyes for the little Princess who looked just like her mother.

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Leo FariaAug 26, 2019
It’s almost heartbreaking to say that Decay of Logos disappointed me because I can clearly see a lot of potential in it, as well as the amount of passion the developers have put into this project. Sadly, even though its glitches can and will be fixed with patches, a lot of its questionable gameplay and overall design choices just can’t be fixed without revamping the game as a whole.
William WorrallSep 04, 2019
Decay of Logos has a few good ideas which are completely swamped in the terrible performance, glitches and bad design which make up the rest of the game. Despite trying to distance itself from the label of a Souls-Like it cannot help but draw comparisons to the much better series, a comparison which only throws its flaws into sharp focus.
Anthony MannSep 13, 2019
This game is simply not very good. I have played worse for sure, but the mistakes made here are purely by design. Players should get the benefit of the doubt on making jumps, or maybe don’t have most jumps lead to instant death. Enemies should be fun to fight, not unwanted encounters that can kill you or at least break all your armor. Inventory this limited in an RPG is absurd. Don’t let the somewhat interesting, Breath of the Wild art style fool either, because the game isn’t all that pretty in gameplay; it comes off lifeless and bland. This game is the bare minimum of what I considered a playable game. We’re in the “busy season” of game releases. Spend your money elsewhere.