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Leon HurleyNov 01, 2019
Kojima’s mysterious would be epic has its moments but can’t carry the weight of expectation.
Adam BeckNov 01, 2019
The music is arguably the best part of Death Stranding, and the visuals, while fluctuating in quality depending on the area, have some of the best-looking character models seen in any game. If Death Stranding wasn’t so padded out it could have been something special; instead, we’re left with a repetitive letdown that’s far more enjoyable to watch than play.
Andreas SalmenNov 01, 2019
Everything about Death Stranding feels organically interwoven, which makes the experience all the more impressive and enriching. That also means that not all parts of it are excellent. The delivery gameplay is good and occasionally great, but given its pacing and setup, it doesn't always serve the game well, especially given the low difficulty level. Setting aside those minor gripes, Death Stranding is a new and brave direction for a game, and it pays off in many ways. This may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it out if they have the chance.
Shubhankar ParijatNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is definitely an acquired taste, and its slow pacing and deliberate gameplay might not be for everyone, but its mechanical depth, its desolately beautiful and haunting world, and its confident and stylistic storytelling nonetheless make for a continental trek worth experiencing.
Kallie PlaggeNov 01, 2019
It's positive without ignoring pain; in fact, it argues in both its story and its gameplay that adversity itself is what makes things worth doing and life worth living. It's a game that requires patience, compassion, and love, and it's also one we really need right now.
Brittany VincentNov 01, 2019
This masterful journey reminded me exactly what gaming is capable of during a period in my life where I’ve become frustrated and jaded by my role within the industry and the way many things have evolved for the worse over the years. Unfortunately, something like this will only come around once every few years. Here’s hoping another death stranding event doesn’t occur between now and when I can take in Hideo Kojima’s next opus.
Richard WalkerNov 12, 2019
Odd, compelling, and ultimately engrossing, Death Stranding is a genre mash-up with more than a few ideas of its own. Not quite a work of genius, it's nonetheless something that once again demonstrates the madness and brilliance of Hideo Kojima.
Dalton CooperNov 15, 2019
Death Stranding is just not a fun game, and that's something that even its biggest fans have openly admitted to. Some seem to think that Death Stranding not being fun is actually one of its stronger characteristics, but as former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime once famously asked, "If it's not fun, why bother?" Death Stranding still has enough shining moments that it's not a complete failure, but we imagine there will be many players who reach the end credits and feel like they've just wasted a huge chunk of their time.
Jason FaulknerNov 01, 2019
It’s always struck me as weird that people look down on games as some “lesser” form of entertainment than books, TV, or movies. Death Stranding stands defiantly in the face of that attitude, and I’d put its story against anything that’s come out in the last decade. Sam’s journey is a true epic that spans the whole country, and it inspires the hell out of me.
Benjamin MaltbieNov 11, 2019
I merely like this game, and probably wouldn’t invest a bunch of time into it were it not for work. Of course, there will be people who won’t like the game at all; it will feel like a chore to them. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to determine whether or not Death Stranding is a game for you. I recommend experiencing it in some way, though, be it through a stream or a borrowed copy, because I think it will be talked about for years to come.
Ashley ShankleJan 31, 2020
Any hopes I had for this to be anything other than a test by Hideo Kojima to see how much people are willing to put up with in a video game in the name of art were utterly crushed. Death Stranding isn't exactly what one would consider art. It's the subversion of the very medium as something that is unwieldy, unfun, and uninteresting that makes it stand out. Nothing else does, though.
Mollie L PattersonNov 01, 2019
In the end, Death Stranding’s biggest mystery isn’t any of the elements we’ve had teased in three-plus years of trailers—it’s what people are going to think of it. Even from a man known for making love-them-or-hate-them projects, this may end up being one of the most divisive games ever created. For me, it was an experience that I can truly say was unlike any other I remember. And, if nothing else, Death Stranding makes me respect Hideo Kojima for convincing Sony to invest millions into a game that’s about a man delivering packages to holograms.
Ken McKownNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is a weird game that I could not stop thinking about while reviewing it. It has plenty of sluggishness to it. Sometimes I never wanted to play it again, but once that back half hit I was enthralled. There were times I couldn’t wait to play it. I spent over 50 hours in this game and eventually I want to spend more. Kojima and his team have crafted something that truly feels unique, for better or worse. It is hard to compare it to anything else, but that doesn’t always mean it was fun. Not everyone will adore this game, but I guarantee no one will ever be able to forget it either.
GrayshadowNov 12, 2019
I enjoyed Death Stranding but I also hated it. The story, performances, musical score, and technical achievements are worthy of praise. It kept me going multiple times when I wanted to quit. But those same aspects don't always translate to incredible gameplay. Traveling the world, making deliveries, and having to constantly stop because of a small rock or drag your feet through an ankle-high river bed is just irritating.
Michael GloverDec 03, 2019
Death Stranding is a beautiful and unique game that deserves praise for trying something a bit different. However, your enjoyment of it really will hinge on your tolerance for the game's core delivery gameplay of “move item from A to B” and Kojima's episode-length cutscenes.
Paul SullivanNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is an outstanding title that ended up blowing away the expectations I wasn’t even aware of. For an auteur like Hideo Kojima, that sounds like an unequivocal success.
Chris CarterNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is not the overly-strange inaccessible walled garden the marketing has made it out to be. It's weird, don't get me wrong! But anyone with a surface-level understanding of surrealism in art should be able to acclimate to what is essentially a playable Hollywood production.
Liam CroftNov 01, 2019
Following years of mysterious anticipation, Death Stranding delivers on all fronts. An accomplished, fascinating set of gameplay mechanics allow you to make deliveries the way you want to, while social features let the game live on once you've put the controller down. It may become slightly tiresome as you hit the halfway mark, but the phenomenal narrative is on hand to pick things back up again and its outstanding visuals are the cherry on top. Death Stranding doesn’t raise the bar for any particular genre, it creates an entirely new one.
Leo FariaNov 14, 2019
Death Stranding is a game that doesn’t feature big issues that completely ruin it, but it’s absolutely packed with a ton of small inconveniences that weigh it down almost in the same way. It’s gorgeous, it’s generally well-acted, it’s something completely different from the rest of the AAA gaming landscape, but it’s also a clear case of what happens when you let a completely unsubtle auteur with an ego the size of a whale go wild.
Kyle HansonNov 01, 2019
If you can work through its frustrating parts and look past its plot failings, there’s something wonderful here, but many will come away disappointed if their expectations aren’t in check.
Logan MooreNov 22, 2019
Death Stranding might not go down as my favorite game ever made by Hideo Kojima, but it’s very likely his most inventive and unique to date, which says a lot. If video games as a medium are ever going to progress past where they are right now, we need more games like Death Stranding that are going to take chances and try out new ideas. Not everything that Death Stranding sets out to accomplish works, but it stands firm in its vision all the same and as such, is worthy of admiration.
Kat BaileyNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding might be Kojima's boldest game to date. It may also be his most tedious. Either way, its originality outweighs its sometimes exhausting structure and poor pacing... but only just. Maybe not a game I would recommend to everyone, but certainly one of the most interesting games of 2019.
David MorganNov 01, 2019
Like any genre-pushing work of art, Death Stranding is sure to be divisive. That said, the unflinching vision of its director is a breath of fresh air in an industry increasingly unwilling to swing for the fences.
Tristan OgilvieNov 01, 2019
There is a fascinating, fleshed-out world of supernatural science fiction to enjoy across its sprawling and spectacular map, so it’s a real shame that it’s all been saddled on a gameplay backbone that struggles to adequately support its weight over the full course of the journey. It’s fitting that Kojima Productions’ latest is so preoccupied with social media inspired praise, because in some ways I did ‘Like’ Death Stranding. I just didn’t ever love it.
Alex NavarroNov 06, 2019
But the whole of the game never achieves that balance. There's a deep thread of insecurity that runs through it, one that manifests in its unwillingness to commit all the way to the arduousness of its main character's task, that's too willing to break that quietness with mediocre action, and that never trusts the player to understand even its most basic ideas without hitting them over the head with them. There is a weirdo, avant spirit to Death Stranding that I do admire, but that spirit fails to carry the game anywhere worthwhile.
AllenNov 01, 2019
Part of me thinks that this may end up being Kojima’s most divisive game, that you’ll either love it or hate it because it’s such a stark departure from his popular works. What it isn’t likely to do is change your already pre-defined notions and attitude towards the author. If Hideo Kojima’s non-conventional storytelling, flair for the cinematic, and fourth-wall-breaking silliness gets you out of bed every morning, then Death Stranding is going to appease, surprise, and maybe even delight.
Matthew KatoNov 01, 2019
Try as it might, Death Stranding’s story doesn’t shore up its faults. It’s the normal Kojima mix of twists-and-turns, tropes, and overbearing themes, but at least I like that it explores real-world topics like the theory of multiple dimensions and key events in the history of the planet’s biodiversity. Like Sam himself, I often wasn’t sure why I kept going in Death Stranding. Maybe there was a little bit of pride in another task checked off the list, another job done. Unfortunately, this added up to little reward in the end.
Jarren NavarreteNov 17, 2019
Death Stranding is a game that will be remembered for ages. Though the opinions of it will be no doubt divisive. But as for us here at Sirus Gaming, Death Stranding earns high marks. We recommend it!
Redmond CarolipioDec 08, 2019
Death Stranding is not for everyone. This isn't the first game that asks players to push through and grind. Ask anyone who's played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But that game asks you to fight through chaos and fury. Death Stranding asks you to embrace the process of work and the journey, trusting that you'll feel rewarded at the end. For my part, I did. If you think of a Kojima game as an event, then you should know what you're signing up for. That's the best way to enjoy it.
Alec SandarNov 11, 2019
Aiming for hyper-realism in gameplay as much as you do in the visual style is risky. Pairing it with a complicated sci-fi story is even more so, but Death Stranding does it in a manner that only Kojima could pull off. Throughout the game, the traditional values of the Metal Gear series will shine through, but they are enveloped in something new and groundbreaking. If we got the message correctly, this video game aims to immerse the player in a cinematic, hyper-realistic gaming experience, but it also seems to attempt to blur the boundaries between the movie and a video game.
Josh WiseNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is filled with things that must be seen, a sprawling, genre-spanning sci-fi adventure from a developer like no other. It's tackier clumps of writing and stunt casting seem overwrought, but its direction and its stars shine brightest
Dan HastingsNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is a game with a fantastic and uniquely interesting story. Backed with a strong cast of experienced actors, the game manages to tell the story flawlessly. The gameplay doesn’t live up to the same level of perfection. The delivery aspects are fun and it tells a story in its own way. It just gets quite repetitive over time and leaves you wanting a bit more diversity to the delivery missions. Overall, Death Stranding should be seen as a very successful first project for Kojima productions and is hopefully a sign of many more to come.
Chandler WoodNov 01, 2019
It’s brilliantly unique in its design and implementation of online elements. Even if it’s got a few places where it stumbles, Death Stranding firmly holds down R2 and L2 to regain its balance and deliver an unmatched experience.
Richard SeagraveNov 26, 2019
Death Stranding is an ambitious game, but it’s also one that’s self-indulgent and overwrought. With better pacing and the excising of some of its less flattering content and features, Death Stranding could have been something special. As it is, however, it’s just a slog that ultimately turns around and spits in your face.
Ben MooreNov 01, 2019
Francis KennaNov 21, 2019
Death Stranding might be the most unique AAA game of the generation, with an addictive core gameplay loop that manages to combine a new concept with tried-and-true design philosophies, and a story that - while messy - has a sweet emotional core that’s likely to stick with players long after the credits roll.
Sam BishopNov 01, 2019
With the focus on delivery and cargo at its core, Death Stranding certainly won't be for everyone, especially at the beginning, but there's so much more here than being a delivery boy. It offers a mind-bending narrative the likes of which you won't find anywhere else, and one that constantly rewards you and makes you think long after you've put it down to do something else. Kojima fan or not, this is certainly a game to remember.
TuffcubNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is like nothing I have ever played; beautiful, heart racing, heart breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning, and utterly nuts. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, and I went to the toilet an awful lot. Death Stranding isn't just my Game of the Year, it's a contender for Game of the Generation too.
Lee MehrDec 12, 2019
Instead of serving as a heterodox example of untrammeled artistic freedom to celebrate, Death Stranding winds up being a cautionary tale. Is the game unique? I’d say it qualifies as that, yes. But after tackling its bumbling, sometimes-contradictory gameplay until completion (40 hours), all that translates to for me is it being a uniquely annoying time. Coming from someone who can find engagement in protracted Codec conversations, I’m still stunned at how tiresome this game’s story tends to be.
David JenkinsNov 01, 2019
A work of unbridled ambition and imagination but also a pretentious, contrived, and frequently quite dull gameplay experience – Death Stranding is peak Hideo Kojima.
Albert LichiDec 16, 2019
It is so rare to play a triple-A, 3D game that does not treat the player like a child, and is steeped with exploration and discovery. This is a contemplative odyssey that is ultimately a story about the triumph of the human spirit in spite of entropy.
Chris WhiteNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding is an ambitious game, filled with so many different mechanics and ideas that almost always work well together. The story and acting is fantastic, and its visuals are a thing of beauty, not to mention the powerful soundtrack.
Timothy NunesNov 01, 2019
Death Standing proves itself as a unique, palpable new IP, filled with rich storytelling both in narrative and gameplay. The beginning of the game suffers from long gaps of time intended for learning the ropes, but the ship rights itself once it finally turns the corner. Despite that with a handful of missteps, a deep, potent message of coming together rings through every aspect of Death Stranding that dazzles the game as a whole. If you give it the time, Death Stranding will offer you something most games never do.
Joel CoutureNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding’s attention to the real may make it difficult to enjoy, but it is undeniably an experience that will both scourge and soothe the heart.
Brodie GibbonsNov 01, 2019
Hideo Kojima has long been a visionary auteur, his feted career stands as proof. With no walls to contain him, he has given birth to Death Stranding. It's an experience that will be remembered for a long time, from its early hype to the untethered lunacy of its narrative. It's an art installation of a game that filled me with rage as often as it did joy. It is sweeping in both lustre and purpose, though it wears a few warts on the pleasant, bare bones of a game about deliveries that has no right to be as memorable as it somehow is.
Steve WrightNov 01, 2019
If this is the type of project that Kojima insists to make, I suggest he move from games to TV shows or feature films. Being weird for the sake of weirdness isn’t enough — while Kojima hopes to hit the same level of work as David Lynch or Sam Lake (if we want to keep it in the same industry) he falls very short. Even if Death Stranding’s narrative was good — and it’s not — a game needs to have actual gameplay. What you find within is abysmal; frustrating, tedious and beyond repair, it is to be avoided at all costs.
Billy AtmanNov 01, 2019
While Death Stranding will surely be the most divisive game of this generation, there is no arguing that it offers new ideas on pushing the medium forward and shows that games don't always typically have to be "fun". The story is beautifully presented and is surprisingly restrained and focused for a Kojima title. All of the actors put on amazing performances and while its gameplay will be too slow for many, those willing to peel back the layers will discover a thoughtfully designed experience that will leave you ruminating for weeks after finishing.
GrizzNov 01, 2019
It's such a shame, too. The production values here are off the scale – both visually and aurally, Death Stranding is an almost flawless tour de force. That said, all the ethereal music and hyper-realistic Reedus arse in the world cannot deliver if the total consignment doesn't also bundle in tightly-packed gameplay lashed with a strong yarn. In the end, all I can really say is this: handle Death Stranding with care.
DefaOct 28, 2019
Death Stranding es algo que se venía cocinando desde hace mucho tiempo y que a pesar de que a algunos nos parecía un proyecto sin pies ni cabeza que su autor tampoco entendía, se terminó convirtiendo en probablemente el juego más maduro y mejor aterrizado de la carrera de Kojima. Death Stranding probablemente no sea un producto para todos, pero para quienes sí es, es una experiencia inolvidable que creo, sí pasa a ser lo más destacado que haya jugado este año, incluso sobre gigantes del tamaño de Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, por ejemplo.
Juan LinaresNov 01, 2019
Death Stranding es una de las mejores obras del catálogo de PlayStation 4. Kojima nos ofrece un mundo abierto en el que tenemos que conectar, donde ser el puente entre la narrativa y otros jugadores para avanzar en un mundo que nos necesita. El juego presenta unos personajes y una narrativa que evolucionan de un claro menos a más para cerrar con un final antológico en una historia contada como pocos saben. Death Stranding sabe transmitir muy bien sensaciones, pues a lo largo del juego sentimos angustia, tensión, soledad, pena, alegría y un final que nos deja 'rotos' en el buen sentido de la palabra. El final solo es el principio.